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We are constantly trying new ways to make MoviePass the best service possible. It is our belief that the optimum pathway to a strong and successful business is not “one price fits all,” but a tiered system, that caters to a diverse group of moviegoers.

A small number of you have received emails with a new tiered structure. Included in this structure is our new Premium Plan. The price is higher, but includes 2D, 3D, IMAX, and other large formats. The plan was constructed in response to overwhelming requests for access to all premium formats. Overall, it gives members the ultimate freedom to experience a wider range of films in the way that directors intended.

In addition to this Premium Plan, we will offer lower priced capped plans. Some may be as low as $19.99 for new customers.  These options ensure that every member is enrolled in a plan that suits their moviegoing desires.

Being early adopters, we know that you share our goal of reimagining cinema and creating a sustainable business for years to come. For that, we are grateful. We look forward to hearing from you as we build our future together.

Thank you for your continued support.

MoviePass Team

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  1. So now you have increased the price of my subscription and instead of getting a movie a day I only get 6 a month. That is an incredibly bad change for me the consumer. I am sorry but I will no longer be a part of your service. I have truly loved having MoviePass this year but this is some nonsense and has priced me out of it.

    • Although I assume movie pass consulted with legal counsel, I’m not sure it’s legal. Since they’re continuing to offer the old rates to some, if not many, present subscribers (i.e., those who are not heavy users), as well as to prospective subscribers whom they are soliciting, it would appear that the existing terms and solicitations are fraudulent. In effect, without disclosing it, they’ve been offering initial rates on the condition the subscriber not “overuse” the system and, if and when he or she does, the rate gets changed to such a prohibitively high amount that few, if any people would pay it. It seems to me that there may well be FTC and/or state consumer protection statues which proscribe such commercial conduct. I suggest that anyone who is outraged by this new “offer” contract the FTC, your State Attorney General or a class action attorney who could then assess the its legality.

      • This might be a case that is a distant relative of Comcast vs FCC (2007) involving bandwidth throttling. Another one of those cases where a company changes the conditions of a service after the fact because of “overuse.”

      • I am in full agreement and will do so. It appears that if you actually used the service you purchased from movie pass you are to be singled out and made to pay more. I am sure that those people that only go 2 or 3 times a month havn’t been given a lower price based on their use. Shameful. If they read these posts I am sure we will be notified of another price increase. I referred upwards of 40 people to this service and will be sure to contact them and many more of this companies practices.

      • Anyone interested in teaching these people that bait and switch and punishing members who use the unlimited plan as it’s sold has already been ruled as illegal in the courts on two separate Supreme Court rulings, then join me in a class action suit against MoviePass.

        Email your full name and contact email address to

    • We are in the same boat. 300%+ increase in price for content we won’t see and will never use (we don’t care for 3D/IMAX) one way, OR pay more money per month for less movies another way. What are they thinking? We have touted MoviePass for 3-going on-4 years and are sad to see they have such a callous disregard for their customers and continue to ignore their complaints, responses, and questions on social media. They have not even put this post on their social media!!!

    • I no longer understand the point of your company if you are limiting users from watching movies. And the offer of $99 for unlimited movies is ridiculous. For our household of two, signing up to spend $200 a month just to go to the movies doesn’t make any sense. I could buy a new car for that price.

      This change takes the promise of the Moviepass brand and destroys it. This service was supposed to be for avid movie watchers, but you only seem to want people who don’t want to watch movies as customers. You advertise this as an opportunity to watch a movie daily yet you penalize people for watching two movies a week.

      This was supposed to be a year-long relationship and you cheated on me in six months.

      • Anyone interested in teaching these people that bait and switch and punishing members who use the unlimited plan as it’s sold has already been ruled as illegal in the courts on two separate Supreme Court rulings, then join me in a class action suit against MoviePass.

        Email your full name and contact email address to

    • I love MoviePass and tell others about it all the time. This, however, was a poor business decision. $40 for 6 2D movies is of no value, since I usually go to matinees. $100 a month for unlimited everything is not sustainable. No one wlll pay $100 per person, per month, long term.

      I’ve switched my Membership to Premium for now, assumming that you will fix this mess. I really love your product and company. But I’m not going to pay $100/month for long. Please fix this.

  2. I’m very upset by this. I don’t like 3D or IMAX, so the new plan is almost triple the cost with no benefit whatsoever for me. Your service went from being a true gift to movie fanatics to a burden. Why isn’t there a third option that is less expensive and only 2D movies?

    • We agree, make a middle tier! We, too, do not like 3D or IMAX and refuse to pay for content we will never use! This new and increased by 300%+ premium plan makes NO sense, and their standard plan will now give us less content for more money. At $40/month, we could go to all matinee showings of 6 movies and we’d LOSE money if we had MoviePass’s standard plan!

  3. I am very sorry to hear about your changes. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for a long time and welcomed the change that allowed us to see a movie every day rather than every 24 hours – that was a very positive change that took into account the habits of your customers.

    This, however, is not a positive change. I need to consider carefully whether I should stay with MoviePass. The 6 movies a month may well be a deal breaker for me. I don’t care that much about 3D movies, but the limitation on movies is horrible. If it were 20 or more, I’d definitely stay with it — but only 6? The inconvenience of not being able to get tix in advance or purchase w/additional tix with friends may well be outweighed by the severe limitation on the number of times I can use MoviePass in a given month.

    I am really sorry that you are making this change. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for the traditional “movie a day” offer that has been a hallmark of your service from the beginning. But 6? An insult to true movie lovers. . .

    • So well stated. I totally agree with everything said. My only two options are 6 movies or cancel. At our usual theater, it will barely pay for itself, so I am not sure of the benefit. Needless to say, my movie buddy and I are very sad.

      • Anyone interested in teaching these people that bait and switch and punishing members who use the unlimited plan as it’s sold has already been ruled as illegal in the courts on two separate Supreme Court rulings, then join me in a class action suit against MoviePass.

        Email your full name and contact email address to

  4. Paying MORE money for less movies is entirely negative. Seriously considering leaving the service behind. Premium plan is way overpriced, normal plan is now more money with a 6 movie limit? Unacceptable.

  5. You’ve reduced my monthly cost by a total of $5 and the theoretical number of movie options by 24. Why exactly should I be interested? I can get passes to most theaters for $5, with no limits. So I can see 6 movies a month for $30 instead of $40.

    I will take no action meaning my account will freeze for the next billing cycle. I hope by then you would reconsider a more suitable pricing structure. I would agree to $45 for 20 choices. I don’t bother with the “enhanced” options (3D +) even when I can get in for free. You are not going to change that.

    The friend who referred MoviePass to me and to her followers on Facebook (4,000) has just posted an apology and a warning to people to not bother.

    Not a smart decision.

  6. Too funny ha? Kind of in the Corrupt category heh? Bad business practices. Who are you guys? COMCAST? OY!?!?!

  7. The new pricing plans are certainly unacceptable and my wife and I will cancel our memberships if these are the only 2 options left standing. Since this is apparently a marketing test phase I’d like to suggest that MoviePass consider including a package restricted to senior ticket prices in your tests. Since senior tickets cost you less, you should be able to tailor less expensive plans for seniors.

  8. I agree with almost everyone on here. This no longer seems like a deal. I will strongly reconsider paying for this because I like most here do not like watching movies in 3D( astigmatism which makes it nearly impossible to see.) or in IMAX.

  9. I LOVED Moviepass, but this new pricing plan boggles the mind. The hiring of Mitch Lowe was a huge mistake which is going to cause a lot of people to leave the service. I don’t know anyone who is thrilled with dropping $1,200 a year on movies. I don’t go to 3D movies or to movies in IMAX.
    According to Mitch Lowe, this is a test to see what people are willing to spend and that he is playing with options. Unfortunately, he has not really thought this through, because the options are either pay $100 a month or pay what you are currently paying and only watch 6 movies a month, or cancel your membership.
    Surely, you have read and seen the feedback on your Facebook page and the other social media outlets. NO ONE is happy with the 3 options available to them. Plus, what happens when the theater chains raise their prices again in NYC and you have to raise the monthly fees again? is Mitch okay with having the rate go to $125 a month? $150 a month? $200 a month?
    I don’t know if Mitch was hired to destroy the company or not, but he seems to be doing a good job of getting people to cancel, and I will be one of them and I’m sure the 15 or so people that I turned on to this service will be leaving as well.
    Moviepass was great because it allowed those of us that don’t have expendable income to go out to the movies, but now I am being priced out. Thanks Mitch Lowe.In terms of new release films, I will just wait for Netflix or the dvd/blu release and check them out from the library.
    When the company comes to its senses, feel free to send me a better offer.
    Steve Beale (Current Moviepass member, but soon to be former member)

    • I haven’t gotten the letter yet – but I am sure at some point I will. I am a member of Steve Beale’s movie group- which has been such a wonderful experience.. if I get this letter I can not continue with movie pass. I’m brokenhearted.. I have to basically say all the same things that Steve said. We would all leave movie pass. This is the worst business move I have ever seen in my life. So sad – start listening to your loyal customers PLEASE

  10. It’s quite clear that your current plan was an unsustainable business model. Being a heavy user, I would certainly be willing to pay more for the current plan (Say $50-60). But $99 is just too much–almost 3X what I’m paying. I ran the numbers and I will most likely cancel. I would suggest you try this option: Charge $60-$70 for the unlimited service and limit the number of 3-D or large format films to say 3 a month. I bet you would still make a tidy profit and be constantly expanding. Your new options to your most loyal and likely most vocal users are just going to cause a wave of cancellations and a ton of bad buzz. If you were a public company I’d be selling your stock right now.

  11. I’ve been a Moviepass user for over 2 years now and even though I experienced constant problems I was still OK with it because overall, the service was a value for me as a frequent movie goer. Before Moviepass I bought 50 tickets at a time from corporate theater chains to save but when Moviepass came along, things were much easier, and a good bit cheaper. I guess all good things must come to an end and It was indeed great while it lasted. Obviously the Moviepass business model is unsustainable. In the beginning we were allowed a single movie a day, at any scheduled time. Next revision we had to wait 24 hours, which meant seeing movies 2 days in a row meant scheduling issues to accommodate a 24hr cycle. Then they began to block new releases to early shows by adding capacity caps in most metro markets, meaning people who couldn’t go out early had to wait days to see new releases. All the while, the price was only for 2D. I was still willing to adapt. Now it’s six movies for forty bucks in my market and frankly, I can buy tickets from the local wholesale club with less attendance restrictions and more reliability, plus the price of their ticket is fixed forever and never expires. Thanks for the past movies though Moviepass. I really enjoyed your service when it was a fair deal for me but sadly it is no longer. Still it was indeed fun while you lasted and really too bad you couldn’t find a way to make it profitable without driving your most loyal customers away. Best of luck in your new scheme but I sincerely doubt the current implementation will work. I’m out.

  12. I am very disappointed by having only 2 choices. One a much higher price and the second, still a higher price but with only 6 movies a month. The $99.00 a month plan is too high to be viable for me and the other plan is too restrictive. Is there another plan where I can pay a little higher price but keep the same plan I have now? One movie per day and no premium screens? If not I will be cancelling my membership

  13. This is just absurd. I loved this service and now, I will most likely cancel. There is no incentive for me to have movie pass when I will be paying roughly the same by just purchasing a ticket.

  14. What a horrible decision that needs to get reversed immediately. I’ve been a loyal MoviePass customer since day 1 and have the $45/month premium plan for 1 3D/IMAX movie every 24 hours but more than doubling the price to $100/month is absolutely INSANE. No company in the world would double the subscription per month cost unless they are trying to lose all their customers. Netflix raises their price by a few dollars, i would be willing to pay maybe $60 a month at most but 100 is basically a slap in the face. Tell the new CEO to get his act together and pray you don’t lose all your customers. I’m beyond baffled and so disappointed in Moviepass.

  15. Very disappointed that you have cut down the number of movies that we could see in a month…I will not have mind the increase in a little cost which is understandable but to limit the numbers of movies is not welcomed. I’m with the rest of the people we should not be limited to the 6 movies per month. So I will not be renewing for August. Also will be letting people know about this BAD DEAL, the ones that I have recommended. I will be spreading the word DO NOT GET MOVIE PASS…. there are other good deals out there.

  16. I’ve been an advocate for MoviePass to all my friends but this price hike is untenable. I can’t justify spending so much more money for the same service. Or even a little more money for much less service. It’s a shame because I saw lots of movies in the past year I probably would’ve skipped without MoviePass. Guess it was too good to last.

  17. I agree with what most of the other comments have mentioned. I enjoyed the $30/month for 1 movie per day but this new “trial” pricing just doesnt work for me as a subscriber. I rarely see a movie in 3D/IMAX so spending $100 a month just isnt a value. And 6 movies per month would equate to one movie per week. Around 3 mainstream movies are released per week leaving some movies left unseen. I will not choose one of the “trial” plans and i hope you reverse these decisions. By then I will just cancel my account and re-subscribe at the $30 if that’s what it takes…..

    • You know this makes me wonder (since the email was not sent to all subscribers) if this was just a quick way to get all the people that who were “Over using” the service to disconnect so Moviepass could continue to make money from the “Under users.” Just yanking people off the service would be a PR nightmare–but getting us all to disconnect ourselves with a ridiculous price increase would cause less of a stink. Just wondering.

      • Of course thats what it is. I called movie pass and spoke to them about buying a membership and was told the price is $30/mo and a 2d movie every 24 hours.

  18. The new pricing is very unappealing. We’ll have to drop the service when the current month ends. Here’s another pricing structure to try if it works for you: up to 15 movies a month including 3D for $40 or $45.

    Otherwise, why should we pay more for fewer movies?

  19. I stayed with movie pass when they made the ridiculous change from re-uping the movie allowed for the day after midnight, and thus planned my movie viewing for Friday, Saturday, Sunday so that I could see 3 movies a week if I wanted to. I took that in stride as it was a major pain and NOT a positive feature as it was marketed. Now you want to take my $29.99 a month membership, increase it $10 and limit the movies I see from the total number of days in a month to just 6?!?!?!? I’m going to be blown away if ANYONE stays with this version of robbery. Guys you can see movies for $6 in some area’s making the cost of your service actually more expensive!!!!! I cannot believe that after being a loyal member since the start that this it how you would treat members, and with less than a month to make the decision???? Great move with getting the new CEO they will be driving your revenue stream into the ground. Think about this people that pay the $30 or $45 a month for what they have now and do not use it that much, will certainly not pay more or a lot more and will certainly cancel. I understand the model you have set up like gym memberships, and rebates on goods, you are hoping no one uses your service and only pays for it. But guess what no one will pay more for less it is just not sane. Figure out a better pricing model that somehow meets in the middle. I’d pay an increased month charge with no other changes and understand that fully… paying more then 100% more for the ability to maybe seeing IMAX, or 3D is not worth it…

  20. I have been a member since shortly after MoviePass launched. I will not continue being a member if these plans continue as is. I don’t watch 3D movies or IMAX. $100/month is too much; and 6 movies/month is too few for $45. If you want to try these prices, to see they won’t work, try them with new customers, not the people who’ve kept you in business all this time.

      • Exactly. Better yet, my girlfriend got the service, and she has not gotten the email about the price hike. This truly is being marketed to the users or heavy long time users. I have emails into customer service and I strongly urge everyone to do the same. I would take 6 movies a month for that cost as low as $20 a month. Just not willing to go from 30 movies a month for $30 bucks to 6 movies a month for $40.

  21. Are you out of your mind? I can either pay slightly more for significantly less service, or pay three times s much for the service I have now? Did you imagine this would work? Lost a customer here.

  22. Why should pay $10 more a month and receive 1/4 of the movies? Under your plan it will cost me $6.60 a movie. Not worth the little savings.

    You are using this to boot your long time users who go to the movies often. This is the second time you dramatically changed your service.

    Between now and the end of my subscription I will make sure I buy a ticket a day even if I don’t use it.

    Thanks for hosing your long term customers.

  23. So I have to pay more and see less movies under your standard plan? The reason I and other people I know got MoviePass was to allow us to see movies we wouldn’t normally see in the theater due the cost.

    Now that I have the choice of limiting my movie going experience (the opposite culture you should be striving to achieve) or being forced to watch at MINIMUM 12 movies a month just to break even.

    I will be canceling my subscription and encouraging others I know to do the same. This is Netflix increasing it’s monthly subscription 60% bad. I suspect you will see quite a few cancellations and not an increase in your consumer base.

    Feel free to contact me when you change your minds and bring back the service we wanted and not one that will line your pockets to the detriment of your customers.

  24. Moviepass, please consider a third pricing plan, and please do it in the very near future. I currently pay $35 a month and am in love with the service. As others have said, I would happily pay an increased price of $50 or $60 to continue to be able to see unlimited 2D movies (with possibly a 3D movie or two thrown in).

    But paying more for less? It just doesn’t make any sense.

    I’ve tentatively signed up for the $40 plan in my area, but even that may not be worth it, and I’m likely to cancel before my next billing period.

  25. I was perfectly happy with the price increase recently, because it was still the best possible way to see movies in NYC. It was subtle, and barely noticeable on the consumer end. I do not care about *how* I view a film (IMAX, 3D, Standard, etc.), I am merely happy being able to see multiple movies a month without worrying about risking my time on movies that might not be quality. For those who appreciate different styles of viewing a movie, $99 is great–go forth and be merry.

    The beauty of the previous format, was that I could see a movie with questionable reviews to make judgements for myself. With the new plan, I’d rather pay Costco 8 dollars per ticket (which, by the way, is only 3 dollars more than the cheapest monthly plan), than pay for my tickets through a company whose agenda is not conducive to customer service.

    Decreasing my bill by 11% and decreasing my services by 80% is the worst rip-off I’ve ever seen. I’m all for tiered membership, but the new set of plans are disappointing. Unless changes are made, I will be cancelling my membership before the new pricing goes into affect, and I urge others to do the same.

  26. Soooooo silly! I see what they are trying to do. Trying to get rid of the heavy users and trying to make money off the people who only go 1-3 times a month SMH!!!! You know instead of increasing the price to a ridiculous amount where users are forced to quit, there are other ways to go about it to keep everyone happy. $50-60 would be still fine but $100???? O hell no. I understand they are looking at it from a business point of view but why don’t you make it so you somewhat break even with the heavy users and still get word of mouth from them who get their friends signed up who might not go as much.
    Now you’ll have a ton of bad reviews coming your way.

  27. I also would be willing to pay a little more to see as much as 8 movies. But $99. is NEVER going to be an option. We have 6 $ movies on Tuesday, Costco tickets as well as tickets through AAA as a viable option. (Plus no restrictions.) So, if the new CEO has not jumped from a high building, or come to his senses, I will be be leaving. And If the company does not go belly up and comes up with a better plan, feel free to contact me again. It was fun while it lasted.

  28. anyone notice that the form you use to sign up for the new plans or to cancel is a GOOGLE DOC!?!?!

    A 5th grader with an iPad could code a secure reply form. Google docs? Wow. Your company needs new leadership.

    Movie Pass won’t be around long after they boot the heavy users. I like how they the pricing will be out later thus year. Probably after xmas after they get a flood of gift memberships.

    Its called bait and switch.

    Contact the Attorneys General.

  29. Moviepass obviously wants rid of those making significant use of the service–and I’m sure many will leave, myself included. What a terrible choice–either $99–more than triple current pricing for daily movies, or only 6 movies for $40– a very bad deal–especially for me–as a senior I don’t pay anything more than $40 for six movies and can see them when I want.

    Is this new CEO from Netflix the one that made their terrible pricing decisions a few years ago?

    Goodbye Moviepass!

  30. 1) Good luck to all the employees who had nothing to do with this decision, but still have to take the phone calls of rightfully discouraged customers. Keep your heads up guys.

    2) Customers that are calling to complain or cancel. Remember that they’re probably not the one that made the decision – SO BE NICE – cause honestly with a plan change like this I can’t see Moviepass lasting for too much longer.

    3) For the hierarchy that came to this decision. The first sentence of your Letter to the MoviePass Community states “We are constantly trying new ways to make MoviePass the best service possible.” I imagine the seeds of Moviepass were planted because of a desire and passion for seeing movies on the big screen and making it affordable to do so. You were probably proud of yourselves when the platform started to slowly take off, hearing advertisements on your favorite podcasts that fully endorsed it and maybe it even made you feel good about yourself that you were in a real way making people’s lives a little easier. Giving them more opportunities to escape into the cinema and at that time you should’ve been. This new plan option is nothing less than a complete desecration of EVERYTHING you and the people of Moviepass have worked so hard for. Look at the comments above mine. This is clearly not the “best service possible” for your customers. It’s a slap in the face to them.

    Yet, MoviePass stands ahead with an opportunity. You have less than a month to do right by your customers. Take a lesson from Netflix abandoned Qwikster plan or AMC’s suggestion to allow phone use during movies and find a better wayyyyyy. If not, then thousands upon thousands will be burying Moviepass cards next to their Google Glass in the backyard waiting and watching Moviepass’s inevitable decent into the flames. I don’t want to see that. I wanna keep the service I’ve grown to love for years. Do better. Be better.

    • I encourage everyone to be nice to the front-end Moviepass employees. I have always had excellent customer service from them and when I talked over chat, the employee seemed as bummed as me that I was cancelling.

  31. I love Moviepass and have told everyone I meet about it. I’ll be standing in line at Subway getting a sandwich and just tell the guy behind me because I believed in it so much, but today I got an email with the price change and I can’t recommend it to anyone. I did the math, and I go to matinees most of the time anyway, even with Moviepass, which costs like 8 bucks. If I kept going to 8 dollar movies, I’d have to go 13 times in a month to break even for the 99 dollar plan. Sure, some months I might go that much, but other times like June I went, I think, three times to the movies. I don’t mind paying 45 bucks and only going a couple of times because that balances out in the long run, but 100 bucks won’t balance out. And sure 40 bucks for 6 movies isn’t all too bad if I went at night, which is 15 bucks in Burbank now, but again I go more times in the day. So I have a lot of thinking to do now, and if I do the 40 dollar option I’d have to start going at night to make it worth my while. I would really love to know an exact number of the amount of people who have cancelled their memberships due to this.

  32. I heard this was going to be rolling out as a trial to some users in specific zip codes. I find it suspicious that my wife has not yet received an email with the new alternative plan options. My wife sees considerably fewer movies than I do, and probably doesn’t cost MoviePass as much as I do during particularly eventful and busy months. I wonder if she’s not a priority to change her plan because MoviePass is merely enacting these new plans to purge themselves of users who take advantage of their service the most. I was not only an early adopter to MoviePass but I’ve been a loyal customer, recommending the service to just about everyone I know. I typically see an average of 12 movies a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but never as few as 6. I have no desire to use MoviePass for IMAX or 3D, and am disappointed that a new plan didn’t come with the appeasing news that some holdout theater chains such as Landmark have finally allowed to use MoviePass. I would pay more than the $45 a month that I pay now. But if I continued seeing an average of 12 movies a month (2D), then really all I would want would be double the standard plan (2 plans of 6 films for $40, or $80 for 12 films). If that’s all I’m going to see, then why should I pay an additional $20 a month for the mere possibility of seeing 3D films when such a thing doesn’t appeal to me? I’ve been prepared for a price increase. I wasn’t necessarily going to immediately dismiss it either, as I still feel that MoviePass gives one the best tools for seeing theatrical films at a discount price. But I feel like these two new plans are at two extremes and offer either too much or too little. I would welcome a model that continued the way things are now at a price of around $75. I feel like that’s a fair price increase and one I would be willing to pay. But even though paying $1,200 a year for unlimited films would still probably be financially beneficial to me over paying ala carte for full price tickets in Manhattan (top ticket price currently $16 a pop), I don’t know if I could justify that notion, as I would feel compelled to work significantly harder to reach the value of my subscription each month. I know these are just trial options, but I would really appreciate some effort made to find some happy medium.

    • I am in a similar situation as Johnny, but in a much cheaper region/market – SW Ohio. I would gladly pay more for my unlimited 2D Moviepass but neither of the current options offered to me fit my movie going habits. I often see 2-3 movies a week, sometimes less or more depending on the releases that week or my schedule. I never watch IMAX or 3D (and actively avoided them even before I had my Moviepass). I usually see movies at the same three theatres – so much so that they know me by name and concession order. Losing the “heavy” Moviepass users will be a huge loss for theatres.

  33. Is it legal to offer “unlimited” movies and then change your pricing if you use it that way? Or offer different prices to different people? It’s especially messed up when two people in a couple are no longer allowed to have the same plan, because one sees more movies than the other. I am glad I can cancel with no penalty. Maybe that’s what they want me to do because I am a “heavy user”. Well, unsustainable business model or not, they shouldn’t offer a service they can’t make good on.

  34. For me, it’s the second increase in the past year. I did not mind the increase to $50+ because there were some acceptable changes – like I don’t have to wait 24 hours to see a new movie. The $99 option is a rip-off, as everyone has stated here. The second option of limiting to 6 movies a month is also not longer a deal. I love going to the movies and always go to matinees, which is much cheaper to MoviePass than going in the evening. So I plan to cancel and buy movie tickets from Costco and Sam’s Club.

  35. It is obvious that you want us “high volume” moviepass goers to cancel. Your plan worked. I’m forced to cancel. No more referrals for you!

  36. I have read the comments but also did the math, I guess I am an “over user” and can easily see 3 – 4 movies a week and love IMAX! At $20 for IMAX and an average of $12 per movie, 7 movies and 1 IMAX screening a month is more than $99! If I can see 10 – 12 2D movies and 2 – 3 IMAX screenings a month for less than the almost $200 that could cost me, I still see MoviePass as being a cost saving and a convenience! I am sticking with MoviePass and upgrading!

    • Drew, we are the “very few” that agree. I LOVE IMAX and 3D. I even have an IMAX theater near my house. I have been bugging MP for a pass like this one. Is the price increase big….yes! But no more 24 hour clock, IMAX and 3D….I am willing to try it out for a while and stick with them.

      • Just so you know—-in the email that I got that refers to the $99 deal—the 24 hour clock will still be enforced. I also have sent in a question to see if the “you can’t see a movie more than once” restriction is still going to be in place also.

      • Maurice! I know a few others who also agree- the price may seem high but I can see so many movies in a week and I also have a great full size IMAX near me that I love! Best sound an old pictures that can’t be beat!

        • Drew, Larry, I chatted with MP today to ask about the $99 pass and 24 hour clock, and he told me that with this pass the 24 hour clock will be disabled. I heard this from more people. Unfortunatly it won’t matter for me. When I asked them if I could sign up for the $99 pass now or wait for the E-mail he researched for me and told me that at this point I won’t be offered that pass and that they will let me stay in my $35 pass. I guess I should just use it a lot more huh? He did say that there would be more plans coming out later this year, so we will see. Drew, are you already on the $99 pass, if so, how is it? No 24-hour clock, correct?

          • Please tell me how you were able to stay with your current plan? I tried live chatting and was given the silent treatment a few days ago..

          • Hi Tracey! With the upgrade letter comes a link that allows you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel.

          • Yes, I know, but no way I’m paying $99. And $40 for 6 isn’t happening either. Our theatre price is $5 all day til 6pm for 2D so for that same $40 I’d see 8 movies. I pay $30 right now for my MoviePass. I’d like to know how some are keeping their original plans. I guess I’ll just freeze my acct til they boot this guy out.

  37. This “testing” is an offensive ruse to force heavy users out.

    Did Moviepass consider the value those same users bring as their most enthusiastic evangelists? I’ve recommended the service to countless friends, even strangers.

    It’s the flagrant dishonesty of this “test” that insults me most. I can’t think of another instance when I’ve felt so disrespected by a company.

  38. I’m very disappointed in these new plan options. My cost has increased $5 and I only get to watch 6 movies a month! I will be cancelling my subscription, the only reason I had it was because I could go watch what I wanted. Some months I went more than others and some not but at least I had the option. I have also been a big promoter of this membership, guess I spoke too soon.

  39. So here’s the plan for heavy users:

    Buy a $35 a month 24 hour plan that is still being offered right now to new subscribers.

    Have the card sent to a loved one’s name and address.

    Take that old phone out of the drawer and add it to your plan for $10 a month so the account has a unique phone number.

    You will then have that plan for $45 dollars a month. When they try to bump you again as a heavy user, repeat the steps above. And when the class action law suit comes, you and all your loved ones can all be plaintiffs.

    Let’s face it, if yo are both a heavy movie goer and maybe an investor or other experienced business person, you had to realize long ago that Moviepass was one of the dumbest business plans to ever be funded. It suffers from adverse selection, the people most likely to buy the product are the ones most likely to use it heavily. It’s a movie buffet wit no calories, unless you count all those miserable time wasters that heavy users walk out of.

    Now a big chain like AMC or Regal ought to be offering something like Moviepass, as their marginal cost to fill an empty seat is physically zero. But I imagine there is a royalty cost imposed by the studios for every seat used, though once again, their marginal cost is zero. So unless Moviepass has the participation from both exhibitors and studios, they are in a no win situation. I hope they have exhausted every avenue to try to get those deals before doing something as outrageous as this, turning on their biggest fans. I have probably introduced more people to Moviepass over the years than I can possibly count. Now I will likely be using them in my next book as an object lesson on how to quickly destroy your company.

  40. Another quick thought. Before Moviepass, my total movie expenses were about $50 a month. About $30 for tickets and $20 for popcorn. I would go to i early show a week and maybe 1 evening show.

    After Moviepass, my total movie expenses were about $100 a month. Still mostly matinee shows and and popcorn or other treats at about half the shows since I go so much and need to stick to my zillion calorie diet.

    So with $35 for the Moviepass and $65 for concessions at 80% gross profit, the movie industry makes about $85 out of me with Moviepass and only $50 without.

    Now, since I will consider movie tickets way too expensive compared to what I payed years ago before Moviepass, I will take a 3 month movie watching sabbatical (unless I use the strategy posted above). At the end of that sabbatical, I will watch every movie I would have seen on Netflix or similar and my marginal contribution to the movie industry will be zero.

  41. I will cancel my membership when I receive the price change notice. Of course, the company makes it nearly impossible to do that. You can find the words “Cancel at any time” all over the website but no links to where one can actually cancel.

    • I spoke with someone using their chat function and they helped me cancel with no problem. Despite all this BS with pricing and the new CEO, I have always found the customer service from Moviepass to be great.

  42. I have decided, after considerable thought, that I will wait until right before the deadline to decide what actions I wish to take regarding MoviePass. At it’s very best, this is a classic case of “bait and switch.” At it’s very worst, this was the plan from the beginning: get a ton of satisfied customers to create positive buzz to expand their business and then develop a ruse to get rid of the heavy users. If this is truly the case, it’s a cruel, cynical way to create a business and we should all work to make sure that it fails miserably. I will give Moviepass until the end of the month deadline to come up with more reasonable plans. If there is no change in the plans by that time I will cancel my subscription and work vigorously to discourage anyone from signing up for the service. I will also direct all my friends and thousands of social media contacts to any alternative that offers a competing option.

    • let everyone know where to go next for that special pass I’m for that this really need to be posted on the social medias to spread the word about how we are being treated…

  43. What a load of crap. How did you go from BETA testing a $45 plan in select cities that included all formats, to settling on a $99 plan for select customers? Hey Mitch Lowe, next time you want to conduct a “survey” as you have previously put it … just conduct a survey!

    Also, stick to the facts of your folly. Don’t change your mind and keep submitting different responses as you witness the backlash of poor decision making. This letter is insulting and further proves you are trying to cover up the real reason for this “new system” (which does NOT have a $20 option), or you truly don’t know what the reason is. It just sounded fun in a brain-storming session where you were obviously under the influence of a hallucinogen.

    To MoviePass Users: Continue to voice your opinions and not just here. Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Email, all of it! Whether or not MoviePass will listen is one thing, but to prevent others from befalling the same fate as we — longtime customers — is something important. Movie lovers have a duty to one another. So don’t stop speaking out.

  44. Here’s an interesting article:

    “We’re trying to understand all the different considerations about different price points,” Lowe said in an interview today. He stressed that the company is only testing new pricing with an incredibly small portion of its subscribers, and these messages don’t reflect new rates for all customers.

    In particular, he discovered that the $99 plan won’t work at all. “Our goal was to try to see what the uppermost limit was and we definitely found that that was too high,” he said. While it might seem unfair to loyal customers to simply throw expensive new rates at them, Lowe defended that method, saying that it’s “the only way to really get a valid test… If you give people a choice, they almost always take what you’d expect, so you don’t learn anything.”

    So he admits that the $99 level is too high, but continues to offer it to existing customers? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  45. I really don’t understand if this is legal, to treat differently two subscribers, one subscriber because he uses the service constantly, and the other subscriber use it less.

    I joined moviepass since they started out, I was really happy with the service but now with these ridiculous prices I will cancel my membership.

  46. Shame on you, MoviePass. My husband and I have been loyal customers to MoviePass for a long time. I use my pass multiple times per week because that is what I pay for, and that is what I signed up for. That is what MoviePass was all about…one movie per day for a small monthly fee (currently advertised on your website as $30 in some areas). When the price was increased several months ago, my husband and I were ok with it because it was a minimal increase with no additional restrictions. Now, as a test to see how much people will pay, you want to increase my price by 120% to give me options that I don’t want, like 3D and IMAX. Or, reduce my price by $5 and only allow me to see 6 movies per month, an 85% decrease in amount of movies I can see per month. This is bad business. You have grown as a company because of word of mouth, some of it my word of mouth. Several of my friends have subscribed to MoviePass because I told them how great the service is. If this is how you are going to choose to repay me for my loyalty, then you can be sure that I will go to great lengths to warn as many people as I can to stay away from your service. Unless you figure out a better system for your loyal customers, I hope you shut down as a business by the same words of mouth that built you up.

  47. As someone who sees 2-3 movies a week and never watches 3D or IMAX, neither of the plans I was offered work for me. Like others I would be willing to pay more for my current plan of a 2D movie a day. The theatres I frequent are going to lose a lot of business, too, since I usually buy snacks and go with friends to movies. Since I wasn’t offered an equitable plan when I asked why Moviepass is still selling their service as “$30* a month for unlimited 2D movies” I had to cancel.

  48. So obviously Mitch Lowe got his degree from Trump University and has learned how to run Movie Pass into the ground. Not one person that posted sees the benefits of this new “excting” choice of plans. Nor do I!!!! I’m back to Costco and buying the tickets I need. I’ve reworked the math and nothing about this new deal is a deal, unless a raw deal is a “deal.” Mitch: “the Donald” is looking for a Vice President and a different kind of choice. You would be perfect!!! You may bankrupt Movie Pass. Sterling qualifications if the Donald taps you. You have turned a joyful membership into a sad state of affairs. I won’t be turning people onto this anymore.

  49. Just want to let all of those disappointed in moviepass increase…. there is another out there and they give you a medium popcorn with your ticket this is called Dealflicks. I have the moviepass and my husband has the dealflicks. Check them out. They also let you see the same movie more then once and anytime of day no 24 hour wait. What is interesting I live in GA and the city where I live small only has a Regal and Carmike with bargain prices. Cheaper for me with dealflicks. Will be canceling for sure at the end of the month

  50. I love MoviePass. It was a great deal while it lasted, I’ve been a member over 2 years. I was able to afford it on my Social Security check, and used the Cinemark coupons for snacks. I told everybody I know about how much I love my MoviePass. I guess I am one of the select few in this test because I got the letter. At my Cinemark, it’s now $5 every day until 6 pm. So I can see 6 movies for $30. My friend has MoviePass too, we go together 3-4 times a week. We see everything except the scary ones, lol. And we only watch 2D. This is an awful move on your part, Sir. I cannot begin to tell you how much I will miss having MoviePass, I truly loved it. But cannot justify paying more and getting significantly less. Going from 30 to 6 movies a month and paying more is not an option for me . Your long term loyal customers should be grandfathered in…please reconsider this. I don’t wanna split up, I love MoviePass. But I can’t continue a relationship where somebody is trying to screw me over. Been there done that.

  51. And now they’re not responding to chat requests or answering the phone. I haven’t gotten the infamous e-mail yet, most likely because the e-mail address they have on file for me is an old work address for a job I no longer have. I was going to use the online chat option to have them update my e-mail so I could get the “good news” like everyone else. The chat isn’t currently manned by anyone & when I called it just said “no reps are available to take calls, please leave a message”. Nice. I’ve had movie pass for a couple of years now & am a frequent user, so I’m pretty sure they’ll want me gone along with all the other people that have actually enjoyed their service up until now. I’ll definitely be cancelling if I get the same offer as what I’ve been reading about on this blog & on the Movie Pass Facebook page. I feel for the regular workers at Movie Pass. As someone who was laid off last November, I feel like they’re going to deal with a similar situation here pretty soon thanks to the new idiot CEO.

  52. I haven’t gotten the email yet apparently because I don’t use the service enough to warrant being forcibly kicked off via market research. I usually go between 3-4 times a month depending on what’s showing (which, at 13.99 a ticket, is still a deal at $35 a month). Still I feel like the plans are going to be more expensive and more restrictive for everyone soon and that’s disappointing.

    It’d be different if Moviepass were adding more features in addition to the price change (most notably, being able to purchase tickets in advance!), but it’s the same service limitations and the same sub-par app. I hope you take the backlash to the new plans to heart, and if you must increase the price, work on softening the blow by making the service easier and more pleasant to use.

    • I signed up for a year’s worth of this service at $35 for a movie a day in January. The contract I signed said that I would have to pay for early cancelation. Does this mean moviepass will now pay me to leave as THEY ARE NOT ADHERING TO THE CONTRACT WE ENTERED INTO. I see between 8 to 10 movies a month, is that really heavy use? I realize I’m probably just preaching to the choir, and the chance of some mucky-muck shot caller like that Lowe A hole actually seeing this post is slim to none but if moviepass can’t come up with an option C then I will come up with an option D as in Deleting my account and then they can just suck on my D forever

    • Based on all of the information we’ve received since Tuesday this week, they seem to be targeting heavy users of the service.

  53. This is a letter that I sent to moviepass concerning the recent e-mail. Poor people in the customer service. They have been nothing but graceful but can answer none of my questions.

    Hello,I have talk to customer service for moviepass for the past few days. They have been gracious and kind, but they do not have the answers to the questions that I have about your recent change for my service. I feel that a certain group above them left them holding the bag without any details.This is why I am writing you. I would like to have my questions answered hopefully before the 19th of July, which is a very short timeline to decide to change the system that I have been utilizing for some time now. Why such a short period of time to decide?My first question is has anyone been positive towards this new choice of giving the two options of 39.99 for six films or unlimited films (including Imax and 3d) for 99.99. I was never asked whether or not I would like this option of 3d or Imax, which I would not. No survey and no person ever asked me if I would be interested in paying more for this service with just the added 3d or Imax. To me (especially the 3d) it would be a waste.I am also aware that not all moviepass people where sent this email offering the two choices. I would like to know why? Is it because I utilize the service a great deal? Was my name drawn out of a hat? Is it because of my location? Why are you changing me over three time the amount for basically what I have been paying 29.99 for with the tact on addition of 3D and Imax, which I did not choose and would hardly utilize? Who is Mitch Lowe and why did I recently get a e-mail about him being the new CEO? Is he responsible for the price hike? It it is possible I would like to tell him how I feel as directly if that is possible. Up to that point I could not name the CEO of moviepass nor did I care, but ever since I have heard his name it has led to the word “changes” followed by email with very limited changes. Seems like he not concerned about the people who are currently using the service. I understand that there should be price hikes occasionally but this smells like you are cleaning out the people who might have utilized the system far too much in the past few year. If it is not, please explain.Now I see that on your website you continue to offer the 30 dollar price point. Should I cancel and re-sign up? Will you allow me to?I will state that whoever is above the poor people in customer service for Moviepass left them without a proper heads up or answers to the many questions that people (including me) have asked them. They did it with grace and style which makes me dislike the people who left them hang out to dry. Before I make my choice I hope that these questions are answered and that you put out a mass post explaining some of you actions, along with apologizing to your help department that has done a stellar job at trying to contain the mess that the people above them left them with. Aaron McAbee

  54. This change essentially means that I have the choice of a) paying a 33% premium just to have a plan, albeit one that’s severely more restrictive, or b) more than triple the existing cost for virtually the same arrangement that I have now (I honestly do not care about PLF/IMAX, and I care way less than that about 3D; I actually go out of my way to avoid 3D showings, but that’s beside the point). I love Moviepass as a concept, and I am willing to entertain the idea that a $30 monthly amount is too low to recoup costs. It’s the combination of raising the minimum monthly amount while basically cutting the allowance by 80% that’s insulting. On top of this, I find out today that this email only went out to the higher-volume customers. Your company is practicing some variant on throttling, and it’s not acceptable. I’ll let my account freeze until/unless you come up with a better pricing/allowance option. Neither of these current two are worth the investment.

  55. Well my thoughts can be an echo to the rest of the very smart members here that think this new price structure…. well let me be kind and just say it really stinks and I’ll be dropping my membership unless a much better pricing/watching structure is put in place within the next couple of weeks.

  56. Lowe is a shark. He made tons of gold with Netflix and Redbox and he plans to jack profitability here, go public, and make another pot of gold. He will slither into the sunset never looking back only leaving true movie loving folks without their favorite tool: the Movie Pass card. This is no “test” this is genocide of the heavy users and Lowe wants you to cancel. Bless his black as coal heart.

  57. I am very disappointed in your new pricing plans. I have had your service for a year now but because of this I will no longer be a member to your service. Not sure what your company classifies as a ‘heavy user’ but I doubt that there are many people who actually see 1 movie a day for you to make these type of changes. I work and have have little time to see movies. Like most people I would only see 1-2 movies a weekend, that’s only 8 movies a month (maybe 9-10 if there was a long holiday weekend). So for me paying $45 a month meant that I was watching 8 movies for about $5. Now you’re expecting me to pay double that amount when I could see about the same amount of movies at cheaper matinee prices. While matinees are sometimes an inconvenience because of the many young kids in attendance that talk or make too much noise, which can ruin the movie experience, I would still do that than pay you money hungry, greedy jerks.

    Hopefully you come to your senses before you lose all your customers then have to close your company. Like most of the people commenting here, I don’t care for IMAX or 3D movies. Please listen to your subscribers to keep the same plans or hopefully have better options.

  58. So, what is the best course of action? Do I cancel, or freeze? Do we have a lawsuit? Why is the website still advertising it at $30. I live chatted and got nowhere. “Jason” said “unfortunately my only options were what my email said. Choose one of the two plans or opt out.” This sure sucks

    • It really does suck! It sucks knowing the company is STILL OFFERING cheaper prices to certain members and HIGHER ones to others! GIVE EVERYONE THE SAME RATES or don’t jack up the prices at all!!! It’s not our fault we got exactly what we paid for. We never once violated our terms of service with the company and always talked MoviePass up in person and online and THIS is how we are treated in response!!!

  59. While I’ll miss the savings I find myself kind of excited to be getting out from the 24 hour clock restriction after I cancel later this month. Freedom!

    • It will be exciting, but there go all of our savings! It’s such a bummer that the company we once loved and supported so callously treated its customers in the end. People will associate MoviePass with bad customer service from now on.

  60. t’s quite clear that the current MoviePass business model was unsustainable. There clearly weren’t enough “Light users” to make up for the “Heavy Users.” I too got the “email of doom.” I ran the numbers and I’d actually come out slightly ahead with the $99 plan, especially if you include the free tickets/money from the two loyalty programs. (Regal and AMC in my case) I’m just going to freeze my account to see if MoviePass comes out with a better deal by the end of the year. I’d hate to sign up for the $99 plan now and be stuck with it for a year when they’ve come out with a better one in the meantime. I’m quite sure that this debacle will be used in business schools in the future as an example of how NOT not treat your customers. I believe the average consumer would totally understand that MoviePass needed to adjust prices to make the business viable. However, creating a situation that essentially penalizes your most loyal users who were the most vocal on social media is business suicide. They should have done an online survey of all users–and got some data. Using us all as lab rats in a “See what the traffic will bear” experiment is cynical, stupid, and disrespectful to all of us who have been the services most vocal supporters. Mitch Lowe—shame on you.

    • Wow. Can someone from Moviepass comment on this or write a blog post about it soon, please? If true, it sounds like they’re actually listening to us. $50 for unlimited without the 24 hour clock would be a dream, especially compared to the nightmarish $99 tier.

      I hope they get this rolled out shortly, because right now it’s all pretty confusing.

      • Alright, I just tried to make a new account through the site, and these new plans are indeed live. For me it’s showing 2 movies for 17.99, 3 for 26.99 and unlimited for 44.99. No mention of 3D or IMAX options, or the 24 hour limit.

        I really hope they’re willing to switch current users over to one of these plans.

        • We really really really need to see movie pass comment. How can long time customers pay 100% more then the highest priced option currently posted on the website?!!?!?!?

        • My transactions with customer service said $40/6 movies would be the only plan available and that I could not re-join. I would pay $45/unlimited…but that would be my speed limit.

      • I called about the new tier plans, and was told those deals and prices are for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. I was told I must accept whatever plans were in my email (the same one everyone else has), that no other plan would be offered to me. I said can I cancel, then resubscribe to get the $40 plan (I currently pay $30) and was told no, that is only for new customers, not existing ones. I said why would you penalize your loyal customers with a huge price increase yet a new customer can get such great deals. No answer for that…

  61. The worst part, is about after I’d had my card a year, my friend joined. We had been going 2-3 times a week to watch movies, only she paid cash and saw what I saved so she joined. Movies are our thing, we’ve been watching together for almost 3 years. Anyways, she joined, and has now had her card a year and I’ve had mine over two years. I got the email and she did not. We live 5 minutes apart in the same town. We only go to Cinemark here in our town. We know the managers and employees well. And we have been told that we are the only two people that have MoviePass and use it at this theatre. Each time a new employee is hired they take special care to introduce our card to them. So, now what, she still gets the $30 unlimited and I must pay $40 for 6?? This is making me crazy…

    • It is crazy I’m in the same boat with my girl friend living with me in the same house, I got the email she did not. What really burns is that this company screws those that got them to this point, and allows new members to have better options and pricing. I’m sure we will figure out a way around all of this nonsense.

      • I hope so. I called the support desk and was told my only options were what was in the email. One guy on here said he spoke directly to “ML” himself and ended up keeping his regular plan, I’d sure like to know how to get ahold of him myself…

        • Tracey, are you talking about me? I spoke with MP not ML (LOL) I wish. And I haven’t received my E-mail yet as my billing cycle starts on the 29th of each month. So I may get mine over the next few days, I will let you guys know.

          • Oh, it was you and I’m so sorry I misread that. I really thought you had spoken to him yourself. And I was trying to figure out how. So sorry!!

  62. I don’t know what to do.

    I’ve had movie pass for several years. I use to use it a lot, especially when I was unemployed. Now my work schedule and other obligations prevent me from using it more than a couple times a month.

    I used to see movies almost every day, except weekends. I don’t like Friday nights, Saturdays, or Sunday afternoons, because the cinema is too crowded. I only go Monday through Thursday. I always saw the new releases on Thursday night, because I wanted to see the movie for myself as I don’t trust professional reviewers.
    Before MoviePass, I went to the cinema only a couple times a year, and generally with family around the holidays.

    With MoviePass, I tend to buy a bucket of popcorn every time, which I wouldn’t normally do.

    My bank card got lost, and I ordered a new bankcard, with a new number. I hadn’t changed my MoviePass information, and when I tried to use it at a cinema, I couldn’t, and I updated my bankcard information. I still couldn’t use it. Then I called and left a message. The next day I got a crazy email with a stratospheric price and limited offerings.

    Customer service always has been lackadaisical but ultimately satisfactory. For the price, I couldn’t complain.

    From an internet search, I see that Corporate got an evil new executive determined to suck the life out of MoviePass. This upsets me. I never got a customer service interview or survey form. I feel like I’m being told to bend over and smile and like it.

    I am not a “heavy user.” I am not in LA, SF, or NY where movie industry hacks reside. That said, I do reside in DC, in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. DC always was $5 cheaper than SF. DC is more of a regional market than a primary market. But DC is wealthy. The higher price scheme just leaves me feeling violated.

    I am going to think about it more. It might be easier on my pocketbook and psyche to simply return to a pay-per-view basis and forget MoviePass.

  63. My understanding was that MoviePass was a way to get people back into the movie theaters rather than watching everything on NetFlix. That’s why I subscribed. It also gave me the chance to take a chance on movies I wasn’t too sure about. Ticket prices in my area are high, and I wouldn’t see movies at all in the theater because of it. I guess now I’ll be going back to watching everything on NetFlix because the allure of the program is no longer there. Somebody has to rethink this idea!

    • Is Mitch Lowe reading any of these comments?? If it is just a “select few” who’ve received the email, why can’t we, the loyal subscribers who have been here, get grandfathered in?

      • Of course not, he is a professional silver tongued shark. Look at all the fuzzy press about MP lowering prices to make movies more accessible without any mention of the heavy user genocide. This is what Lowe does. The big Netflix price increase was under him.

          • I have it but my price did not changed, was a member for five or six years, at lest the owns did not force us out…

        • I only had my card for 5 months and I got the letter. Bad business move maybe those loyal people who are in NY should contact the press to give their side of the story… and I live in a city that has 2 major theaters who really show the same shows…????? Just that my matinees are 5.75 so that mean those shows only for me not the ones at night or early morning. Is their anyone doing a blog outside of this moviepass to get word out to public who may be doing a search so that they could see what is being done to the loyal people who had these card more than a year…. if so let us know so that we can write …

  64. I simply cannot believe it! What a slap in the face from something I truly enjoyed. If this is how they treat their most loyal customers I predict they will get what they deserve. I’m gone!

  65. This is so sad. I’ve told so many people about how great this service is and gotten new customers to join as well. It is literally punishment to the people that supported this company from day 1. I hope that MoviePass’s ML rethinks this and figures a way to keep his current subscribers happy (maybe by offering the same plan they give to the new customers). A price hike of this magnitude for features we don’t want is ridiculous. Well I’m glad my local theater offers $5 Tuesdays for movies!

    Farewell MoviePass & Subscribers!

  66. Slashfilm is reporting the following new plans and prices for Movie Pass. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be available to those of us that got that “offer” to select a premium plan.

    Tier 1 markets: $15 for 2 movies; $22 for 3 movies; and $40 for unlimited
    Tier 2 markets: $18 for 2 movies; $27 for 3 movies; and $45 unlimited
    Tier 3 markets: $21 for 2 movies; $31 for 3 movies; $50 for unlimited

  67. These new plans suck! I got the horrible email notice but my Moviepass friend did not (both customers for 4 years). So frustrating. I tried to sign up as “new” customer for current plans but the kept cancelling account. I used different email and shipping addresses. Don’t get it. Why are the original subscribers being punished? Has anyone found a way around a the price increase?

  68. What’s the word? Will the heavy users still be excluded from future Movie Pass plans? I tried see what was offered on the website the and plans offered was nothing more than retail ticket prices plus it would not let me select any plan! They must have IP info loaded up.

    The new users agreement gives MP total control and the ability to raise rates or cancel as they have with us. They are going for the jugular.

  69. I called MoviePass but was put on hold (I don’t trust to put my bankcard numbers on the interntet). After ten minutes I hung up. I’ll try calling again, another day.

    I’m on the fence about this. I can get $8 discount tickets at Landmark Cinema, which actually is located closer to me. So I don’t know if I want to keep this after being jerked around.

    I like quality movies in a quality theatre experience, because I don’t have a home theatre at my residence. Watching movies on my phone is not always what I want to do.

  70. I spoke with someone AGAIN today. As always, the customer service reps (who are not to blame for this mistep by the new CEO) were yet again very respectful and kind. I am continuing my escalation of this matter. They are targeting some current users but not all- my boyfriend who resides with me is unaffected but sees approx half the movies I do. I was told that while they plan to start implementing new plans in the fall- there is no guarantee what they will be or who will have access and that current angry subscribers still have no access to the new plans being offered new subscribers. SECOND big thing- is that they continue to use the #MoviePass mantra of “research and data collection” to which I pointed out that if that is their actual goal then certainly MINE has been cataloged with my refusal to comply with the pointless $40 for 6 movies or the excessive $99 for all format. If the only goal was research to see what works (even after their own CEO admitted they know $99 isn’t working) then I should be able to regain access to, if not my previous program option, at the very least- what is currently being offered in my area. I see now why the class action lawsuits are being discussed and I am more then happy to join if someone has one started already. I will continue to update as I hear back from customer service on the corporate stance on resolving this blatant problem. I will continue to post here and on facebook and twitter as MoviePass continues to silence dissenting voices.

  71. Guess what? The $99 plan includes 3D movies and IMAX but not IMAX 3D, AMC Dolby, or RTX. So it doesn’t even include all the premium options at listed theaters.

    • I left my comment on the app a couple of weeks ago. I hope people actually read it before getting screwed like we did!

  72. I hope that MoviePass screwed itself over. I cancelled my membership and realized that I am actually coming out OK. How is that? Well, senior tickets are $8.50 where I go. I hadn’t realized that senior tickets were that cheap. So if I see 8 movies in a month (which is what I was doing), that’s approximately $68 out of my pocket (if I buy Costco tickets, they are now $19.99 for 2) plus I get Regal points for free movies when I reach the point values. So while $68 is a bit more than the $55 MoviePass monthly fee I was paying, at least I am not paying their ridiculous unlimited $99 monthly fee. Frankly, even if MoviePass were to become enlightened and offer me back in at some reasonable monthly fee, I probably would choose to pass. I don’t easily forget or forgive when someone is trying to screw me or certainly don’t value me as a devoted customer!

    • I had my MoviePass for over 2 years, at $30 a month. I went at least twice a week. Well, my Cinemark now has $5 matinee prices 7 days a week til 6 pm. And I only ever go during the day. My account is still in limbo because I am waiting to see what happens in September. But paying $5 a movie is just fine with me, so unless MoviePass offers me an unlimited deal at no more than $40, I’ll cancel. I really wonder how many LOYAL customers they have lost since Mitch started this mess. And if they are making it up in new subscribers. (Somehow I doubt it…) Has anybody heard anything new?
      Tracey Trevino

  73. Hey everyone I’m sorry movie pass is raising the cost 300% I feel as it’s my fault as I’ve seen every movie that came out for the last several years. I recently gave up my account and will have to on $5.00Tuesdays and matinees eat less popcorn

  74. Yeah, it’s really sad. I had thought that the idea was to encourage people to step foot inside a public cinema more often and spend money on popcorn and treats. I used to go 2 or 3 times a week, and since my ticket was already paid, I spent a lot of cash at the popcorn and treats counter.

    I didn’t want to bother spending a couple thousand on a home theatre screen and sound system like all my friends and Netflix/Hulu like all of them. (I never did a Netflix. I don’t have time to figure it out.)

    I have weekly or monthly passes for the bus, train, club, etc., and it feels very natural to have a all you can watch movie pass.

    Now I have 6 movies for $40. Which is kind of stupid. It’s not too competitive with the zillion other discount programs out there. I’m not going to buy any more popcorn, etc. I’m going to save my money for a home theatre system. I don’t like being treated like dirt.

  75. I was in the same situation as many who joined Moviepass, only to get a notice of a rate hike to $99 per month. However, that is not my complaint today.

    I saw a Groupon promotion for moviepass and decided to give them another try (the promotion was pretty good) I called moviepass and told them that I was a former subscriber and wanted to take advantage of their Groupon promo as a gift and one for me. I was told to use a different email address from my original subscription and it should work/be fine. I did just that, and paid $169.99 which was promptly charged to my CC.

    I week passed and nothing. I called moviepass and they told me my account was cancelled because I had a previous account with them. I asked about giving it as a gift. They said no. I asked about my REFUND- they said that I would have to send an email to request my refund along with a reason, and that they would then review it.

    This is fraudulent, deceptive, criminal, and wrong.

    If there is a class action lawsuit, I will definitely sign it. I will be contacting my State Attorney General’s office and filing a complaint. I suggest others do the same

  76. Holy cow! I cancelled mine, and now just go during the day like I did anyways, it’s $5 til 6 pm daily. That is awful that they lied to you, I hope you get your money back. They were fine til the new guy showed up…

  77. Looks like Lowe got away with ditching his heavy users. I’ve now seen $49/month for a movie a day. How can Lowe justify not letting back in those of us who would be willing to pay $49?

  78. Man, this looks like a company had a good idea but really screwed-up the execution actually violating basic business regulations. I heard about this a long time ago, and know it’s common in the UK so it seemed like a good idea. I got around to looking at buying it today but saw $50/month. Are you kidding? For $100 / month my wife and I can stay in our comfortable home and watch the Bluray from Netflix on our big LCD TV.

  79. Wow! $44.99 a MONTH for unlimited movies? Who can afford that? Your two movies plan at $17.99 is a slap in the face. :\

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