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MoviePass is the nation’s premier theatrical subscription service allowing members to see a movie every day for a flat, monthly fee .

Our card is accepted at over 93% of theaters nationwide, and you can see any standard 2D movie playing there. That’s over 150 movies in theaters every year at your fingertips as soon as they release in the theater!

And you only pay your monthly rate!! 

MoviePass is helping our users nationwide seriously get their movie on every day. For more information and how to sign up, click here!

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      • Do you have any proof regarding this? I know that AMC is currently trying to find a loophole to sue the company, but had no luck at the moment. If you have an article that proves Moviepass is currently being sued by AMC please post so I can read. I’m interested to hear about this.

      • the theater search is on the main page. Scroll down a bit and you will see a map with a place to enter a postal code. Click on the arrow next to that field and the theaters will appear on a map and in a list – works for me.

        You can then click on either the red dots on the map or the theater name in the list and the map will zoom in and show the street address.

    • Wow! I just signed up and every theatre I like within 30 miles of my home participates. There was an independent in berkeley that wasn’t. Yes there was AMC in the mix. Its all contracted through mastercard so if they take debit cards, CNET says they will take Moviepass. Here is the CNET article:
      I’m going to really miss XD and 3D so maybe I will treat myself to those separately Damn! but I’ll watch at least 3 movies a month. Hoping for 4 during the fall (Thor! and Kingsmen!) No I do not work for MoviePass. Join at your own discretion, I’m guessing it will be $11.95 within 12 months. How can this last? They used to charge $30

    • I was able to see the list of theaters before signing up, and there are other independent sites out there that also allow you to check theaters. Its a master card, so its accepted almost anywhere master card is accepted. A theater cannot refuse to take it just because its issued by movie pass as that would go against MC terms and conditions and they would loose their ability to accept any master card.

  1. Please let us see if we can even use your service in our area before we pay. I would love to subscribe, but I won’t be paying for something I might not be able to use.

      • Yup! thats what sold me! Put in my zip code and Wha! La! Then I signed up and checked again because I was nervous. Holy crap! They were all included and as I went further out (30 miles) all the theatres participated, except this 1 independent theatre in Berkeley that shows french and german films. I love that theatre so i’ll pay out of pocket to support it. Excitedly waiting to get my car in 7 days. Do you think the price will increase after the fall lmovie season? Last time I went to the movies there were about 12 people in a theatre that holds over 100. This happens to me all the time. People are just not going to the movies if its not friday or saturday night. No XD, No 3D so i’ll need to pay for those myself (can you say costco platinum savings card + $2)? lol gotta save where you can nowadays.

          • I am not able to login or contact them regarding the receipt of my movie pass. They charged my card and I have not received it. Anyone know contact information.

          • I am a satisfied MoviePass user, ONCE all my issues were resolved. I empathize with you as I endured almost 2 months of unanswered chats and mostly unanswered emails to the support email. HOWEVER, ultimately, my issues were resolved. I was billed for 4! yes 4!!! accounts and received 3 physical cards. I, like many, wanted to CANCEL my account(s) as $40 (4 accounts) was far too expensive. But after about 5 weeks of unanswered emails and chats, I received a couple of emails stating that the 3 extraneous accounts were canceled and I received refunds for the 3 extra billings.

            My only advise is to have patience and unanswered emails do not mean that your issues won’t be ultimately resolved.

            NOTES on use – the app occasionally states that I do not have a VALID ACCOUNT. My resolution is just to go into my profile and open the MoviePass Card menu and then just exit from that menu and everything works. The APP also logs itself out mysteriously which necessitates logging back in. If you do NOT see your theaters listed, log OUT of the app, close the APP and restart and log back into the app.

            GOOD LUCK all

  2. I agree with all the others about knowing which theaters are participating before i sign up. What if the nearest theater is 50 miles away? Something isn’t passing the “smell test” here.

  3. How can experienced entrepreneurs launch a major new Internet-dependent service without a plan in place to handle the potential traffic/data needs. As a result, your customer’s first experience with your brand is a massive fail, causing unnecessary and potentially long-term damage.

  4. I signed up, then I tried using the phone app. and it wasn’t working at all. So I tried cancelling many times, but it’s not registering my cancellation. They have already taken the $9.95 from my credit card and it’s now impossible to cancel the subscription.

    • I would contact my credit card company and dispute the charge. They will refund the money to you and contact movie pass about the problem. Always use a credit card for purchases and never a debit card.

  5. Let me see a list of theaters so I know if my theater is on the list. I can’t subscribe to something if I don’t know if it will work for me.

  6. There is nowhere to sign into the site, even after making an account. there is nowhere to find out the theaters in my area where I can use this (probably scam) pass.

  7. Before I sign up I want to know if the theaters in my area is included with the MoviePass . My zip code is 41602,Auxier Ky. Also do you offer a promo code ?
    Thanks, Kimble Collins

  8. Give it time. This has been around for awhile. Their servers are overloaded with new subscribers. I have read reviews from users that say the movie list will not show up in the app until the card is activated. If this is the case, it should be disclosed on the website and app. So many negative comments because the company doesn’t make that clear on the website or app and people think it’s a scam.

    • I signed up in August and later received a notice that cards were backlog and would revice last week.. I sent a message on their contact us feature and got a auto response that they would contact me soon … that was in 9/10… This service is horrible unless they are being affected by one of these weather events there is no excuse

  9. For all those complaining about not knowing what movie theaters are available…. why don’t you try LOOKING. Go to scroll to the bottom. There is a map. Put in your zip code and it will show you what movie theaters in your area work with MoviePass.

  10. I’d like to know how to buy a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION for someone. Searched the website and the web, can’t find any information for the current pricing structure.

  11. On Aug 16, the MoviePass sign-up webpage kept stalling necessitating RELOADing the sign-up page several times. GUESS WHAT??? I was billed 4 times for the first month! ON top of that, I was issued 3 MoviePass card numbers and ONE physical card. I’ve emailed several times and chatted through the app with NO RESOLUTION.

    Today, Sept 1,
    I still have:
    – 4 x $9.95 billed to my credit card
    – 3 Movie Pass Card numbers
    – 1 physical card.

    To add insult to injury, I tried to see a movie today but even though the Mobile App showed a transaction pending, i.e. a movie ticket in process, the card was DECLINED!!!
    Per MoviePass’ instructions, I chatted via the mobile app hoping for the money to be loaded onto my card. To absolutely NO SURPRISE, I never received a CHAT reply. Needless to say, I could NOT watch the movie.
    NOTE – I have been able to use the card only ONCE last week, so ~$40 (4x$9.95) for ONE movie is one heck of an expensive movie.

    So beware!!!! Over 2 weeks with not resolution and a card that does NOT work.

      • OK – I was just about to post an update. As of today, EVERYTHING is working well. MoviePass just refunded me the 3 overcharges and eliminated the 2 extra MoviePass card numbers from my account. Yesterday, I was still unable to use my card, but today, SUCCESS!!! My card worked.

        So, bottom line, with a lot of frustration and emails to MoviePass, the MoviePass support has come through and ALL IS WELL in movieland.

        My advice for those who have also been frustrated, I believe that MoviePass wil come through for you too.

          • Every once in a while, my theaters disappear but they ultimately re-appear. Frustrating for sure, but try re-installing the app.

            You might also try rebooting your phone or cycle on & off your GPS (Location) antenna in your phone settings.

  12. I’m still waiting on my card after 3 weeks. Luckily, a local theater (studio movie grill) has e-ticketing, and I’ve been able to watch 5 movies so far, and two more this coming weekend. Hopefully the card will come within a couple of days, so I can check out a different theater.

    • No family plan yet this is a 1 person plan for now. Per various reviews and write ups couples and family plans are a future option they are considering.

  13. I checked the site before I signed up for my moviepass. Once I gave my info with credit card I added my zip code again and all of a sudden all the move theaters close to me were not on the list anymore. The closest theater is almost 40 miles away. Am I missing something or did I just get scammed?

  14. I have been using the chat function on the APP for a month and have yet to get a response. I have sent in 15 emails and not one has been responded to. Never trust a company that does not have a working telephone number. I simply want to know that my account is cancelled.

  15. I was excited to sign up for Moviepass, and did so on August 17, 2017. About a week later I got my card and loaded the app on my phone. Thrilled to see every theater in my area ++ some available on the phone app. First use was a breeze, just pick the theater, the movie and the time, be 100 yards from the theater and touch “check in” and the next screen you see says “success!.” Go up to the box office window and tell them which movie, hand them the debit card and they give you your ticket. LOVE IT! Used it 4 times this month so far.
    Website is a little cranky; never could find the “hamburger menu” until I clicker around and tried blog at the bottom, then the menu was on the left top of the screen. Hope them get the website more user friendly soon.

  16. have tried calling the phone number on my billing statement and they say the number is no longer working.
    I have received one of the two cards I ordered but cannot activate it. I have asked for help for over a week on the iE chat NO RESPONSE IF I DO NOT GET CONTACT WITH IN TWO DAYS I WILL PROTEST THE CHARGE X 3 ON MY CREDIT CARD STATEMENT. This is not the way to get people to support this movie pass.

    • Been a member for 5 years now and have been paying $30+ a month. They are currently having growing pains. In the app, you can live chat customer service (this too is busy so be patient). To activate the card, just make sure the card is listed in your profile and you’re good to go. Check in on the app, wait till it says ‘success’ and go purchase your ticket.

  17. all I need is a email and password reset and cant even get that. Bought 2 cards, got one within 10 days the other one took 6 weeks. Of course my credit cared was charged immediately and the second month has been charged on the first one. I don’t think there are any humans working in the support department, all responses are computer generated. Worst custome service I have ever had the displeasure of trying to participate in. Never trust a company without a phone number

    • Use the apps chat feature to contact them. They are currently having growing pains but being a member for 5 years and paid more than we are now, I’ve learned to give then some slack.

  18. I have been trying to contact customer support over one week. 5 ticket supports have been made- no response from anyone. No movie pass card was issued. First month subscription was paid for already. It has almost been one month an no card in the mail, unable to use this. Need refund now. Customer support team is horrible and unreliable.

  19. So I am reading some of these comments and can understand the frustration but seriously, they only charge you 9.95 once. Then once you actually receive and activate your card they will continue to charge you. Worst case scenario is you are out $ 9.95. I agree movie pass should have planned a little a better for the increase in subscribers but given that their subscriber base has increased by 2300% in such a short time you should not be surprised that your debit card is taking sometime to get to you and that their customer service is not up to speed. They state your card should take one week, mine took about one month and they sent at least two emails updating me on the progress. For all the movies you can see for 9.95 some patience I think is warranted.

    • I have been patient for 2 months and cannot get a response from their support team via email or live chat. I did receive my card which initially loaded in the MoviePass app on my iPhone but then disappeared and shows “card processing”. Now I have received an email that states they are starting my monthly billing and I can’t use even use it.

  20. My son bought this card Sept had to wait until October but has been watching movies like crazy. The app for Android was a little buggy but can be fixed if you know what you’re doing or with a little research. Giving him a solid month to see if he has any issues. Just waiting on the card took a while but was expected with them being backed up. So far seems like a great deal, and he is enjoying it.

  21. I really would like to complain about the customer support live chat system. I have been trying to contact customer support for the past 2 days and it is surely not a LIVE system. There is no response from the customer support side and it is really disappointing to sit around and wait for a reply. I always prefer on the phone customer care services as I know the issue will be resolved and will not take much of my time.

  22. I’ve been trying to cancel my account and cannot for weeks. Can’t get anyone to help. There is no phone number and I’ve been waiting for the support center to respond. Very frustrated

  23. we received our cards but they will not work. I have been trying to get help with an issue for 4 days now and no one will respond from Movie pass. Customer service is not the best so far. Seriously why is there not a phone number where you can actually talk with someone.

    • Also very frustrated right now. I purchased 3 gift subscriptions for Movie Pass. I wanted to purchase only 2. However, when I was unable to “activate” the second subscription for my father in law, I purchased a 3rd.

      I have been seeking help/customer service via the App since December 16, 2017. I have not gotten a single response. I wish there was a phone number to call. I believe part of the problem with the subscriptions that I purchased is that I logged into the App via my phone in an attempt to help my in-laws with their gif subscriptions. By logging in from another device I believe I messed up the accounts. There is nothing in the “instructions” that says this is not permitted, but I believe it is probably the source of my problem.

      I wish I could get someone on the phone and if not at least get my money back so that I could provide my in-laws with just a traditional gift card for their movie theatre. It has been a really frustrating experience and a pretty embarrassing gift since it isn’t work and I can’t seem to get help to fix the issue.

  24. I too wish there was a phone number and a real person to talk to; especially since this is a newer system. It is very upsetting to try to get answers or make adjustments, etc. and you can’t find any way to communicate quickly and efficiently. There really needs to be a true live chat and a phone number with a real person. This should be accessible for extended hours during the day and weekends. People go to the movies in the evening.

  25. I was gifted two passes, both came to my email and I can only activate one. I cannot get a response from customer service. VERY frustrated.

  26. Been trying for weeks to see if my order was received. Absolutely no response through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

  27. I signed up for my husband (Christmas present) and we received his card and we were billed, but it doesn’t recognize our email when setting up the app. We tried to use the card without logging into the app and it wouldn’t work at the movie theater. I’ve emailed moviepass support several times and only gotten the automatic reply response. Can anyone out there tell me 1) Did you HAVE to set up the app for your card to work? 2) what do you think I should do if I was an idiot and somehow mistyped my husband’s email when entering all the information? Will I ever get in? The password reset command is apparently going no where 🙁

    HELP!!! i feel like we are so close to having our movies and yet so far….

  28. My husband got a 3 month movie pass for Christmas. Received an email notifying him of his gift and successfully signed up to request his card and access the app. He hasn’t received a card yet but has received 3 emails saying it is on its way and one saying his account was canceled.

    I also got a 3 month movie pass for Christmas. Unfortunately, it was sent to the same email as my husbands and activating my account to request a card has not been successful. After several attempts to reach someone via a ticket and chat I got a response saying a email would be sent to the alternate email I provided. That was last Wednesday and I have yet to receive the email. I have now submitted a ticket, started a chat via my husbands app, complained on Instagram and am now complaining here. It has been a week and have yet to get a response. Both my gift and my husbands have been paid for. As of now this seems like a scam and a waste of money. I am hoping the customer service situation changes and we are able to use our passes.

    I am not an attorney but it seems like there are enough complaints without resolution that some sort of class action lawsuit might be in the companies future. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get one of those little post cards in the mail notifying me that there is one.

  29. I requested support on Mon., 1/8/18 and still have not received any help [support]. The App on my HTC smartphone worked for over two months [at least 6 times] and apparently stopped working the first & second times I tried to use in 2018. I don’t know if that is some kind of a coincidence or not. It works right up until the point where I need to “Check In”. The link Will Not Work. Nothing happens and I have to pay cash.
    And the most frustrating thing is I can not speak to anybody and nobody answers my questions. I did get an email confirmation of my request for support, and it says someone will contact when they become available. Here I am 3 days later and they are still NOT AVAILABLE”
    I don’t call that customer service or support,

    • that happened to me early on in my subscription.

      I had to uninstall and then re-install the app which cleared it up. If you never power off your phone, you might try that too.
      Double check that your profile info is correct and that your MoviePass card number is shown in your profile.

      Good luck!

  30. My friends bought me a 6 month subscription for Christmas. I received the card and have not been able to get it to recognize my “credentials” since (password/username). I have sent numerous emails since 1/5 and support tickets and have heard NOTHING!! It stinks!!

  31. My account wont let me log in. It constantly says that no one has my credentials. I am beeing billed as well but can’t use the card. Contacted support but no response. I see this has been a common issue over the past few months,

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