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Well, I didn’t see this one coming.

Everest posterSicario poster

After predicting Everest or Sicario taking a good number of user check-ins last week, I was surprised to see they underperformed after their expanded releases this past weekend. Everest took the #3 slot with 9.3%, well below what I expected given the strong 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and positive nationwide reception in its first release, while Sicario grabbed 6.2%.

This was actually 51% MORE than last week, but it still dropped out of the top 5 amongst members to #7.

The Intern posterHotel Transylvania 2 poster

On to the winners of the weekend: the Meyers, DeNiro, Hathaway combo of The Intern was too much to resist for MoviePass-ers, taking a solid 19.7% for the top spot. Lagging farther behind was Hotel Transylvania 2 at the secondary spot, with 9.7%.

Since HotelT2 took the top spot at the box office ($47.5M), I’m guessing the age difference was what drove members more to the adult fare instead of PG-rated animation. That and Adam Sandler seems to trend poorly among the member base (I wonder why…).

The Green Inferno poster

The other release of the weekend, Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, was smaller (in only about 1500 theaters), but still put up some solid numbers at the box office for a low-budget horror ($3.4M). It squeaked into the top 5 for members with 8.6%.

Black Mass posterMaze Runner: Scorch Trials Poster

We saw Black Mass fall 49% at the box office but a big drop amongst members to 9.0% (a 70% drop from last weekend). Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials dropped about 54% at the box office and took a 66% chunk out of check ins to arrive at 7.2%.

What about next weekend? Ridley Scott and Matt Damon are likely to clean up with The Martian. Sci-fi fans are chomping at the bit for this one, but given my over-estimate of last week, I’m going to conservatively say it’ll take mid-20s percent of check-ins next week. The Walk will open in IMAX only for this weekend, but that likely won’t take too much out of the nationwide member base. Boston and Denver Premium members will have access.

I also need to correct my article last week. Sicario actually was expanded in a limited release, but it will be hitting nationwide this weekend. With not many other 2D offerings, that will likely get a bigger bump and potentially make the top 3 with under 10%.Poster Collection (10/02/2015)

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