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MoviePass is the nation’s premier theatrical subscription service allowing members to see a movie every day for a flat, monthly fee .

Our card is accepted at over 93% of theaters nationwide, and you can see any standard 2D movie playing there. That’s over 150 movies in theaters every year at your fingertips as soon as they release in the theater!

And you only pay your monthly rate!! 

MoviePass is helping our users nationwide seriously get their movie on every day. For more information and how to sign up, click here!

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  1. Please let us see if we can even use your service in our area before we pay. I would love to subscribe, but I won’t be paying for something I might not be able to use.

  2. I agree with all the others about knowing which theaters are participating before i sign up. What if the nearest theater is 50 miles away? Something isn’t passing the “smell test” here.

  3. How can experienced entrepreneurs launch a major new Internet-dependent service without a plan in place to handle the potential traffic/data needs. As a result, your customer’s first experience with your brand is a massive fail, causing unnecessary and potentially long-term damage.

  4. I signed up, then I tried using the phone app. and it wasn’t working at all. So I tried cancelling many times, but it’s not registering my cancellation. They have already taken the $9.95 from my credit card and it’s now impossible to cancel the subscription.

  5. Let me see a list of theaters so I know if my theater is on the list. I can’t subscribe to something if I don’t know if it will work for me.

  6. There is nowhere to sign into the site, even after making an account. there is nowhere to find out the theaters in my area where I can use this (probably scam) pass.

  7. Before I sign up I want to know if the theaters in my area is included with the MoviePass . My zip code is 41602,Auxier Ky. Also do you offer a promo code ?
    Thanks, Kimble Collins

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