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As predicted, Daniel Craig and Spectre held on for the #1 spot this weekend with 14.2% of check-ins, falling 64.5%.

This big of a drop would normally get a hold over out of the top 3, which we usually see amongst members: the opening weekend movies have always been the biggest draw. However, a huge movie like Spectre clearly has the ability to retain a top place past its first weekend. It also held over well at the box office, taking an easy #1 with $35.4M after a 49.7% drop.


Following up behind Bond were the two other openings of the weekend, Argentinian mining drama the 33 and Christmas comedy Love the Coopers. They took second and third with 12% and 10.9% respectively. At the box office, the results weren’t quite as exciting, although both movies broke into the top 5: Love the Coopers took 3rd with $8.4M and the 33 nabbed fifth with $5.8M.


Rounding out the top 5 were indie drama Spotlight at number 4, which was impressive given it’s only in 61 theaters currently, then the Peanuts Movie dropping 31% to arrive at fifth with 7.7%. The box office told a different story with the Charles Schulz adaptation: it’s drop of 45% still allowed it to take #2 with $24.2M.

What’s next week? The big finale of the Hunger Games series Mockingjay – Part 2 is finally here! That will surely take a big portion of the weekend, maybe close to 33% or higher. We’ve also got Seth Rogen/Anthony Mackie/Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring comedy the Night Before and the remake of Argentinian drama¬†Secret in Their Eyes.¬†I can’t imagine these will take much check-in share with Hunger Games in theaters too, but I’d think the comedy will come out ahead against the drama.

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