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This weekend, the race to number one was incredibly close! With the long awaited arrival of Finding Dory, MoviePass members were excited to see their favorite blue tang fish and her pals, Marlin and Nemo, journey across the vast blue sea. As excited as members were for the Finding Nemo sequel, they were slightly more enthusiastic about the Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson comedy Central Intelligence. Claiming 25.24% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the comedy from director Rawson Marshall Thurber (We Are the MillersDodgeball) claimed the number one spot amongst MoviePass members. Despite its lukewarm reviews, the comedy earned $34.5 million at the domestic box office, debuting at number two. Perhaps members enjoyed We’re the Millers, as much as we did. 


In an incredibly close second was Finding Dory, which accounted for 25.10% of member check-ins. We’ve waited thirteen years for this sequel! So, it’s no surprise that the Disney and Pixar animated film gave Central Intelligence a run for it’s money—amongst members that is. There was no competition at the domestic box office. Finding Dory DOMINATED, making $136.18 million, this weekend! WOW! Critical acclaim and everyone’s general adoration of Finding Nemo, most likely played a large role in the sequel’s success. The film even broke box office records, with the highest weekend gross of any animated film. 

finding-dory (1)

This weekend’s number three spot was filled by the Four Horsemen in Now You See Me: The Second Act. It seems as though MoviePass members were still interested in magic! Accounting for 7.97% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the sequel experienced a 65.2% decrease in member popularity. At the domestic box office, it earned the number four spot, grossing $9.65 million in its second weekend.


At number four amongst members was another favorite from last weekend: The Conjuring 2. It claimed the number three spot at the domestic box office, making $15.56 million in its second weekend. With positive critical reviewsthe film has grossed $71.73 million domestically, since it’s June 10th release. 


And rounding out this weekend’s member top five is Warcraft. Despite overwhelmingly negative reviews, the film holds the number five spot at this weekend’s domestic box office, grossing $6.52 million. Amongst MoviePass members, it also holds fifth place, accounting for 5.50% of member check-ins, compared to last week’s 12.69%. Apparently members are still intrigued by the film’s success in China. 


So, what are we seeing this week? For EPIC action and adventure, mixed with a little nostalgia, we’re seeing, Independence Day: Resurgence. For a dramatic period piece, we’ll be sure to see Free State of Jones. For a lush cinematic thriller, The Neon Demon is at the top of our list. And for a unique, fantastical cinematic experience, we’ll definitely see Swiss Army Man!



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