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To the MoviePass Community,

In our effort to design a set of pricing options that will fit the wide range of moviegoer needs, we are in the midst of researching various ideas. Our apologies to the small number of our subscribers affected by this research. By the end of the year, we will be ready to offer our current and future subscribers a number of value priced options to choose from.

Thank you for your support,


21 thoughts on “Regarding the New Plan Options Leave a comment

  1. Thats seriously your response? You advertise “see a movie a day!” and then lock out some of us who do? My wife cancelled her plan. I’m down to six a month and people who’ve subscribed to the service for less time than I have can still see one a day?

  2. I’m very confused. Was this a survey to gauge interest and response to new plans? Will those who got the email be forced to change or cancel immediately while those who didn’t will remain at the current rate until year’s end?

    • Will- When I received my email this was included: “You have the option to cancel at no charge. If no decision is made by your next bill cycle, your account will be placed on hold.”

      So the choice was change to the plan offered (I only had one offer, my wife had two different offers) or cancel it.

  3. I do not want to be part of this research. How can you force some people to choose new services and leave others paying the old prices? I want the old plan back until you switch it for everyone. When I tried to switch back today your customer service rep said they couldn’t switch me. Guess what your research is showing? Nobody likes this idea!

    • On the Moviepass Facebook page people have mentioned trying that. Moviepass CS told them it ‘wasn’t allowed’. (second hand info- your experience may differ)

      I guess if you used a different billing address, different credit card… it might work?

  4. Don’t screw up the plan. If we’re forced to change our plan then my husband and I will cancel. People who already have a plan should be able to keep it otherwise you’ll be a company with no customers.

  5. I love your service, but if the two plans offered are real, I’ll be cancelling on the last day (a few days away). I can undertand revising, but the roll out with literally no notice and no market research was a uncharacteristic poor move on the part of MoviePass. This notice from Mitch, the CEO, has even confused things more. Why wasn’t the email sent to the recipients of the original notice? So I don’t know if that was a marketing mistake, or if I must decide on July 5? If the two plans offered are correct and I have to choose, you have lost yourself one loyal customer. And I’m sorry and disappointed, because you all were #thoughtleaders and building a new business model for the future. Was excited to be part of it, but not at $99 a month. Respectfully, G

  6. I can totally see a reason to go slightly higher on your unlimited plan even if you don’t open it to 3D and larger format showings. However, to almost triple the price is an absolute joke. Why wouldn’t there be more than two options in a test?

    This is a fairly weak response and makes you vulnerable to any competitor should your product actually be profitable. Any company who wants to compete now has 5 months to steal your customers away. My guess is when the dust settles, they don’t even have to be cheaper since you’ve alienated your most ardent supporters.

    The last company I saw make this type of misstep was Blockbuster so you shouldn’t worry too much because things turned out great for them.

  7. I really don’t appreciate being used as a test subject. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2012. I have defended moviepass when the 24-hour clock was introduced (with a botched delivery — learn a lesson on how to treat your customers), I have recommended the program to several friends and all and all been a good supporter.

    Now you treat me as number, a dollar sign and a test subject. I hope one day tables are turned and you feel what this is like. You don’t listen to your customers, you don’t see, to understand that in order to have growth you must have a solid base foundation. That foundation is us, you don’t seem to care. I hope you make quick action to change this decision and give us more reasonable options. A not 3D option, an option that would be similar to the price we are paying and a reasonable jump in prices if you insist on raising them. Do the math $99 is not a “deal” for anyone.

    I hope you can adjust, apologize and make amends quickly. Your service is great if you let it be that way.

    • Agreed… This is a brutal disregard for your current customers.

      Theoretically, you could see 30 movies in a month. What you’re saying is that all of your customers who use it at 40% of its potential are worth price gauging until they cave or leave.

      What do you do if they reach 70%? $500/month?

  8. It’s quite clear that your current plan was an unsustainable business model. Being a heavy user, I would certainly be willing to pay more for the current plan (Say $50-60). But $99 is just too much–almost 3X what I’m paying. I ran the numbers and I will most likely cancel. I would suggest you try this option: Charge $60-$70 for the unlimited service and limit the number of 3-D or large format films to say 3 a month. I bet you would still make a tidy profit and be constantly expanding. Your new options to your most loyal users are just going to cause a wave of cancellations and a ton of bad buzz.

  9. Like others, I do not want to be a part of your test program. I was offered two plans that do not at all fit my movie watching habits. Like others, I would be willing to pay more to continue seeing a 2D movie a day. I have absolutely NO interest in 3D or IMAX movies. I probably watch 2-3 movies a week which probably puts me on the lower range of your heavy users.

    If I am not offered a reasonable plan that matches what I signed up for I plan to walk.

    • Well put, I very much agree! I just hope they are listening like they say they are. Because they are sure not responding.

  10. MoviePass is now just a crooked bait and switch operation, attempting to pass this off as an “experiment” or a new “deal”. Interestingly my wife was offered a more expensive new “deal” even though she doesn’t go to see as many movies as I do. Perhaps MoviePass also now discriminates against women and Asians, as well as their most loyal customers?

    Hopefully State and Federal consumer protection agencies will soon catch up with this fraud. And hopefully there is a smart class-action lawyer out there who will take up this case as a civil matter also. That the MoviePass site continues to deceive by advertising a different movie every day for $45 a month is unbelievable. Criminal misrepresentation matched only by dishonest audacity.

    MoviePass under its new CEO has clearly done something disastrously stupid. Do the right thing, apologize, and call and end to this scam now.

  11. Odd, the research group (me) still gets kicked out while new people are signing up at the website that proclaims unlimited. Even though the message says there will be new plans by the end of the year people like me still get kicked out. This is a totally egregious affront to retirees like myself.

  12. This is absolutely the worst excuse for customer “service” ever. Waiting for ANY competition to open up in my market, even at equivalent pricing. I’ve been a loyal customer and defended and actively promoted your service – “Mitch” can go take a flying leap. Gradual price increases? Plan changes with warning? Actual communication? Nope… This was basically “screw you, get out.”

    You know who is going to be heading about this crappy excuse for customer care? EVERY PERSON I KNOW…

  13. Look I get it. It’s a business and you need to make money, but the price increase is ridiculous. Raise it 10 or 20 percent, not over 100%. Especially not when you just increased the price by 28% 6 months ago.

  14. I used to use the service occasionally when I had a day off. I probably only saw 5-6 movies per month anyway except during Summer, I might see 9 or 10. Now I am making an extra effort to make sure I use my plan every single day at the most expensive time possible.

    • Moviepass is a failed business model. They are an unresponsive organization with about 15 employees.Try to get through to somebody beyond customer service. I’ve tried and it is impossible. I had been a loyal user and recommended the service to many. The company cancelled my account a month ago without explanation, and repeated calls to customer service went no where. I now understand why, they felt I was seeing to many movies (10-12/month). I’m guessing those that received more new plan options were the light users. Moviepass basically changed their subscription service into a coupon service. CostCo offers discounted movie tickets at a comparable price to the new Moviepass packages, and it doesn’t come with an ongoing commitment. Moviepass will continue to wither, and hopefully a better run company will move in to fill the void. R.I.P. Moviepass.

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