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A Clint Eastwood-Tom Hanks collaboration seems too good to miss. With critically acclaimed films such as Unforgiven, Mystic River, and Million Dollar Baby, under his belt, Eastwood is a skilled director, responsible for many modern-day American classics. His directorial talent is matched by Tom Hanks’s acting. In fact, a dramatic incident on the vast open seas, reminds us of Hanks’s role in the 2013 Paul Greengrass drama, Captain Phillips. So, really, who better to play Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger than the national treasure, Tom Hanks? This weekend’s #1 film comes as no surprise, especially since it did not have much competition.


#1: SULLY: Claiming 32.38% of this weekend’s check-ins, Sully’s popularity among members was more than quadruple that of this weekend’s #2 film. Domestically, Sully earned $35.5 million, debuting at #1. The film’s popularity can definitely be attributed, in part, to the stellar reviews that it received. With a score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film can be considered one of the first successes of the fall film season. The New York Times states, “Mr. Eastwood’s filmmaking is expedient (no fuss, no muss), detailed and distinguished by sudden beauty.” A.V. Club states, “Sully is both up-front and subtle, lingering on the nuances of men and women who only ever speak their minds.”


#2: WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS: At #2 among members, this weekend, is the Morris Chestnut-Regina Hall headlined drama, When the Bough Breaks. Earning 7.22% of this weekend’s check-ins, the film enters second place far behind Sully. It also debuted at #2 domestically, earning $15 million, less than half that of Sully. Overwhelmingly negative reviews definitely seem like the culprit, here. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%, the film was deemed, “A lazily written and generically directed Fatal Attraction knockoff” by The Hollywood Reporter. 


#3: HELL OR HIGH WATER: At #3 among members, is the summer favorite, Hell or High Water. Having held a spot in the Member Top 5 for the past 3 weeks, this movie is one of the best things to come from the summer film slate. Domestically, the crime drama holds its #9 ranking from last weekend, earning $2.6 million. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98%, the film continues to receive positive reviews. The Guardian gives it 4/5 stars, stating, “Part heist, part western for the Occupy generation, this sharply plotted thriller is a triumph for both director David Mackenzie and writer Taylor Sheridan.”


#4: THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM: Earning 4.96% of this weekend’s check-ins, The Disappointments Room makes its debut, amongst members, at #4. At the domestic box office, the film debuted at #17, earning $1.4 million. Its weak performance can be attributed, once again, to negative critical reviews. Similar to When the Bough BreaksThe Disappointments Room has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0% with Entertainment Weekly stating, “There simply aren’t enough scares to build tension throughout.” Directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye, I Am Number Four), the film may be suffering the effects of a rather lackluster summer. With disappointment after disappointment, viewers seem to be a bit more critical, in their effort for cinematic relief.


#5: DON’T THINK TWICE: Rounding out this weekend’s Member Top 5 is another indie favorite, Don’t Think Twice. During the last three weeks, the film has maintained a spot on our list. By now, we all know that the film has received glowing reviews, with a score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. It currently holds the #24 spot at the domestic box office, earning $319.3K over the course of the weekend, with an expansion of ten theaters.

So, what are we seeing this weekend? There are so many good choices! We’re particularly excited to see our favorite hopeless romantic, Bridget Jones, back on the silver screen. So, we’re definitely seeing Bridget Jones’s BabyAfter that? Well, of course, we’ll have to see the new Oliver Stone film, Snowdenstarring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead role. Finally, we’ll catch the horror film, Blair Witch. The past few months have been ripe with solid thrillers, so we’re sure that Blair Witch will not disappoint.




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