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After Jurassic World takes the 3-day weekend, just edging out Pixar’s Inside Out at $30.9M vs $30.1M respectively, this brings the dino-reboot to a whopping 4 three-day weekends at #1.

While the dinosaurs dominate on numbers, Pixar’s emotional team from Inside Out is still holding its own. It now owns the “best second place” award by being the highest grossing film in history without ever being at #1 over a weekend. We’ll have to see what the dropoff is like this weekend when the Despicable Me spinoff Minions releases!

terminatorposterUnfortunately for Terminator fans, Terminator: Genisys underperformed, grossing only $28.7M this past weekend. It is now the lowest grossing movie in the Terminator franchise and is putting questions into everyone’s mind about whether James Cameron’s apocalyptic world has any juice left. The lone bright spot is the movie’s international draw: to date, it has grossed roughly $130M outside of the US.

Magic-Mike-XXL-Movie-PosterLast but definitely not least, Magic Mike XXL pulled in a modest $12M over the weekend, drawing an astronomical 96% female demographic. Netting $27M over the 5 days since it was released and made on a budget of about $14M, it will certainly turn a profit, meaning we may be seeing some more magic in the future.

Looking to the MoviePass movies, the story was much different! 22% of users that saw a movie saw Terminator: Genisys while 13.4% went for Magic Mike: XXL. Jurassic World didn’t even make the top 5! Inside Out, Ted 2, and Me Early and the Dying Girl took the 3, 4, and 5 spots with 9.8%, 9.4%, and 6.7% respectively.

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