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Generally, the MoviePass Member Top 5 mirrors the domestic box office in some fashion. After all, everyone enjoys seeing the latest releases. Yet, this weekend’s list delivers surprising results. Claiming the #1 spot among members is actually a film that ranks #22 domestically. To look at it another way: at the tail-end of the blockbuster season, members opted for a smaller,  independent film with a less notable cast than Suicide Squad and the Mechanic: Resurrection, but higher critical acclaim.

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Earning this weekend’s top spot among MoviePass members is the improv dramedy, Don’t Think Twice. During its sixth weekend in theaters, the film earned 13.93% of member check-ins, making its debut in our Top 5 list. Its late rise in popularity can be attributed to its critical acclaim and its theater expansion. To illustrate the first point, let’s look at its 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The New York Times calls the film a “smart, bittersweet comedy,” while The Atlantic calls it, “one of the best comedies of the year.” With such positive reception, the film’s expansion to an additional 50 theaters helped it climb its way to this weekend’s #1  spot.


Taking this weekend’s #2 spot is the Jason Statham adventure, Mechanic: Resurrection which earned 9.84% of member check-ins. With largely negative reviews, during its opening weekend, the film took the #5 spot at the domestic box office, earning $7.5 million. Perhaps, in a summer mild with onscreen heat, members were still hoping to experience some sort of adrenaline rush. After all, Statham is always reliable when it comes to providing heavy doses of action.


Debuting at #3 with 8.98% of member check-ins is the Fede Alvarez horror/thriller Don’t Breathe. In a summer filled with critically acclaimed and financially successful horror films—The Conjuring 2, Lights OutDon’t Breathe succeeded at what other well-received films, such as Sausage Party and Pete’s Dragon, failed to do: it dethroned Suicide Squad from its #1 spot. Earning $26.12 million during its opening weekend, the thriller from the director of the Evil Dead remake, took the #1 spot at the domestic box office. Don’t Breathe garnered positive reviews among critics. Vox states, “The genius of Don’t Breathe is the effortless way it combines a typical heist flick with the tropes of the well-trodden home invasion formula.” Vanity Fair states that “the film finds ways to coax the unexpected out of otherwise hackneyed conventions.” MoviePass member, Steven Keller gives a glowing recommendation stating, “I highly recommend seeing this movie if you are a fan of suspense and enjoy being stressed out while watching a movie.”


At #4 is War Dogs, a member favorite from last week. Earning 8.62% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the action/comedy was close in numbers to Don’t Breathe. Domestically, the film fell four spots at the box office, ranking 7th place and grossing $7.26 million, during its second weekend. The film has a solid performance among critics, with a score of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes. Its total domestic gross to date is $27.76 million. To give this number some context, Don’t Breathe earned $26.12 million in its opening weekend alone.


Closing out the MoviePass Member Top 5 is another favorite from last week: Hell or High Water which earned 8.48% of member check-ins. Here, we have another film with a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes. With a cast that includes Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, the film has been noted for its neo-Western tone. Vulture states that Hell or High Water, “is a work of broad scale and deep feeling” while A.V. Club remarks that the “thrill of Hell or High Water is in its skillful, offbeat execution.” The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film, “has grossed $8.6 million in its first three weekends, one of the best showings of 2016 to date for an indie film.” During its third weekend in theaters, the film was expanded to 437 additional theaters and earned $3.73 million.

So, what are we seeing this weekend? Well, we’re pretty excited about fall’s film slate! This week, the Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander drama, The Light Between Oceans, hits theaters. So, we’ll be sure to bring our Kleenex for this one. Then, after we’re done crying like a baby, we’ll be sure to catch Kate Mara in the science fiction film, MorganFinally, we’ll muster up the courage to see the gritty Sundance feature, White Girl

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