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The Martian poster
36.7% of check-ins

Exceeding my conservative predictions from last week, the Martian absolutely crushed it with members, nabbing a whopping 36.7% of check-ins to bring it to the top of the charts. Over the past few months, the only movie to beat that was Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which has been one of the toughest movies to unseat from the top positions at the box office throughout August.

The same story carried over into box office receipts, where the realistic sci-fi survival story brought in about $55M for the weekend. It fell shy of tying the opening of Gravity, which debuted to around $55.8M its opening weekend, but you have to wonder if that may have been due to the lack of IMAX screenings for Martian and not simply the material. With the sweeping Mars landscapes and scope of the story, I was surprised IMAX was ignored for this release; it may have served the movie well.

Sicario poster
18% of check-ins

With the nationwide expansion of Sicario, the Emily Blunt-starring drama picked up its share of check-ins with 18% over it’s 6.2% share last week. At the box office, however, it fell far short of taking down Adam Sandler and Hotel T2 for the #2 spot: Sicario earned $12M relative to kid-flick’s $33M.

The Intern poster
7.1% of check-ins
Hotel Transylvania 2
4.9% of check-ins
Everest poster
4.5% of check-ins








Bringing up the rear of the top 5 amongst members, The Intern dropped 64% from last week to take third place with 7.1% of check ins. Fourth went to Hotel T2, which had a modest drop of 49% for 4.9% this weekend, and with a tougher descent, Everest dropped 51% to take 4.5% for fifth place.

What’s up for next weekend? We’ve got some more heavy-hitters coming next week that should see a fair share of success: Disney’s Peter Pan spinoff Pan will be releasing nationwide, and we’ll also see Michael Fassbender starring in Steve Jobs, which will release in New York and Los Angeles for the time being. Although Pan will likely take an easy lead, Steve Jobs might crack the top 5 for members even though the release is limited. With the positive word-of-mouth out about the Martian, it could definitely persist if the share drops over 50% to bring it still close to the low 20s.

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