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It seems like it was just yesterday when Independence Day exploded into the cinema. Many of us can fondly remember the onscreen spectacle that amazed and excited us. Perhaps, some of us can remember the Independence Day toys and action figures, at the top of our birthday wish lists. Now, here we are 20 years later with Independence Day: Resurgence! Will may be missing, but Bill (Pullman), Jeff (Goldblum), and Vivica (A. Fox) are still here! And they’re joined by Liam (Hemsworth) and Jessie (Usher).

Claiming this weekend’s number one spot amongst MoviePass members was Independence Day: Resurgence. Accounting for 20.70% of member check-ins, the film’s performance proved that MoviePass members were feeling a bit nostalgic. Debuting at #2 domestically, with a weekend gross of $41.6 million, the film received generally, negative reviews; however we’ll always travel to the theater to see an alien apocalyptic showdown!


At number two amongst members was The Shallows with 17.85% of member check-ins. The film debuted at #4 domestically, grossing $16.7 million and generated positive reviews amongst critics, with a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 73%This thriller has the perfect formula: Blake Lively + Shark + Director Jaume Collet-Serra = Success! After all, Collet-Serra did direct three Liam Neeson movies. 


In third place was the Matthew McConaughey drama, Free State of Jones. Accounting for 11.52% of member check-ins, the period piece had a strong performance amongst MoviePass members. With a weekend gross of $7.77 million, the film debuted at #5 domestically, despite relatively negative critical reviews. Perhaps, MoviePass members are history buffs? Or, perhaps, they simply love Matthew McConaughey. Either way, the film’s trailer looks incredibly compelling. So, we’ll be sure to check it out!

Matthew McConaughey (center) and Mahershala Ali (center left) star in THE FREE STATE OF JONES

Holding this weekend’s fourth slot was Finding Dory! How we love that forgetful blue fish! During its second weekend, the film continued to dominate the domestic box office, earning the #1 spot with a weekend gross of $73.2 million! Amongst MoviePass members, the film experienced a 60% decrease in popularity; however, it still had a strong second week performance. If you have not seen it, drop what you’re doing immediately and run to the theater!


Rounding out this week’s member top 5 is The Neon Demon, accounting for 8.06% of member check-ins. This latest endeavor from Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn, is a departure from the heavily masculine world of his previous films. Yet, The Neon Demon remains faithful to his visual aesthetic, as well as his brilliant taste in musicThough the film debuted at #15 domestically, with an opening weekend gross of $607 thousand, it still makes our top 5! MoviePass members know that despite negative critical reception, a Nicolas Winding Refn film is always worth a watch! 


As always, we ask ourselves, “What are we seeing this week?” Well, there are several promising choices, this July 4th weekend! We’ll definitely check out The Purge: Election Year to round out the trilogy. For a dose of adventure, we’ll be sure to see the star studded, Tarzan. And for some good, wholesome fun, The BFG is at the top of our list! We’ll be sure to squeeze in some BBQ, too!



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