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This is an example of the awesome Gravity Form plugin. The Collective Theme includes styling for the Gravity Form plugin. So you won’t get a form that matches the Collective Theme this perfectly from anywhere else!

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6 thoughts on “Contact Us Leave a comment

  1. I’ve created an account and it has been charged. When I try to log in it says a user with my credentials (email) is not found.

  2. I signed up Aug 29 and my credit card was charged.. I have received an email from Moviepass saying they are swamped with business and will get to sending things out soon. However, I have been charged and have received nothing. The email said I could use e tickets but I don’t have any account information to tie my registration to. I don’t know how to contact the company to get anything done on this account.

  3. I’ve received my card and i am not able to login. It says a user with my credentials isn’t found and when I ask to reset m password I don’t receive an email.

  4. I had to pay out of pocket because the Moviepass system had issues. The automated support told me to submit a ticket (this was over a month ago). I haven’t heard back since (to either of the two support tickets I sent). I tried the “live chat” but I haven’t gotten a response at all. There isn’t an email I can directly send to. There isn’t a phone number I can call. I feel like I’m being cheated out of months of subscription fees. Anyone up for a class action law suit?

  5. I’m with you Brian. 4 emails and no help. I have the card but can’t use it. I messed up when setting up the account. If they are having all these problems and people can’t get an answer then they need to hire more people. What a ridiculous way to do business. And why put a phone number on the back of the card and all you get is a recorded message to go to the website and send an email. Stupid

  6. I’m having the same damn issues!! I set the account up with the wrong email and have yet to hear back from over a month ago! Why can they not be contacted?!? I feel I just got played!!!

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