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 san_andreas_ver2Dwayne Johnson shakes off the box-office spiders and proves he can still carry a big budget film by himself with San Andreas. It secured the top spot over the weekend easily, raking in $53.2 million.

The Rock’s last big film he carried himself was the Bret Ratner-directed Hercules, which under performed, netting $29.8 million on its first weekend. Relative to that, San Andreas

aloha_xxlgThe other release of the weekend, Aloha, didn’t perform nearly as well, just barely breaking the $10 million mark and taking 6th place overall.

The staying power of older movies like Pitch Perfect 2, Tomorrowland, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, all beat director Cameron Crowe‘s film, his first directing effort after a 4 year break (his last movie was We Bought A Zoo in 2011).

On the MoviePass side of things, San Andreas and Aloha took the top two spots respectively. 30.4% of our members went for San Andreas, while Aloha grabbed 22.0%.

Member reviews were mostly split about San Andreas: August S. thought it was mostly predictable, but for him, the Rock “makes everything better.” Aloha was a bit more negative, getting the distinction of “snooze fest” from Lori T.

Interestingly, Mad Max was ahead of Pitch Perfect with 7.6% vs 5.3% of tickets, and Ex Machina is still holding on to the 9th spot with 1.62%!

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