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Dear MoviePass Community,

We have some exciting news that we would like to share with you. We are pleased to announce that Mitch Lowe is joining MoviePass as our new CEO and board member. Over the past two years, Mitch has been a trusted advisor and has shown an incredible commitment to our mission. We are confident his skills, knowledge, and successful track record will greatly benefit the MoviePass team.

Mitch brings a lifetime of experience; he started at the ground floor of both Netflix and Redbox and played integral roles in helping each company achieve tremendous success. Mitch shares our passion for making the movie going experience great and believes that subscription is instrumental to the future success of the movie industry.  We know his expertise will help facilitate MoviePass’ growth in the marketplace, while continuing to enhance the experience.  My co-founder, Hamet Watt, and myself will continue in our day-to-day roles.

We want to thank you for being partners with us, on this journey to reimagine cinema.

Stacy Spikes
Co-Founder / Co-Chairman

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  1. You’re off to a great start, Mitch…. I’d be on my way to the movies, but you know… your “researching options” thing made it where I can only see six films a month on my “see a movie a day!” Moviepass. Word of warning to anyone considering joining… you may end up getting picked for their “research” and have your plan cost more for less movies!

  2. Thanks Mitch for screwing over your loyal members. WARNING: If you join MoviePass and then see too many movies (or, you know, use the pass as it is intended) they will put you on a plan with a limit of 6 movies for $50 a month and claim it as “research”. TERRIBLE COMPANY!

  3. Jun 5, 10:46 PM EDT:
    Thanks for your email. I have been trying to follow your rules, but have forgotten to take the picture 2 times. The last time the ap was stuck on taking a picture and would not let me use it. Finally I took a picture of another movie ticket I had purchased just to get it to work. I had paid for another movie prior as I could not use the app. That makes two times the app was not functioning for me and I ended up paying.

    Frankly, I was really happy to see your app and card when it first came out. However there were problems with getting the app to work, more recently, it is not honored for some of the new blockbuster movies. Now I have to take pictures of each ticket I buy. It is getting to the point that the hassle is not worth it.

    Not sure if you are going to quit me, or I will quit you first…….but either way, unless something gets better we will be parting ways.



    Jamie, Jun 5, 10:34 PM EDT:

    As you know, we’ve recently implemented a transaction confirmation in the MoviePass app. In an effort to improve the service, members are required to submit a photo of their ticket stub after every transaction. According to your account history, stubs have not been submitted for a couple of your most recent reservations. We understand that things happen. Going forward, failure to submit your ticket stub can result in an indefinite hold placed on your account.

    Please contact our customer service desk with any questions that you may have.

    Thank you,
    The MoviePass Team

  4. Having just registered, there are major issues and no help
    1. There is no conformation email
    2. The website page the FAQs direct you where you can see which theaters you can choose from doesn’t work when you enter a zip code, nor does the map on the page work.
    3. There is no way to get a hold of customer service and emails go unanswered.
    4. There is no option to purchase a membership as a gift
    5. Within the FAQ section there are many angry posts
    6. How in the world do you keep taking money with all of these issues???????

  5. Mr Lowe
    At Goldman Sachs Media conference today in a New York I spoke out publicly in Moviepass’ defense to AMC’s CEO, suggesting it was in his interest to not fight you.
    I am your friend.
    But could moviepass please be my husband’s friend (and mine)?
    Weeks ago he got a card and was billed, but the app/accounts can’t be activated and shows an old 6-month rate and there is no solution or reply to repeated emails and texts from him and me. He’s in limbo. Surely this is a quick fix.
    If only we could get human help please.

  6. Mr. Lowe, how are you addressing the horrible customer service your company provides. I love the concept and have signed up for the program again after a few year hiatus. (I was an original member when the card was first introduced years ago).

    However, the recent customer service experience is HORRIBLE. I purchased a gift of three months for Christmas and my recipient still has NOT received his email confirmation. I see that the date was changed to December 25, 2018, which I asked for it to be changed to 2017 – but after 16 emails, a letter to the Better Business Bureau, contacting the local news affiliate consumer reporter, and now an attorney for a class action lawsuit – NOTHING. I also have issue that at certain theaters that the card says it is affiliated with, it notes to contact movie pass for assistance in obtaining show times, and then you cannot get assistance – thus not getting to see a movie.

    The lack of followup and honestly the lack of actual accountability from your customer service team is laughable at best.

    So Mr. Lowe, how are you addressing this aspect of your company. It’s apparent when reading on social media that your company needs a lot of help in this area. I guess I will wait for my lawyer to find out that answer for me.

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