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Not too much of a surprise at the box office or with member check-ins this past weekend.

The winner by all counts was Disney’s re-adaptation the Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau. It managed $103M over the weekend domestically, making it the third $100M+ opening weekend so far this year, already higher than last year, which counted Furious 7 as the only movie to do so in the same time period.

The Disney “animated to live-action” movie for this period last year was Cinderella, but that only managed a $62M opening weekend in March 2015.

Looking at the member numbers, I was surprised to see the movie not break 30%, but it got close with 27.1% of check-ins for the weekend. I’d imagine this was due to it being more family oriented fare; we tend to see lower attendance to animated or live-action movies directed at kids.

Contrary to the box office, Barbershop: The Next Cut ended up in third place behind Criminal. Ice Cube‘s comedy took 10%, while the Kevin Costner/Ryan Reynolds action starrer grabbed 12.2%.

Finish at second place in the box office charts, Barbershop had a lower-than-expected weekend, however, taking $20M, which was worse than the last Barbershop sequel in 12 years ago. Maybe a good case for sequels to come soon after the first release. Criminal wound up in sixth place behind holdovers like the Boss, Batman v. Superman, and Zootopia, taking $5.9M.

The remaining spots in the top five for members were occupied by holdovers from last week as well. The Boss, dropping 71%, ended with a fourth place finish at 7%.

First-person shooter perspective action movie Hardcore Henry took an equally drastic 71% drop to arrive at 4.3%

What’s next weekend? It’ll likely be a light weekend, with another pseudo-Disney spinoff sequel (actually being distributed by Universal), the Huntsman: Winter’s War releasing. Competing with the fictional fantasy, we have a historical fiction movie Elvis and Nixon opening, starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the latter take first place with our members. Given how softly Jungle Book did, and what will likely be impressive acting from Shannon as Elvis Presley and Spacey as Richard Nixon, it could steal the weekend from Universal’s big budget sequel.

That’s for members at least. I don’t think Elvis and Nixon will be able to compete nationwide at the box office. BUT, I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll stack up.

What are you excited to see next week? Do you think Elvis & Nixon will steal members’ hearts? Let us know in the comments below.

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