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This past weekend’s film selection was the cinematic equivalent to the culinary smorgasbord. With the release of films such as Star Trek Beyond and Lights Out, this weekend featured an extensive selection—action/adventure, horror, family fun, and comedy. Faced with such a varied selection, MoviePass members helped themselves to a heaping of the highly anticipated Star Trek Beyond.


Claiming 28.49% of member check-ins, the third installment of this reboot, rightfully claimed the MoviePass Member Top Spot. With mostly positive reviews, the film not only performed well amongst critics, but also amongst audiences, earning the #1 spot at the domestic box office with a weekend gross of $59.25 million. Featuring the late, great, Anton Yelchin, we, at MoviePass, were both, excited and saddened to see him grace the screen. May he rest in peace.


Claiming this weekend’s #2 spot amongst MoviePass members is the solidly crafted horror film, Lights Out. With fairly strong critical reviews, the film debuted at #3, domestically, grossing $21.69 million during its opening weekend. Amongst MoviePass members, it accounts for 15.93% of this weekend’s check-ins. We have to admit, it’s a pretty clever idea for a film. And if you’re still not convinced, maybe you’d like to check out the short film that spawned this terrifying feature.


Who you gonna call? Well, for the second weekend in a row, MoviePass members called Ghostbusters! Earning 9.26% of this weekend’s check-ins, the film claims the #3 spot amongst MoviePass members. With a weekend gross of $21.01 million, the film claimed the fifth spot at the domestic box office. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, you definitely should! Just check out this review from our blog writer, Cassie Ochoa.


And claiming the #4 spot amongst MoviePass members is Ice Age: Collision Course which accounts for 5.91% of this weekend’s check-ins. Interestingly enough, the film’s placement with members mirrors its domestic box office performance. With a weekend gross of $21.37 million, the film made its domestic debut at #4. Perhaps, overwhelmingly negative reviews contributed to its lackluster performance. After all, this summer saw the release of the box office sensationFinding Dory, as well as The Secret Life of Pets, another lucrative animation feature.

The-Secret-Life-of-Pets-3Speaking of The Secret Life of Pets, the feature, once again, has made its way into the MoviePass Member Top 5. Domestically, it out performed new releases, Lights Out and Ice Age: Collision Course, earning $29.61 million and claiming the #2 spot at the box office. Among MoviePass members, it rounds out the past weekend’s Top 5.

Now, as always, we end with our film recommendations for the week and what a good week it will be! This Wednesday, we’ll be sure to catch the adrenaline infused, Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. On Friday, we get to see Matt Damon reprise his role as the title character in Jason Bourne. After we get our fill of action, we’ll be sure to squeeze in some laughs with Bad Moms.


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  1. Couldn’t see that movie because my unlimited plan limits me to six movies a month! Be warned if you’re going to sign up, you can’t actually see one movie each day.

  2. I think ours wrong of you to more than triple the price off user accounts with less than 30 days notice for some, this is unfair practice. To bad we won’t be able to enjoy all the movies you feature. Bad business, it’s not fair to your loyal customers.

  3. We’re actually having to miss a lot of these because MoviePass forced us into choosing new rates that were triple the amount of our old rates! We are glad to pay the $45/month for each of our accounts, but $100 is just too much in this economy! forcing all of your old users out won’t make us go away, we’re only going to champion against you much louder and much stronger because of the horrible treatment you’ve been giving your more loyal, faithful customers. Hell, even as two affiliates of YOUR OWN COMPANY, we were blindsided with these new, terrible, unjust increases. Get your act together!! Come September, if you don’t honor your word via the Engadget article, we’ll be forced to contact the BBB and other media outlets to let them know of your lies, your deceit, and your preferential pricing!

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