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This summer, we saw our favorite forgetful blue tang fish conquer the hearts of the older generation and new in Finding Dory. After the film conquered box office records, we were treated to more animation with the voices of some of our favorite comedians—Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate—with the Illumination production, The Secret Life of PetsThough we, adults, enjoy a heart-felt animated film, sometimes it’s nice to see one with our fellow-adult friends, as opposed to our adorable children. This weekend’s cinematic king amongst MoviePass members is a testament to that! maxresdefault (16)

Claiming this weekend’s #1 spot is the adult animation feature, Sausage Party. Accounting for a whopping 27.86% of member check-ins, the film faired well amongst critics with an 82% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Time Out New York gave the film 3/5 stars, stating that “It’s worth applauding the sizable writing team for polishing the flow of Sausage Party to a busy Pixar-like sheen in which every inch of space is colonized by a joke.” In their review, the website, Screen Rant writes, “Sausage Party is one of the more humorous and welcomed offerings of the summer.” The film’s promise can be seen in its box office performance. Earning $33.6 million during its opening weekend, Sausage Party claimed the #2 spot domestically. Perhaps, this is the start of a beautiful film trend: animated films geared towards an adult audience.

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Claiming 9.14% of member check-ins, this weekend’s #2 spot goes to Suicide Squad! After all, did we really think that this star-studded, action-packed, anti-hero epic would be leaving anytime soon? Just look at its box office performance. Despite heartbreaking reviews, the film continues to dominate the domestic box office with a $43.77 million gross in its second weekend, giving it the top spot. Despite its position at #1, the film shows signs of struggle, as its second weekend gross depicts a steep drop compared to its $133.7 million opening weekend. As The Hollywood Reporter writes, the film is the latest in this summer’s series of box office declines. Let’s see what the third weekend has in store.


At #3 amongst MoviePass members is Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. Earning 7.84% of check-ins, the retelling of this classic garnered positive critical reviews with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%. In a weekend filled with Suicide Squad and Sausage Party, the film’s opening weekend gross took a hit. Debuting at #3 domestically, the film earned $21.5 million at the box office. Don’t let that number discourage you from seeing the film. Forbes states that the remake is “an excellent movie,” stating the significance of the film’s quality in relation to its rather small $65 million budget.


At #4 is the Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant headlined, Florence Foster Jenkins. Accounting for 7.40% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the film proved itself to be almost as popular among members as Pete’s Dragon. Its performance with critics was equally strong , earning a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%. Domestically, the film claimed the #8 spot at the box office, earning $6.58 million—significantly less than Pete’s Dragon. Regardless of its box office standing, Florence Foster Jenkins seems to be a nice treat during a bit of a frustrating summer.


Rounding out the Member Top 5 is the Mila Kunis comedy, Bad Moms. For the third weekend in a row, the comedy remains popular among members, claiming 4.61% of this weekend’s check-ins. Holding the #5 spot at the domestic box office, as well, the film earned $11.45 million, placing it ahead of newcomer, Florence Foster Jenkins. To date, the comedy has grossed $71.46 million.

Friday, August 19th, promises to deliver cinematic amazement. With the release of the epic, Ben-Hur, the action-comedy, War Dogs, and the animated feature, Kubo and the Two Strings, this weekend will definitely be filled with heart-pumping spectacles.


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  2. Moviepass is a complete scam! If you use it as advertised they force you to either accept a $100 plan or cancel. Completely UNETHICAL. They lure you in with a plan hoping you will not use it but once you do they get you out. Classic “Bait n Switch”.

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