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As predicted, Disney’s animated movie Zootopia reigned supreme over this weekend’s releases.

Coming in at 22.2% and taking $73.7M at the box office, the movie ended up as Disney Animation’s best performing release of all time. It also broke into the top 10 biggest animated openings ever coming in just under the Simpsons Movie, which had a $74M opening weekend, as well as the best animated March opening ever, beating the Lorax at $70M. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating holding impressively at 99%, it’s safe to assume that the movie will continue to do well throughout March with no other family-oriented movies out until the Jungle Book in mid-April.

Coming in a close second was London Has Fallen, taking 19% of member check-ins and a solid $21M in box office receipts. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the comedy set in war-torn Afghanistan and Pakistan starring Tina Fey, was the lowest performing out of the new releases despite its higher Tomato rating relative to London Has Fallen: it took 17.6% of check-ins along with a box office take of $7.6M.

In the bottom two of the top 5 for members were holdovers from last weekend Eddie the Eagle and Triple 9. Eddie the Eagle took fourth with 4.3%, dropping 75% from its premiere last weekend, followed by Triple 9 in fifth with 3.9%, dropping 74%. The other wide release from last week, Gods of Egypt, ended up all the way in ninth place, dropping 72% to end the weekend with 3%.

What’s next weekend? Depending on how the J.J. Abrams-produced sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane does, it may end up being a quiet weekend. I think it will certainly be the hottest movie for the MoviePass audience, but at the box office, it’s very easy to see Zootopia maintain its top position if it holds to over $30M.

Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a new character in the Brothers Grimsby. With a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’m not expecting big things, but it could place second in the MoviePass charts.

The other big movie of the weekend should be the faith-based movie the Young Messiah. It won’t be playing in as many theaters, but these tend to get a good domestic audience take. The MoviePass crowd, however, may not be interested enough to get it past the third place position.

Two other limited release movies coming out are the Perfect Match and Canadian director Atom Egoyan‘s new film Remember.

What did you catch this weekend? Are you surprised by the results? What are you seeing next  weekend?! Sound off in the comments below.

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