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It was a predictable weekend these past three days, and our member charts mirrored the success of Melissa McCarthy and the Boss at the box office.

Taking first place with 24.5% and $23.5M at the box office, the Boss was the queen of the weekend, just barely beating Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in ticket sales. The DC Comics movie was unseated from the top of the charts in its third week after a 54% drop from last week. This is a very fast drop for a big comic blockbuster that this was supposed to be, and I have a feeling there are some studio execs at Warner Bros that are a bit worried for their future DC properties.

In second place for members was Hardcore Henry, which grabbed 14.9% of check ins this weekend. I was expecting this new, FPS-concept action movie to get some more attention, but this really needed some good buzz and word of mouth to get it somewhere. With a 51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I don’t think it did what it needed to do to see success.

Similarly, we found it quite low on the box office charts for a wide release movie: it lagged behind holdovers Batman v. Superman, Zootopia, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, coming in fifth with just $5M.

The rest of the MoviePass chart was 100% indies: Midnight Special expanded into 435 new theaters and grabbed 10.6% of check ins. Behind it was Demolition, which debuted this weekend in 854 theaters. With 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, it had a poor per screen average of only $1,317, but managed to take 8.8% of check ins. Coming in fifth was Eye in the Sky, dropping 64% from last week to take 5% this past weekend.


Gotta do a quick check on how Batman v. Superman is doing with the MoviePass crew. It held on to second place last week, and is still close to the top five in sixth place. It dropped about 73% from the previous week to take 3.4%.

What’s next week? The big movie this weekend will easily be Jon Favreau‘s reboot/remake of the Jungle Book. From the look of the trailers and the buzz, this will be a big one, probably in the 30% range for MoviePass-ers. Runner-up will likely be Barbershop: the Next Cut, the next sequel round to Ice Cube‘s comedy series. Also in the mix is Kevin Costner starring in Criminal. Not sure who’s going to see that, but I can’t imagine it will be a successful release…

What are you excited to see next week? Will Jon Favreau do justice to the Disney classic? Let us know in the comments below.

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