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A surprising finish over the 3-day weekend: Warner Bros. live-action reboot/spinoff of Peter Pan could not find its fairy dust with audiences or members.

The Martian poster
Pan poster

Pan took a disappointing 11.8% of all check-ins this past weekend, along with a take of $15.3M for the whole weekend.

While there was no flight in Neverland, the Martian is on cloud 9, coming in first for members and the nation at 15.0% and $37M, dropping 58% and 32% respectively.

Sicario poster

Meanwhile, Sicario held much better at 10.6% of check-ins, only dropping 34% from last week. With a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s currently tied with the Martian as the best rated wide releases in theaters now, so this is not too surprising.

The Walk poster
99 Homes Poster

The other wide release of the weekend was Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer the Walk. After opening in IMAX only, the expansion didn’t do the movie much good, and it ended the weekend at $3.7M with only 8.0% of check-ins to take 4th place. Getting an expansion to over 600 theaters, Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon starring indie 99 Homes also cracked the top 5: it took 5th place with 6.5%.


For just opening in 4 theaters New York and Los Angeles, Sorkin-written, Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs nabbed 4.4% of check-ins and got a per-screen average of $130k! Pretty good signal for when it releases wide on the 23rd this month.

But man, my predictions were WAY off from last week. With Hugh Jackman in the lead, who usually is pretty bankable, I was not expecting Pan to be such a flop. With a 25% rating on RT, it’s less of a mystery why: there was clearly some quality issues with the storytelling.

Scene from Hook featuring Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams
Photo via TriStar Pictures

Hook stands out as a successful spinoff done right, opening at #1 at the box office, garnering 5 Oscar noms, and now a cult favorite.

Peter Pan (2003)
Photo via Universal

But then there was 2003’s Peter Pan. Another flop at the box office, the Universal Studios-distributed remake went a similar path and only made $11M its opening weekend. However, holding a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, you wonder what dragged this one down to the #7 slot when it premiered.

What’s next week? We’ve got a crowded theater next week with 4 new wide releases debuting. I’m thinking it’ll be a director feud at the top for members, with Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak and Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies duking it out for #1. Who’s coming up on top?…my money’s on Spielberg.

The battle for 3rd will be between Goosebumps and faith-football crossover Woodlawn. I think the broader appeal of Jack Black will nail this one and likely take 3rd.

But given last week’s atrocious prediction, we’ll have to see how next week goes.

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