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MoviePass Super Bowl XLIX Giveaway!


Leave any other questions you have in the comments and we’ll update with answers!

EDIT: Twitter hashtag game will be #BadSuperBowlCasting! At the end of each quarter, we’ll tweet a prompt for a player, coach, announcer, or other featured character from this year’s Super Bowl. Your mission: tweet back with a funny, weird, or just plan wrong casting choice for that person. We’ll determine the user that has the best four and declare the winner of the 3 month MoviePass subscription tomorrow. We can only take one entry per quarter, so make it count!

Enjoy the game!

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen!

Instagram and 6 months of MoviePass: Adanne and her superbly recreated Jurassic World trailer!

Twitter and 3 months of MoviePass: Tiffany’s starring four got the final callbacks for #BadSuperBowlCasting!

1st Quarter: Jeremy Lane played by Kevin Hart

2nd Quarter: Tom Brady played by Clint Eastwood

3rd Quarter: Pete Carroll played by Joe Biden

4th Quarter: Malcolm Butler played by Morgan Freeman


Congrats to both of them, and thanks to everyone for playing!!

Make yourself heard!