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mission-impossible-rogue-nation-posterTom Cruise continues to prove that he is still one of the last remaining movie stars to bank on with his role in bringing Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation to the top of the box office and the MoviePass charts this past weekend!

The movie took in an estimated $54M, which was a solid weekend, but we’ll see how well it holds into next weekend with Fantastic Four coming in to capture the action fans. MoviePass members were all about Rogue Nation, with a whopping 40% of check ins going to Ethan Hunt!

vacation-posterLagging far behind but still in the second spot was Vacation, which raked in a little less than $15M. Hoping to cash in on the remake fever that is happening with the now cult-favorite movies (see Wet Hot American Summer, which is doing better on Netflix), Warner Bros and New Line will have to be disappointed with this result. We saw a big dropoff with members as well: only 16.5% made it out to the Ed Helms-led comedy.

ant-man-postertrainwreck-posterThe #3 spot was taken by Ant-Man at the box office with $12.6M, but Amy Schumer continues to grab MoviePass members with Trainwreck! The movie grabbed the #3 spot with 8%, making that 3 weeks in a row of Trainwreck being in the top 3 among members!

I’ll ask the question I asked last week again: are we in a golden age for female comedians at the movies? I trust the MoviePass community on their judge of quality, and this is a strong indicator that the age could be upon us. Hallelujah!

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