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A whoppingly huge weekend for Deadpool, and with President’s Day today, it’s not even technically over yet.

Breaking box office records left and right at the box office with $132M in the bank so far, Deadpool is officially the highest grossing R-rated movie over a weekend (beating the $91.7M netted by the Matrix Reloaded), has the highest grossing weekend in February (beating Fifty Shades of Grey‘s $45M), the highest grossing weekend of an R-rated comic book adaptation (300 grabbed $70.8M back in 2007), and the highest grossing weekend for a first-time feature director (Tim Miller).


Let’s cross into our MoviePass member numbers: check-ins for Deadpool were incredibly high, at about 37.3% for the weekend. Haven’t seen a percentage like that since Spectre grabbed 40% back in November.


Meanwhile, poor reviews for Zoolander 2 ended up hurting the movie terribly. It dropped into third with a final percentage of 11.6% behind How to Be Single, which had 13.6% of check-ins. My bet is that no, the reviews probably didn’t help, but all those dudes that may have turned out to see Derek Zoolander back in action defected to the new look at Ryan Reynolds as a foul-mouthed comic book hero. The star-studded female comedy troupe in How to Be Single was just a better appeal to those not interested in the comic book fare.

To round out the top 5, we had Hail, Caesar! in fourth with 7.2% after dropping 72% from its first place finish last week, while Kung Fu Panda 3 maintained a slot with 2.7% (dropping 29% and relinquishing its spot in fourth place).

What’s next week? Excited to see how Race, the Jesse Owens biopic starring Stephan James, will do next week. There will be some competition with the faith-based movie Risen and horror film the Witch vying for attention, but at least with the MoviePass audience, I think Race will prevail. We may see Deadpool in the top 5, unless everyone heard such good things that they insist on seeing it before the weekend.

We’ll see what happens!

What did you catch this weekend? Are you surprised by the results? Sound off in the comments below.  



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  1. Deadpool was amazing!!! I did not see, and I will not see Zoolander based on my fellow movie pass reviewers, and I will see how to be single, but I’m a single guy so I’m gonna wait for the matinee

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