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My last opinion article was full of reasons why you don’t want to go (long story short: it’s because people do things they shouldn’t be doing). Here’s a list of reasons why you should WANT to go.

See Movies the Way They Were Intended


However cool it might be, you know Christopher Nolan didn’t intend you to watch Interstellar on your phone while waiting for your boarding group to be called at the airport. And Quentin Tarantino would roll over in his grave (assuming he wasn’t alive) if you didn’t watch the Hateful Eight in “glorious 70mm.” You need the giant screen and overwhelming sound to get the full experience, and there’s still no place better to get that than a movie theater.

Be First


See a movie opening weekend and you’re automatically in the inner circle of movie fans. You know exactly why that huge superhero blockbuster flopped (cough, Fantastic Four, cough) because you saw it as soon as it was publicly available. You’re now an influencer and you help determine whether that movie has a life (at least among your personal network) beyond that ticket you bought. You have the power.

Get Out of Your Friggin House


The conveniences of streaming are undeniable, but sometimes you just need to get out into the world, breathe some air, and see the world beyond your couch! Seriously, these days, there are an increasing number of reasons why you don’t need to leave the house (streaming, food delivery, video games, etc.), so it’s nice to know that you can still go out and be engrossed in a story somewhere that isn’t within range of your home Wifi network.

Experience the Unknown

Audience clapping

Speaking of leaving your comfort zone, there’s something great about sitting down in a movie theater and not knowing what you just got yourself in to. You’ve got a general idea through trailers, and maybe you did some research, but the full movie could be vastly different from your expectations. It’s risky, but sometimes, you gotta live on the edge.

Engage Your Nostalgia


I’m a bit of a romantic so I love the idea that by going to movies, I’m participating in a cultural tradition that goes back generations. It’s all updated, from the seats to the concessions to the apps, but the mode of viewing is still the same. At its heart, it’s a communal affair, and those are getting harder and harder to find in this day and age.

Get Lost in a Story

Movies in theaters are like books in that you are required to put all your attention into it in order to get the full experience. You can’t multitask while reading a book, and if you multitask in a movie theater, you’re going to be hearing about it from me.

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  1. Those are some excellent reasons to watch movies in a theatre, and here’s another one — when you buy your ticket (or use your MoviePass) to come to a theatre, you help reward the tens of thousands of people whose creativity and hard work make the movies you love possible. Our organization, CreativeFuture, unites the creative community and film fans to promote the value of creativity – and to speak out against the harm caused by piracy –

  2. I’d be a lot more inclined to go to the movies if I wasn’t bombarded by ads during my entire experience. We all know the drill: you go 20 minutes early to get a decent seat, but instead of getting to talk to whoever you came with, you’re being blasted with loud, crappy “entertainment” that’s really just advertising. Good luck having a conversation! And once the movie finally starts it may be a full 20 minutes after the posted start time before you’re finally done with (more) ads and a ton of trailers. So now you’ve spent the better part of a full hour having things sold to you, and you haven’t even yet seen the movie you came for.

    • Yes, Bo, that’s an unfortunate reality at some theaters. Some of the smaller indies leave those out, which is great. IFC Center and Nitehawk come to mind in NYC.

  3. You left out a sixth reason: dealing with obnoxious people in the theater. You know; the ones who come late and insist that you move over 1-2 seats in the row that you”ve been sitting in for 20 minutes so that their party of whatever number can all sit together.Or the ones who arrive after the movie has already started & use their cell phone bright light to find their seat.

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