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The name on everyone’s lips this weekend? Jason Bourne. It’s been nine years since the last Matt Damon headlined Bourne film. And with a cast that includes Alicia Vikander,  Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, and Vincent Cassel, the film proved to be worth the wait. Taking the #1 spot amongst MoviePass members, this weekend, was the newest film in the franchise, Jason Bourne. 


Accounting for 25.63% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the fifth installment in the Bourne series proves that MoviePass members are loyal to strong franchises. After all, last weekend’s #1 spot was claimed by Star Trek Beyond. Domestically, Jason Bourne earned $59.22 million during its opening weekend, claiming the #1 spot at the box office. Rolling Stone Magazine’s Peter Travers, gave the film a glowing review, calling it, “that rare summer thrill ride.” Not only did the film achieve financial success in the States, but it also had a strong opening weekend abroad, besting the performance of previous films in the series. One thing’s for sure: everyone missed Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.


Claiming this weekend’s #2 spot amongst members is the Mila Kunis headlined film, Bad Moms, which earned 17.98% of this weekend’s member check-ins. In an age where women have found a voice in comedy, Bad Moms takes its rightful place in the genre. With an audience score of 79% , the film also performed solidly with critics. Domestically, the film took the #3 spot at the box office, earning $23.82 million. Not bad in a weekend dominated by Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond.


Taking this weekend’s #3 spot is a rather pleasant surprise: the Dave Franco and Emma Roberts thriller, Nerve. With a Wednesday release date, it can be tough for films to find weekend popularity. Yet, Nerve succeeded with MoviePass members, accounting for 9.11% of member check-ins. Despite lukewarm critical reviews, the film entered the domestic box office at #8, earning $9.45 million during its opening weekend.


Keeping a place in the MoviePass Member Top 5 is the summer hit, Star Trek Beyond. In its second weekend, it claimed 9.00% of member check-ins. Domestically, it came second to Jason Bourne, earning $24.75 million, this weekend. With the critical acclaim of Star Trek, the first film in the rebooted series and the positive reception of Star Trek Into Darkness, the third installment, Star Trek Beyond, holds its own. With a total domestic gross of $106.47 million, we’re curious to see how long the film remains in the box office top 10. Though, if we had to guess, it shows no signs of leaving anytime soon.


And claiming this weekend’s #5 spot amongst MoviePass members is Lights Out. Accounting for 5.43% of member check-ins, the film continues to frightfully delight, not only members, but critics, as well. Inspired by a three minute horror short, the film contributes to the popular, low-budget, yet effective horror genre. In a summer filled with frights—The Conjuring 2 and Don’t BreatheLights Out is a welcomed addition. The film continues to demonstrate box office strength, claiming the #6 spot at the domestic box office and earning $10.80 million during its second weekend in theaters.

Drumroll please….BADA BADA BADA BADA! Who’s ready for it? We’re too excited right now. It’s almost here!  SUICIDE SQUAD!!!!! We’re counting down the days, but if AWESOME comic book action, is not your thing (how can it not be your thing), then maybe you’d be interested in the family friendly, Nine Lives. Or, if you’re looking for an indie drama, check out Five Nights in Maine.


Oh yeah. We just can’t get enough of this trailer:

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  1. Didn’t see any with Moviepass this weekend, cause, you know, you limited my account to six a month as part of your test group and now won’t respond to my customer service questions on any of your social media accounts.


  2. What a joke. Thought they had a good thing for a couple months. Their site says plans starting at 14.99, I like how they act like they have unlimited on their site and how they have price plan options for people…boooo

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