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What a HUGE way to kick off the summer for Marvel.

Captain America: Civil War was the easy winner, and the movie ended up as the third-highest opening of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fifth highest opening of all-time. The box office cumulative for the weekend hit a ridiculous $181.8M.

It was no surprise to see Civil War at the top of the member charts as well. As far as Marvel movies go, it did exceptionally well, taking 43% of all check-ins over the weekend, topping Deadpool’s impressive 37.3% in February and Spectre’s top record of 40% since we’ve started keeping track of the numbers.


Next down the ladder, which probably was the go-to movie for members running into sell out situations with Captain America, was Keanu, taking 8% in its second week after dropping 71% from the opening weekend. Mother’s Day had a smaller drop, likely due to its namesake holiday was yesterday (hope you didn’t forget 🙂 ). It took 6.5% after dropping 21.7%.

The final two: the Jungle Book held strong for fourth, taking 4.7% after dropping 34% from last week. With no real family content pushing it out, it’s also doing solidly at the box office, keeping a second place slot behind Civil War with a $21.8M weekend. Rounding out the top five is the thriller Green Room, taking 3.4% after a 66% drop from last weekend. I don’t know how it’s done so well, but the horror fans seem to be really getting behind this one. Very cool to see movies like this get some buzz with our members!

What’s next week? It will be much quieter with only two movies that are relatively less blockbuster-like than Civil War, so I’m anticipating Captain America holding a pretty strong spot in the top five. However, we’ll see George Clooney and Julia Roberts star in Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster. I’d imagine this will be the big hit of the weekend for members. Alongside it will be the horror movie the Darkness. Maybe those horror fans that saw Green Room will come out for this as well, but I don’t think its percentage will be very high.


What did you think of Civil War? Will it be the movie to beat for the summer? Share the report and add your comments below.

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  1. Well it really sucks because I haven’t seen it because all of my Civil War times are blacked out so I can’t go and use MoviePass

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