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Box office was relatively soft this weekend, and things were pretty quiet both for users and the nation overall with the new release Divergent: Allegiant.

Taking 18.7% of check-ins this weekend, Allegiant took the top position for members, but it came out in second at the box office with $29M. It fell behind Zootopia, which is holding strongly, adding another $38M to it’s cumulative tally. It wound up in third for members at 13.8% after gaining 29% from last week, losing out to 10 Cloverfield Lane, which had 14.1% to take second after dropping 58%.

An interesting point about Allegiant: at the box office, so far it has done 44% worse than the Divergent movie last year, and among members, it has had a 43% drop off. Fascinating that even when movies end up being so much cheaper for members, MoviePassers still took away the same lessons from last year that the overall moviegoing population did: Divergent’s hype and quality is flagging (see steadily falling Rotten Tomatoes reviews to arrive at 10% for Allegiant).

Bringing up the rear of the top 5, we found Miracles from Heaven in fourth, getting 6.9% of check-ins, and the Bronze in fifth with 6.5%. They had starkly different performances at the box office however: Miracles of Heaven ended up with a strong third place finish with around $15M while the Bronze had one of the worst openings of all-time with $421K…ouch.

What’s next week? The showdown we’ve all been waiting for is finally hitting theaters. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is arriving in theaters nationwide, and you can bet it’s going to take a very large chunk of check-ins this weekend. Pre-sales may lower the actual attendance for MoviePass members, but with over 80% of movie tickets still being sold at the theater itself (as of 2014 anyway), I think it’ll still be at the top of the charts next weekend.

The other big release of the weekend will be the sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Clearly catering to the other side of the moviegoing world that isn’t a fan of superheroes smashing the crap out of each other, it may end up doing pretty well at the box office. Given our members and what we know about them, I can’t see many of them choosing this over a DC Comics release unless it ended up being sold out at the theater.

Which movie will you be going out to next week? Drop us a line and let us know in the comments below.

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