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The MoviePass member base has spoken: Southpaw was the movie to see this weekend, grabbing 18% of all check ins!

jake-gyllenhaal-antoine-fuqua-southpawThe talent 1-2 punch of Jake Gyllenhaal and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua was enough to take down the other big blockbuster that released this weekend Pixels, which only grabbed 12%.

Second on the list was young-adult adaptation Paper Towns, which nabbed 15%, followed by Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck at 13%. The latter was still in the top 5 but dropped from the 31% take it had last week when it opened.

ant-man-posterpixels-posterIn the world of box office receipts, Ant-Man barely eked out a #1 spot over Adam Sandler and Pixels. The actual numbers are still being verified, but Disney and Marvel are reporting close to $24.8M for the weekend. The weekend also puts Ant-Man’s domestic gross past $100M! Relatively slow for a Marvel movie, but a big milestone none the less.

It seems like audiences didn’t pony up their quarters for the video game nostalgia Sony was going for with Pixels, which left the studio reporting a disappointing $24M take. This will raise questions about Adam Sandler’s box office draw, but there’s always a potential for a new Grown Ups around the corner: the last sequel from 2013 drew a huge $247M worldwide gross for its run.

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