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To the MoviePass Community,

After launching our new $9.95 unlimited plan, we were delighted to see the excitement among our members, social community, and potential subscribers. Though we anticipated a high level of interest, we received an unprecedented volume of traffic. As many of you know, the massive amount of website and app visits caused our system to crash. These crashes, in turn, significantly increased our incoming correspondence.

Our developers have been working hard to fix the issues. You’ll be happy to know that our website and app are back up and running.  For those who have reached out to us, we sincerely apologize for the delay. Our customer service team is working quickly to tackle all of your questions.

For your convenience, we would like to offer a couple of resources that can help you find the information that you need. Below, you’ll find links to our FAQ’s and a theater map on our website. The FAQ’s should provide answers to all of your questions and the theater map allows you to search for supported locations in your area.


Theater Map:

Thanks for your patience as we work through all of your inquiries. We can’t wait to go to the movies with you!

The MoviePass Team

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    • Ordered mine 8 days ago. still no word, emailed them multiple time, nothing. FB messaged multiple times, nothing. These guys really really need to set up a call center ASAP

      • They said they are backed up be early September until most get there cards they sent a email out about it. Just have to wait.

      • I got this email last week: “We’ve been blown away with all of the excitement surrounding our new $9.95 unlimited plan. Though we anticipated a high level of interest, we received an unprecedented volume of traffic: so much so, it completely crashed our servers. Last week, MoviePass was the #1 consumer news story in the world.

        To meet this demand, our production facility has rapidly increased capacity. Currently, you should expect to receive your card around September 6-10th. If you signed up Tuesday, August 15th or Wednesday, August 16th, expect it sooner. Orders are being fulfilled in the order in which they are received. We apologize for the delay. Your account will not activate until you’ve received your MoviePass card and your billing date will be adjusted accordingly.”

        • So if I signed up August 24 will I be getting my card while I am still young? Or is this whole thing a scam. I never heard a word back from this company, but they had no problem taking my money.

          • I have two co-workers who have gotten their cards and have been to several movies with no issues. I on the other hand ordered mine the same day and still don’t have my card. It has been 3 weeks.

          • Hi James. I purchased mine August 15 after 3 pm PST. I rec’d my card Saturday Sept 9; It took almost 4 weeks.

          • I did the same thing. Got charged on Aug 24th, got a mail with receipt and that’s it. No follow-up email on when to expect the card pr any shipping details. It’ll be a month on Sept 24th, I haven’t received my card. This is ridiculous. The app is buggy AF. Tried reaching them out via app, email.. no response. There is this weird thing though, in my app – when I go to moviepass cards, I see a card with expiry year as 2024. Not sure if there are no longer sending physical copy of the card or how things are supposed to go. Have a number to call, is soo convenient.. Thank you Amazon & all other companies for having customer service numbers. I might just wait for few more days, if nothing happens I’ll cancel my subscription.

          • Hi Anurag. There hasn’t been any talk that I have heard indicating that Movie Pass would no longer use a physical card. It wouldn’t make any sense since that is how the whole program works, using the debit card. Movie Pass loads the debit card with funds based on the movie you want to see and the theater at which you will see it, then you buy a ticket like normal with the debit card. I guess down the road when EVERY merchant accepts Android Pay and Apple Pay then maybe they can get rid of the physical card and use an NFC tap in place of a card. I also have not received my physical card and signed up on 8/18/17. Movie Pass has stated a few different times that they are 2-3 weeks behind in getting cards out. That would mean it would take just over a month, so I am hopeful you will receive your card in the next week or so. Thanks.

          • I want to tell you that it might have taken almost a month for me to get my card but I assure you it isn’t a scam and when you get it I think you’ll really be pleased. I’ve seen four movies so far I think that is $60 worth of tickets they’ve bought me so far and I’m really really pleased.
            The app got buggy yesterday just for maybe an hour or so but then it was working fine last night. I have no connection to this company other than being a subscriber but I want to say I think it’s a value like no other I’ve ever found.
            By the time I did get my card…I have to be honest and say I was almost at the stage of being annoyed however I always had faith it would come I just wanted it to come faster and sooner. As more and more people find out about this and sign up if they don’t increase the amount of support and workers at the card processing center it’s going to continue to be a long wait again I have to say that the way it was more than worth it.
            Have an awesome day

        • They’ve been horrible thus far. I ordered on the 16th as well and still nothing. The app has shown the card has been issued and “Shipped” for some time but at this point I’m assuming they just put that in there to get people off their backs not realizing it would eventually catch up with them. I’ve submitted four inquiries and they haven’t replied to ANY of them. At this point I’m almost a month in and don’t have my card. If not received soon within my one month “anniversary” I’ll cancel. Great concept but absolutely HORRIBLE delivery.

          • I don’t think they are going to to file for bankruptcy or that it’s a scam and if so even if I lose $10 I’m not going to freak out over it however mine never said shipped on it.
            it does have a last four numbers of a number there and yesterday when I was looking at the app it let me like I could buy a card but I don’t have a car to use at the theater so I can’t do anything

        • Nail here hasn’t come yet I ordered mine on the 15th it’s still not here I’m hopeful. My friends in Las Vegas ordered close to the 15th or maybe after they got their cars and everything is working without issue and they love it I take that back one of them got the car the other is still waiting the one who got it used it and it worked wonderfully. I’m dictating this I apologize if it doesn’t make sense

        • With the influx of people coming in I think there’s no way to gauge exactly how long it’s going to take to get cards. The more people who like this and tell their friends and the more people are going to sign up . Regardless of what criticism we can give to MoviePass about how this is happening it’s not probably going to anything immediately .
          No matter what you read it when you signed up I’d forget about it for one month I know my card took almost that long to get here.
          If it comes sooner that would be wonderful and if it doesn’t when it gets here you’ll be really thrilled when you start using it I have no complaints now that I have the card about how it works I’ve had nothing but one very minor small glitch with the app that did not affect my viewing in any way and it only lasted for an hour I think.
          I know it sounds like an old cliche but some things are really worth waiting for and this was one of them as far as I’m concerned. I’m usually good at finding deals and I’m going to tell you that I think this is one of the best deals I’ve ever found..ever.
          I looked at MoviePass maybe a year or two ago and it wasn’t worthwhile for me because I was not able to get to movies on a regular basis at that time. I doubt if I would have gone 3 times a month every month so it wasn’t worthwhile but now this gives me the opportunity to go whenever I can.
          Satisfied people are going to be thrilled and those that are annoyed because of the wait are going to be upset.
          I wish we could get responses so we’d know something but I have a feeling it’s very hard for them to locate where in the process are card actually is and maybe that’s why they’re lacking and responses .
          I ordered a card for a family member and I really couldn’t tell you how long ago when it comes we’ll use it until then I’m not hoping to see it by any particular date as long as we GET it.

    • Yeah I am wondering, it says order card on the app but I have been trying for 2 days to do it. Is it automatically done when we sign up or do we have to actually order it??

      • Well I ordered it on their website, so not sure how it works on the app. I think the app is just for checking into the movies once you get a card.

    • I ordered the moviepass for my husband online and myself on the app Aug 19. My husband got his in the mail 9/2. Mine says shipped in the app so still waiting for it!!!

    • It’s been 5 weeks and no card or response back. But no problem taking my money. So far moviep ass gets an F. Communication is important if you want to keep customers. Scam likely

    • Hi,
      I got my MoviePass. It’s working fine, I’m happy. A friend is struggling, he has his card, the app is telling him his email address is already taken/invalid. He is sort of tech savvy. Any thoughts ?

    • I signed up more than 2 months ago. My account keeps getting charged but still no card. Repeated attempts to contact customer has only gotten me a e-mail saying we will look into it. Phoning has only gotten me a answering machine.

      • I cancelled because of the above. They kept charging me for nothing. My bank said they couldn’t do anything because I put it on my ATM .card. They could cancel my card but it might automatically go through on new card. Money thrown down the drain.

    • eTicketing is only available at some theaters. If you don’t see them in the app when you are logged in, then there are not any theaters offering eTicketing in your area. In that case you have to wait for the card. Once you receive and activate the card additional theaters will show up–these are theaters where you can use your card to pay for tickets at the box office or kiosk.

      • Hi Joshua. Sorry they don’t make it more clear. It is not a matter of whether the theater “has” e-tickets but whether they have enabled e-tickets to be obtained through Movie Pass. For example, almost all AMC theaters have e-ticketing but AMC does not allow e-ticketing through Movie Pass. AMC did have an e-ticketing pilot with Movie Pass in Boston and Denver markets I believe but they have canceled it.

  1. I’m six days into one reimbursement request, one day into another. Once approved it can take up to 72 hours for the chargeback…. watch out of you’re using your debit card, cause it may take a while.

  2. How about changing the name of your “Unlimited” plan to something else, as this term is deceptive, when in actuality you’re LIMITED to only ONE movie per day for a LIMIT of the amount of days in a given month. Notice a pattern here? The lame definition you give to “Unlimited” as no blackouts insults our intelligence.

      • I’ve had mine for about 3 months and have seen every movie out, then when new ones are released thursday each week I watch those. Now that the no rewatching rule is gone, it’s tempting to maybe go more. And yes, I am full time employed with a real business job. Not some child sleeping on their parents couch, as I’m sure that would cross someone’s mind. I just spend a few hours at the nearby theater in the evening instead of in front of a TV at home.

    • How about change your name from Calguwhatever to mrdikheadwhobitchesabouteverything.10$ to see 1 movie a day and you complain.I got an idea don’t buy the card and buy individual tickets every day dick

    • this was in my email last week. they did let us know what’s going on.

      “We’ve been blown away with all of the excitement surrounding our new $9.95 unlimited plan. Though we anticipated a high level of interest, we received an unprecedented volume of traffic: so much so, it completely crashed our servers. Last week, MoviePass was the #1 consumer news story in the world.

      To meet this demand, our production facility has rapidly increased capacity. Currently, you should expect to receive your card around September 6-10th. If you signed up Tuesday, August 15th or Wednesday, August 16th, expect it sooner. Orders are being fulfilled in the order in which they are received. We apologize for the delay. Your account will not activate until you’ve received your MoviePass card and your billing date will be adjusted accordingly.”

  3. how come nobody can really explain how to use moviepass correctly and how come there is no youtube videos or any on line vodeos of moviepass app working i want to see a video of somebody on the app selecting a movie and going to the theater and getting there ticket useing there moviepass card

    • My husband and I have had movie pas for the last five years. Download app. Drive to the theatre of your choice with the movie you want to see find it on app. Check in then use your movie pass debit card to pay for the ticket. The check in automatically loads your movie pass with the amount of money for that particular showing. Done. Super easy. You have to be near the movie theatre to check in btw.

      • It sounds super easy AS LONG as you have recieved the MoviePass Card..I have been waiting 10 business days for my card to come but nothing yet. I have also emailed moviepass and requested support on there app 4 times about when I am going to receive my card without any reply. Extremely disappointing in Moviepass customer service and especially since I am an avid moviegoer I have been waiting to see about 4 movies until I get my card since no theaters around me accept E-tickets. I get they got a huge amount of people that signed up over the last two weeks but with such a low price what did they expect? Its no excuse for literally no customer service for me so far and it sounds like im no the only one.

        • No you are not the only one. Either this whole thing is a big scam. Or these people are extremely stupid for not expecting such a large influx of customers. Not responding to emails, live chat, or having customer service is no excuse once you take somebody’s money.

    • It really is that easy. Although I’m not posting a video, as a subscriber for years, let me help. I apologize for the long post to come, but it will explain to the tiniest detail on how to use MoviePass. Since the app is now up and running again:. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the app to your phone (duh, I’m sure you’ve already done this). Open the app, login. I think you already created a login when you signed up, but I’m not positive since I haven’t had to do that in a very long time. Check your phone settings to make sure you’re allowing MoviePass to access your location (very important!). You should see a list of local theaters supported by MoviePass. If you don’t, trouble shooting techniques: refresh your screen, make sure you’ve allowed access, and the one they don’t tell you about but I’ve learned through experience – from the menu, click on the location tab to refresh and/or repopulate your theaters list. You can look at theaters, movies, and showtimes offered for that day only. Then, you have two ways to get tickets. IF there is a ticket symbol listed next to the theater name, it means e-tickets are available at that theater; the theaters vary by where you live – by me, it’s only at Studio Movie Grill. If you can do e-ticketing, you can do it from your app anywhere, at any time that day. You can’t go in and reserve a ticket before the day of. Select the theater and showtime you want, them The next screen will show available seats; pick your seat and confirm. Your screen will go red and there will be a message congratulating you for you successful reservation along with your confirmation code. Once you’ve arrived at the theater, you can enter that code into the ticketing kiosk or provide it at the box office. At least at Studio Movie Grill, you don’t need your card, just the code. IF there’s NO e-ticketing available (or if you don’t want to choose your seat in advance), at any point in the day of the show, you can go to/near the theater (300 ft), open the app, go to the movie and showtime in the app, click on the showtime, and confirm your selection. You’ll then get a red success screen and a message that you’re confirmed for the screening. At that time, the MoviePass card will be authorized for payment. You can go to a normal ticketing kiosk or the box office and get your ticket within half an hour of confirmation. It does not have to be within a half an hour of show time, as someone had asked me. Use your MoviePass card like you would any other credit card. Done :). Super easy. If you have any problem checking into a movie, there is a contact chat feature in your app – they can load your card manually.

      • Jill, you are awesome thank you so much for such a detailed explanation about MoviePass and the service.
        Because there isn’t a studio grill near me in my location nothing shows up in theaters so just to experiment I changed to a zip code where I used to live and a theater does come up and I do see movies and I can click on a movie and actually Select-A-Seat. I’m assuming because I don’t have my actual card yet or don’t have a that none of the other theaters are showing up (there are lot many that showed on the site)
        I have confidence tgat once I have my card I’ll have no issues and I’m very excited to try this service.
        Thank you again for taking the time to give us such a detailed explanation it really helped me understand.
        Best, Shari in Southern California

      • Do you need to be near the theater to do e-ticketing? Like say if you wanted to reserve a ticket for later in the day?

        • Grace you dumb cunt, read what the fuck Jill clearly took care in typing nearly every detail. Including your dumbass question. Quote directly from her paragraph:

          “If you can do e-ticketing, you can do it from your app anywhere, at any time that day.”

          • Mamalionlinedemo, the part where you restated the answer was helpful. The part where you disrespected Grace and everyone else in this thread with your insult and foul language was not helpful. I am glad that you feel you fully understand the situation but it’s not appropriate to berate someone just for asking a question, even if the answer was already stated. Will you please refrain in future comments? Some children might even be reading these. Thank you.

  4. I just used it yesterday. I don’t have my card yet buy used eticketing at an available theater. Very simple and intuitive. Took about a minute to do it. Then I just showed the confirmation code at the theater and had no issues. I am wondering what issues you are having with the app. It is quite simple. Thanks.

    • Philly how were you able to use it.. did you use the app itself mine shows no theaters listed so perhaps my card is not yet linked.. How long ago did you sign up?

  5. The app still does not work…it says that no theaters are available in any zip code I tried. However, the map just posted with this article indicates that my local theater should honor it. Need to get the bugs out of the app. Thank you! I cannot believe this will (potentially) be available! Blows my mind!

    • In order to see them you need to have your movie pass card first. Right now you are only seeing the e-pass theaters, which if there are none then you will see nothing.

    • Movie Pass says the available theaters will show up once you get the card. I am not sure if that means as soon as they issue the card or if you need to somehow register the card once you get and then the theaters will show up in the app. So it seems the app is working fine but just need those darn cards asap! Can’t wait.

      • When you receive the card you have to activate it. I activated mine by chatting with customer support in the app. Once it’s activated, the Theater screen in-app will populate with everything around you. One theater near me wasn’t on the list. I chatted with customer service. Within 2 minutes I was told to restart the app. Voila! The theater was then available to watch movies at.

        • Actually I haven’t gotten my physical card yet and I don’t have any theaters in my area that support e-ticketing but I can see a list of all the theaters in my area that I need the physical card in order to see a movie at. Under my profile under MoviePass card it shows the last 4 of my card # and the expiration date but because I need the actual card I can’t see a movie yet. I signed up the day of the boom which was about two weeks ago now and still haven’t received my physical card. Starting to get pretty irked.

          • Same here Jessica…you’re not alone.
            They got crazy busy blasted with all the new members.
            We’re all anxious, I know.
            Looking forward to seeing a few movies soon.

          • That’s super weird… Yeah. When you get the card you activate it with the last 4 off the card (which for whatever reason they show you in the app ahead of time). But yeah, if you did it day 1 you should have it by now. People have been receiving them for several days now… I’ve had good luck messaging them directly on Twitter. They use to reply instantly within the app, but so far that has changed since the big release. I’ve had them reply every time I have had a question on Twitter. Send a direct message to their page and to their other Customer Service page. @MoviePass and @MoviePass_CS Sorry for the trouble! It really is a good service and totally worth it, I promise! :/

          • Yeah… I’m not sure… have you done a direct message to them on their Twitter account? That’s been the only way I have been able to get a hold of them since the big rush. The customer service in app use to get people in touch with them within seconds before the rush. I didn’t have a problem when I activated mine. Sorry, hopefully Twitter will help!

  6. My issue is understanding if my membership/application indeed went through. It shows my cc card number in my app so I’m assuming it means it went through. I submitted on the first day.

  7. I just signed up a few days ago. Sorry, no, I don’t have my card yet. But as another poster mentioned, before you get the card the only available theaters will be eticket theaters. My app just shows ONE theater and that’s because it offers eticket through Movie Pass. So that is where we went to see a movie yesterday.

  8. oh i found a video of the service working by the way ok cant wait to use it sorry just need to see things for myself

  9. Nine days since I requested help cancelling my subscription (go figure, the CANCEL button on the app doesn’t work). Still no reply. Not even a “Sorry, we’re working on it.” Not a single word. If a company can be judged by responsiveness and customer service, this company is in trouble.

    • Usually they’re awesome! Give it a chance – it’s really worth it. It’s a great service. I’m not sure why you’re trying to cancel already, before you’ve even gotten started, but I’m sure you have your reasons. They will get to your email help request. I see your patience is wearing thin, but they’re great to work with. (I’m a member for many years now.). I’m guessing you’ve already done this, but just in case you haven’t, go into the app menu, click on “Profile” then “Plan Information”. You’ll see Rate, Billing Date, right below there is a red link saying “cancel your account”. Click on it. If for some reason that doesn’t work, click on the chat function in the app.

  10. Has any new subscribers of the new $9.95 unlimited plan received their cards yet? If so, how many days it take to arrive? Did you receive an email notification when the card was sent? (It would be helpful for others to gauge if delivery is delayed, and if so, how long.)

    • There are reports of people who signed up early in the day on Aug 15 having received their cards. The earliest those people reported getting cards was August 21. I signed up in the evening on Aug. 15 and have not received mine yet.

        • Hi Stuart,
          I signed up during the day on the 15th, and have not rec’d my card. I thought for sure it might be in the mail yesterday. but no.

          • I signed up the 16th. I thought for sure yesterday (Monday) since my app is finally showing me the last 4#s of my new card, but no. Just checked the mail this morning and again no. We have had no mail at all in our box for 2 days but we are in Central Texas. I think that because of the hurricane everything is disrupted. While our area was not affected (we just had rain and wind), it HAS affected food delivery trucks and gas trucks so I am going to assume it has affected the postal trucks getting through. We are two hours away from Houston. But for us it is only $5 for a movie so no complaints while we wait for our cards.

          • Thanks for the update Shari. Just wanted to make sure others hadn’t received it when ordering the same day. I’ll remain hopeful that it will be here in the next few days.

          • Hi Stuart..
            Mail hasn’t come yet today.
            I sure could have undergoing to movies last night…( a break from the heat out here yesterday (So. Cal)).
            What part of the country are u in?
            Crossing fingers I get be for the weekend.

    • That happened to me too when using the Facebook login/signup. Then I tried signing up logging in with an email and password and that works.

    • you are lucking it’s not working for you, I did succeed, they charged the money and my account login is not working, no response from this scammers, if they were not prepared for huge traffic they should not accept money upfront.

    • Have you already created an account? Try just logging in, either to the website or the app. If you tried doing this while both methods were down, that could be the case. If logging in doesn’t actually work, try signing up again (either early morning or late night – less traffic to their server).

    • I’m getting the exact same error message trying to login OR sign up with Facebook using the MoviePass app on iOS 11. I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times over the past month or 2. Same error every time. I find it hard to believe this is an isolated occurrence and find it even harder to believe this bug hasn’t been fixed yet.

  11. Signup page said we will billed ONLY when we receive our cards. I have been billed on 8/15, and still no card or any confirmation that it was sent out. What’s going on? I want a refund if a company refuses to clearly communicate their policies.

    • Um… no it clearly stated on the sign-up page that it would charge you immediately but would start the “first month” cycle once you physically got your card.

    • Yes. Each membership is linked to that individual’s email and cellphone. You cannot have more than one account on a phone/email

  12. Login is not working since did register, credit card is charged, tried contacting MoviePass couple of times but no response neither any kind of help, login is still not working and they have the money, I paid and getting no service or support from MoviePass support.

  13. Been using movie pass since last fall – been paying $50 a month and it’s been worth it at that price. Now that it’s $10 a month for the next 12 months it more than pays for itself (just see 1 movie a month!). Bit they’re obviously going through some growing pains. If this bothers you and you don’t have the patience while taking advantage of a great deal then go buy your tickets at regular price. Right now I can see one movie a day – 30 movies a month if I wanted to – for $10. That’s worth it to me.

    • When a company is charging you upfront, took money and provide no support neither respond, people dumb like you think to blame yourself, fuc#### idiot do you have any sense, they did charge money offering a service and they are not responding, in which world you are living moron??

    • Do you have actual confirmation that you will be paying 10$ a month from here on out? I also pay the higher rate and have not been able to get hold of a representative to say that the new rate is reflected on older accounts. I look on my account info and it still has the old monthly rate.

      • I’ve been a member for years. I did get an email that we would all be charged the new price with our next billing cycle. It was an email addressed to all current subscribers – maybe check your spam folder.

  14. Nothing has been fixed. I have to admit, this is the most embarrassing product/service roll out I’ve ever witnessed. What’s worse is that nothing is being fixed or addressed in a timely manner and there is a clear problem with communication.

    • Agree , share more frequent updates on your Facebook account with fixes you making.
      As of now I didn’t get the card for more than week .
      Feels As I was ripped off 🙁

  15. Your app sucks. It is full of bugs and not working properly. I have not received anything regarding my card. When I am getting it?

      • It worked in the starting for Indian movies. But these days, most of the Indian movies are supported by movie pass though they are screened in supported list of theaters

          • Have you noticed that the movie pass app now has a selection within each theatre listing that says “check in if movie missing”? It seems this be the perfect way to load the card with funds to buy a ticket for a film that is playing at the theatre but not listed in the app. Thanks

  16. people really need to calm down, just be patient and you will receive your card. understand your excited for a new program, but its a company that had 200k customers to millions im sure over night. its barley been a week, but not a full work week so chill out. the product does work as advertised, ive used it with the e-tickets and just waiting on my card to arrive like everyone else, but everyone is freaking out and asking the same questions over and over, if only they would do simple search and see that someone already asked that question and has an answer.

    • why does everyone keep blaming the USER, not the COMPANY – stop telling us to “calm down” – they had no problem charging our credit cards and many of us have received NOTHING for that initial payment – we’ll calm down when we get something in return for our money, not in anticipation of something great. I’m sure it used to be a fine service, for all the loyal users out there, but for us new people, so far it sucks. and we have a right to complain, we’ve seen nothing, heard nothing at all for our payments.

      • C’mon. It’s TEN DOLLARS. Yes, they billed us already and quite easily. And Yes, that IS the easiest part. The rest of the account set up takes some time and takes some labor hours and perhaps they just were not completely prepared. Yes, that IS the company’s fault. But we can all stay calm and be patient. The movie theaters are still there if we want to see a movie. I believe many of us felt like we were gambling that 10 bucks anyway on something that seemed to good to be true. But it stay might work out of we just calm down and be patient.

        • I don’t care if it’s $10, $1 or a million – it’s not the USER’s fault – can you blame us? We paid, we were promised something and now it hasn’t arrived, in many, many cases with no notices, no replies, no support, no help desk, no website and lots and lots of bugs and broken pieces. Sure, it’s not much – but “only $10” multiplied by the hundreds and hundreds of people who signed up in the past months and are now bitching is a whole lot of its “only $10”. Maybe if they were a little more transparent in their issues, maybe if they’d actually respond or post daily updates, then maybe we wouldn’t have cause to bitch

          • It’s $10. They signed up more than 130,000 new subscribers in a few days. This $1.3 million dollar influx should help the company properly staff to handle the new business. Although, of the 130,000 new subscribers I have only seen about 10 individuals really complaining here on this blog. That tells me that most people realize that this will all get worked out and that it won’t help to complain. I’m not even sure if these comments are monitored, but I doubt it with the short staff and all…

          • Hey Philly…
            Still waiting here but I can sure understand what they are goimg through.
            Being a former support manager I know about complaints oh boy.
            I’m still excited & happy to have the opportunity to see more movies.
            PS is it only 130;000 New members?
            Surprised it’s not more!

          • I am sure it is more than 130,000 new members now. I just know they estimated membership around 20,000 prior to the price drop and then within a few days after the reduction they announced reaching the 150,000 mark. We have not received our cards here yet but we have the good fortune of having one e-ticket theater here so we have seen a couple of movies on Movie Pass so far. Simple and smooth process. Just picked the movie, picked the showtime, picked my seat, then gave the confirmation number to the associate at the theater. They handed us our tickets and that was it. Before anyone gets too excited when I say “us”, we have SEPARATE accounts using SEPARATE phones. There, at this point, is not a multiple user account option. I am sure we will soon all be talking about how cool it is to see many more movies for less money. And for those who will still only see a movie here and there, their movie ticket budget is already handled!

  17. Where are our cards? I ordered well over a week ago and have not seen it yet. Nor have I received an email saying it was shipped. Just the confirmation that I signed up. I was even already charged for this month.

  18. Everyone wants to know if their cards are at least in the mail, why no word on this yet? I’ve been waiting 9 days.

    • Steve, Finally , some positive news regarding the card! Thank you. I’m sure many of us feel more at ease now. We all would appreciate more details from you regarding how and when the available theaters show up in the app once you get the card. Please. Thank you!

  19. I would say I am in the group that is more positive about the whole situation and patiently understanding of the company’s situation of being bombarded. I do feel they did not prepare well for the influx of subscriptions. I just read an article published this morning on and found two interesting parts. Please see excerpts below:

    “As of Tuesday, the company only had nine employees, with four working in customer service. Lowe said he’s in the process of adding employees and is building a marketing and sales team.”

    “He (CEO Lowe) said the company is a couple of weeks behind on delivering MoviePass cards to new members, which were promised to arrive within five to seven business days of ordering. Lowe expects all the cards to be delivered by the end of next week.

  20. I ordered on the 19th. My card hasn’t arrived yet, but as of right now I can view movies using the apps e-ticketing feature. Yesterday I didn’t have that option yet. So now I’m ready to go!

  21. Hello everyone! Hey, check your app! Even if you have not received your Movie Pass card. It seems something has changed and ALL AVAILABLE THEATERS ARE NOW SHOWING UP IN THE APP. If you select a movie and try to “check in” the app will tell you that “you do not have active card”. So, we still need the cards in order to go to a non-e-ticket theater. But is pretty cool that we can now see the theaters that are available. Also, gives me a little more confidence that the company is actually working on improving the situation. Thanks.

    • Hi Philly do we know what changes once the card is actually in our hands is there something that causes it to activate so to say?
      This Blog has totally been helpful for me and put me at ease about this whole situation not that I was that worried I knew it would just take longer and have learned or be a little more patient
      Thanks, Shari

    • Well the typical time is 7-10 days, but they have said right now they have a backlog because of the sudden influx of tens of thousand of new customers. Just be patient. Also it’s not wise to put your private email address on a public forum. That’s a good way to get spam bots bombarding you with junk email.

  22. Good question Shari. I have not received my card so I do not have first-hand knowledge of the process. However, at least one previous poster addressed this. It looks like you just have to call or chat (if it’s all working) to activate the card. Once you have the active card in your hands you are ready to go to the movies! Please see below.


    August 22, 2017 at 7:39 pm
    When you receive the card you have to activate it. I activated mine by chatting with customer support in the app. Once it’s activated, the Theater screen in-app will populate with everything around you. One theater near me wasn’t on the list. I chatted with customer service. Within 2 minutes I was told to restart the app. Voila! The theater was then available to watch movies at.

    • I do remember seeing that, thanks for reminding me. If anyone newly signed up and gets their card let us know if activation is the same should you see my post response.
      Thanks hugginsjl!!

  23. It has been 3 days since my card was charged, but I can’t log in on the app. I made sure that I typed in everything correctly. I even changed my password to a very simple one. I also installed and reinstalled the app. Nothing! I can log in on the website, but not the app. 🙁

    Error: “We couldn’t find a user with your credentials.”

    • I’m in the same boat as you, Alyssa. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, and changed my password to a simple one, but continue to get the same “We couldn’t find a user with your credentials.” response. I’ve sent numerous emails to customer service, and had someone who could log-in attempt to use the customer chat option. We’ve gotten no response. I’ve gotten my moviepass card and my credit card has been charged, but can’t use it and can’t get in touch with anyone. Moviepass should credit us for any time spent not being able to use their product but paying for it.
      Let me know if you make any progress! I’m considering disputing the charges to my CC company.

      • I looked at the website and did not find a login screen or dropdown anywhere. Where is it that you are logging in? Is it possible you are entering your email address and password in the Join Now fields for new accounts and are not actually changing your password but just beginning a new account process?. I say this for two reasons. One, I would like to help you to resolve your situation and understand better what is going on. Two, I would like to know if there is some way for me to see my account and make changes on the website. I am presuming you are not changing your password on the app since you have stated you cannot even login on the app. Thanks.

  24. It’s Denise again. I went to the movies to see if I could check in with the e-ticketing option, but it asked for the last 4 digits of the moviepass card number. So I’ll have to wait Til the physical card arrives in the mail.

    • Correct. It said this clearly when you signed up. They charge you $9.95 when you sign up and your account won’t start working until you get the card – and when you actually get the card and activate it, your first month starts.

      • Hi Jennifer. I see you are newly on this comment page. You might see that most of the questions and comments have already been addressed by others over the last few weeks. Thanks.

        • Do you work for Moviepass? If not, why do you answer questions like you do? Perhaps let Moviepass answer our question, comments, and complaints themselves, then maybe we can see how quickly (if at all) they respond. They should have a dedicated rep on these boards, as long as you’re doing their work for them, they don’t need to do it.

  25. It’s Denise. Thank u Michelle. So far it’s blank on the moviepass card section, but I’ll keep checking. I appreciate the feedback!

    • Four days later, I retract my comment. Since then I used the Live Chat service on the website and had several questions answered. No physical card yet, but it’s comforting in an awkward way to know that I’m not alone.

      • Yes, I too got through ONCE. The chat is closed 99.9% of the time though. Comes on for a couple of minutes an hour during the day and is 100% not available in the evenings when you go to the movies and 100% not available all weekend. Does not sound promising in the least.

  26. No, your website nor your app are running. Your home page doesn’t even have an area to login. Your app is at 0% functionality. Theaters don’t load, card number doesn’t load, e-ticketing doesn’t work. If I have to wait for a physical card (which we shouldn’t, and you claimed we wouldn’t) then why am I being billed for a service I have to wait 8-10 days to use???? This launch is absolutely shameful.

    • Hi Nick. I feel like Movie Pass was pretty clear about the fact that we would have to wait for the Movie Pass card. I don’t believe that the program was intended to work through any means outside of the app, so there wouldn’t necessarily be a need for a browser-based login. I do agree it would be helpful to have that alternate way of at least checking your account or using the e-ticketing function. However it a web login would not be useful for a movie “check-in” since that relies on your phone’s GPS. I am hopeful that your app has more than 0% functionality as most posters seem to say that, although we are not 100% satisfied due to some of the issues, the app has worked for us to some degree. The eticketing at this point is extremely limited. In my location there is only a partnership with Studio Movie Grill. Fyi, this is not a “launch” as this program has been around for years. I agree that Movie Pass is struggling to meet this huge demand at the $9.95 price and we all are having to wait while they already have out 10 bucks. But hey, it’s only 10 bucks! Anyone who is wealthy enough to afford a smartphone shouldn’t worry too much about 10 bucks. I am hopeful that this is all worked out very soon for your sake and mine.

      • I agree with Philly.. While I signed up on the 15th and was hoping to have my card by now.. I don’t but with all that’s going on for them I’m completely willing to be patient.

    • Dude. It clearly says that you need the physical card to use this service. It’s a pre-paid debit card that you have to use to buy the tickets. Their site is very very clear about this.

      It’s also very clear that they charge you for the first month when you sign up, but that your first month doesn’t actually start counting down until you receive and activate the card. You aren’t losing any days on your month – they charge you to start the order, but the month to use it doesn’t start until you get the card… which it clearly says.

      Also it very clearly states that even on a normal order, it would take 7-10 days to receive the card – considering they’re backlogged by tens of thousands of customers, it’s understandable that it would take a bit longer than that in this situation.

  27. Well, app back to NOT pulling up any theaters again! Tried the usual, logging out and in, logging out and uninstall/reinstall Moviepass app. Nothing! Nada! Please don’t send my card until the app and service are actually and fully functional. I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work or only works occasionally, and can’t be counted on. And I could care less if you are getting tons of $10 bills coming your way. That is NOT the customer’s problem. Get your act together.

  28. Yesterday I saw that the theater portion of my app had finally populated and that my card was showing in my profile. Awesome! went into the other profile screens just to check my address and payment, all look good. Went back to the theaters selection, it was completely blank again and my movie pass card # had disappeared. The exact same thing happened to my wife.
    What’s going on? Do I have an active account or no?

  29. can you purchase your tickets in advance at the box office or only the day of? I don’t have an issue going to the box office to get tickets early for a movie I want to see a few days later. I hope this is an option.

  30. I signed up for Movie Pass. I went on the website where it says “activate your card” and it asked for the last four digits of my Movie Pass Card, which I don’t have yet. So I pressed “cancel” and it accidentally activated my card!!! I now have a “next billing date” of 9-22-17. I have emailed Movie Pass to cancel this “next billing date” several times, but I am not getting a response. My clock is already ticking towards the next billing date, and I am no better off than any of you !!! Anyone have this problem?

  31. It would be cool if we activated our card and were able to show something in our app at a theater to allow admittance ( since we don’t have the actual card in our hand to use).
    I’m not talking about etickets. No sticker theaters available for me.
    Don’t bash me I’m just wishing.

    • I’m saying this cuz someone just posted that they activated their card online even though they didn’t have the card but entered the last four numbers that appear on their app

      • No card yet. But app shows my last 4 #s. Just went to Cinemark, went thru the process in the app to try the e-ticket way. Was able to select the 1:50 showing of Annabelle. Screen turned red with a check mark on it. But after that there is nothing to show or for the employee to scan. So I bought a ticket to nothing, lol. We had to pay $5 cash. I had the subscription before for 3 years but always swiped my MoviePass card. So will just wait on the actual card, hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow .

        • Thanks for letting us know. The normal price of admission here is so high that I didn’t attempt to try anything like that

        • I had a similar issue, Tracey, with the app. However, since the app sometimes worked and most-often didn’t, I will wait until the physical card arrives. I like the e-ticket feature. But I don’t think my local theater is “there” yet. Thanks for trying and sharing your experience.

  32. Spoke with Customer service today. EtA on the cards arriving in your mailbox will be between September 6 – September 10. Due to high volume of Sign ups. Once you get your card you can activate them . Movie Pass will also Adjust your billing date For those who got billed and has not yet recieve there cards.

  33. Is thete a way to post a pic here.
    I wanted to ask if someone when they receive their card could take a picture with the envelope looks like so I know what to look for we have notoriously lacks male people in my area. Maybe they could post it on the movie pass Facebook page?

  34. The movie pass works pretty good. This last weekend i picked a movie from their app and confirmed the ticket. Then i went there and showed them my confirmation from the app. It was a smooth process. I am still waiting for the movie pass mastercard to come in the mail. Service is pretty good so far!

    • What confirmation? I did the same and got the red screen with a check mark. When I had my last moviepass card, that’s the point where I would go to the register and swipe my card. But with no card, I had no way for them to verify I had bought a ticket so ended up paying cash…

      • Its the confirmation screen after you reserve your e-ticket for a certain movie. Not all movies or local theaters will support the e-ticket reserve option on the app.

  35. I signed up on the 16th but have yet to receive my card. I wish that a theatre in Tucson had e-ticketing but I’m not surprised at its absence. Some areas in Tucson don’t even have plumbing. Once my card arrives, I’ll be making good use of it – I’m retired and will enjoy a movie a day.

  36. I signed up 2 weeks ago. I got a card showing in the app with only the last 4 digits. I have not recieved an actuall card yet so I have not been able to even use the app.

  37. My app works fine some of the time. When I first log in it will show the e-ticket theaters. If I switch a screen for any reason the e-ticket theaters and my card info disappear from the app. No way to get it back on there except to wait a while for it to show back up. I’ve yet to be able to use the app because by the time I go to request the ticket everything is gone from the app.

    • Mark G, may I ask what market you are in? In my area, Scottsdale AZ, there is only ONE eticket theater. When you said all of the eticket theaters show up intermittently I was wondering how many you are talking about and if it’s possible what you are seeing are NOT actually eticket theaters. Thanks.

      • No. It’s a list of e-ticket theaters. It’s on that screen. I was able to get far enough to insert my last 4 digits of my card number this time, but it just said my card was activated and then everything disappeared again.

        • You should not have to enter your Movie Pass card number for an eticket reservation. So those are probably not eticket theaters. That was my point. Thanks.

          • Regardless it’s a big problem that it’s telling me my card that was activated is not active. I click to check in and it says I don’t have an active card.

          • Thank you Markg. I understand some of your frustration. To clarify, unless you have the physical card in your hand, I am sure it is NOT activated. I have a card number showing up on my app (probably means it’s been issued) also but it doesn’t do me any good until I receive and activate my card. Perhaps I misunderstood you, do you have a physical Movie Pass card that you have called to get activated? Either way, not really a BIG problem in my opinion. Yes, the company needs to get this all ironed out but it is still a $10 problem at worst. The biggest issue here I believe is the issuance of the physical cards and getting them to the user. 7 business days for those who ordered on 8/15/17 would have ended on 8/24/17 so they seem to be one week + behind. For most people who have responded here, the eticketing function seems to work fine for those FEW theaters that have an eticketing arrangement with Movie Pass. If a theater does not have an eticketing arrangement with Movie Pass, we cannot see a movie there with Movie Pass until we have a physical Movie Pass card. Note: if you click to “CHECK-IN” you are not dealing with an eticket theatre and you MUST have a physical, active Movie Pass card AND be within 100 yards of the theater.

  38. While the pricepoint offers some latitude on the ‘growing pains’ of scaling to the new membership levels, I am deeply concerned that it’s been two full weeks since I ordered my card and no card has arrived yet. While friends who ordered on the 16/17, and those who ordered early on 8/15 have received their cards. The dispersal of the cards received leads me to suspect there’s an issue with those members who joined the afternoon of 8/15 — ie: lost in the transfer to a new processor, serviced by a different processor then later accounts, etc. Overall this kinda makes me concerned that the servicing and seeing of issues before they arise will be a problem that last long after I receive or cancel my card.

    • Just got the mail…
      Not yey…darn.
      I joined on the 15th and am concerned about mine not getting here yet…but I’m thinking positive…

      • No card today for me either and I joined the afternoon of the 15th. A little upsetting, but I’m just hoping the wait is worth it.

        • I hope it can last once we get our cars and for however long it lasts I know it’s going to be worth it I hope you have fingers near your that will work with it, Stuart.
          This would have been so nice for the holiday weekend too, darnit.
          I’m not giving up hope maybe tomorrow?

    • These glitches would be a lot more understandable if Moviepass would do a better job of communicating. People can be very understanding when not left in the dark. It’s been over a week since we heard from them and the info we got then is proving to be false.

  39. I received both of my cards that were ordered on the 18th, 1 was around 1-3pm & the other one after 8pm. Luckily I’ve had e-ticket theaters around me.

  40. There must be an issue as mentioned earlier for people who joined on 15/16 because I haven’t received my card and I joined on 16th around 4am. I have seen people who ordered later than those dates who have received cards.

    • It’s really frustrating to be promised that cards would be sent out in the order users signed up, then to see people who signed up days after you post about getting their cards first.

      Even more frustrating is the complete silence from Moviepass since they sent out this erroneous email which promised we would get ours sooner.

      I wanted to like Moviepass, but this company is behaving irresponsibly toward their customers.

      • If you are not satisfied it is your right to cancel the service and contact your credit/debit card provider to have the $9.95 charge removed. I would recommend contacting Movie Pass first and give them, in good faith, 7 days to cancel and refund your money.

      • As many people have stated above, they haven’t been silent, but have released a statement saying that due to the unexpected adoption of this new price point that everything’s running slowly. They did exactly the right thing.

  41. I also have a question. I used to be a member and there was a stipulation you couldn’t see a movie more than once. I have seen posts saying you can but can’t find anything in the FAQs to support this. Has anyone here seen a movie more than once using their moviepass?

  42. Just got my card in the mail today. Signed up on Sunday the 20th. Live in deep south Texas (2 hours south of Corpus). Had Moviepass for almost two years and loved it. Cancelled because my wife made me in order to save up for something else. It was great at $30/month. Going to be awesome at $10!

    Everyone complaining, I would recommend just waiting. The service works, and is worth any amount of wait in my opinion.

  43. I have been trying to “order card” on the app for 2 days but it always says error. My question is, is it automatically sent when you sign up or do you have to order the card???

    • You have to sign up on their website and input your credit card number when you do so. Until you’ve done that, you haven’t signed up.

  44. Family accounts/multiple tickets with the card are in their long term goals.

    And yes, the card is sent out automatically unless you’re in the area that supports the moviepass e-tickets, which is basically only the Boston market

    • I don’t believe for a minute this is a scam. I have many friends have been using this service for a long time although when I looked into it I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to the movies as many times as I’d like to because I’m a caregiver and the price was closer to $40 at the time now with this new price I can afford it and even if I only see two movies a month I’m ahead of the game.
      Another friend in Las Vegas order their cars about 2 weeks ago the sun has gotten his card and they used it yesterday to go to a movie no problems whatsoever my friend still hasn’t received hers but I’m sure it’s on its way. It is not a scam unfortunately it’s very painful growing pains.

        • If it were me & I wanted to cancel and couldn’t I would contact the source I used to pay with & dispute any charges..
          I’m not interested in canceling or I would try it for you

        • Yes. They are taking over the world $10 at a time! They have everyone’s debit or credit card info. Don’t you think a scammer would do much worse? Oh no…I’d better cancel my credit card. No, I don’t think so. Take a breath and loosen up those purse strings….

          • Philly you may have seen.. I posted that my friend’s son got his card.. hers they are still waiting for.. they had no issues with him using it on the FIRST day he received it. We have a heat wave and I would have loved to have seen movies this last weekend….

    • They’ve been around for years. It’s not a scam. Any system that has a sudden influx of tens of thousands of new users is bound to have some hiccups. Relax and let it work itself out before jumping to conclusions.

  45. Yep. Sorry, the long weekend was the perfect time for a movie, or two, or three. We have received ONE of three cards here. I agree this is not perfect execution but anything worthwhile is worth waiting for! Soon everyone will be saying how great this is. I heard they were going to limit the number of members. I kinda hope they do and glad we got in when we did.

  46. I ordered at 4pm on the 15th and received my card yesterday. Yes, it took a bit longer than I would’ve liked, but I used it with no issues to see Spiderman last night.

    • I ordered it 3 Pacific Time on the 15th that’s 3 p.m. . I have remained very positive in this forum but I want to say with every day that passes I haven’t received my card I have that let down feeling when I leave the mailbox… Maybe today?
      Hehe…i just need some distraction and entertainment

      • moviepass has shut down all forms of customer service to reach them, but yet they keep on taking in millions of dollars. very sad state of affairs. i don’t understand how a few people here keep making excuses for them. there is no excuse for shutting your phone down, shutting all forms of chat down. absolutely no excuse, especially if you just keep taking peoples money to make things even worse.

        • Oh my goodness. They only took my $9.95. If they took your millions of dollars then they deserve to be punished severely. I don’t know that they have shut down all forms of communication, although it does seem that they do not have the capacity to respond quickly or even within a few days. I do know that they are working still and that the service actually DOES work and IS working. I would rather have the company focus all of its available resources on getting Movie Pass cards issued and mailed and keeping the service running than for them to focus on individual communication and have the service fail. I would like to see some detailed updates at least though, maybe on this blog or at least on the website landing page. Just something general to let us know what they are doing. That would help of lot of people feel a little better about the situation.

        • Katie I hear what you’re saying and I realized that I’m starting to get a little perturbed myself however I was a customer service manager for a software company was actually a video chat program that was very very popular but many many years ago before all these free video chats were out there and we had an issue at one point where our servers had crashed because our are programmer did something a little shady.
          Mind you.. this is when the internet wasn’t as it is now and in three days we received something like 20,000 emails and it was just really hard to keep up with and I think people thought we shut down but we didn’t However the fact that maybe their phone number doesn’t work anymore I don’t know that I’ve tried to call one or if they have one.
          Stuff like this does piss many people off. I’m not really making excuses I’m still hopeful because my friends… personal friends that is, have gotten their cards and everything is working smoothly.
          I believe that those of us that purchased on the 15th and maybe the 16th are the ones that are hurt the most by this I’m not sure how or why but I think people that purchase after may have gotten their cards before us I’m still trying to figure that out.
          The other issue is sometimes the mail here where I’m at get screwed up so if I didn’t have two things to be concerned about I would be a little bit more comfortable.
          I think it would have been a good opportunity for them to limit the intake of new purchasers just for the time being or slowed it down somehow until they catch up.
          I wish I could work for them cuz I think I’m doing a pretty good job defending them.

  47. I received the debit card, but the phone app won’t let me log in. Get a “We couldn’t find a user with your credentials” message. And when I try to log in via Facebook, I also get an error message. And there seem to be no way to get ANY customer service.

    • Hi Anthony I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten your card cuz I’m still waiting for mine. Tell me what happens is there an option for you to try to reset your password and doesn’t let you get that far?

      • Still waiting for my card too Shari. Holding my breath every time I go to the mailbox – with a deeper sadness each time it’s not there… What a bummer. I signed up on the 15th as well – West TX for me, so it may be my location that’s contributing to the problem.
        I did notice that my Card # says “Card Shipped” beside it. I guess it’s on its way? Does MoviePass have the magical ability to slow down USPS? Or could they have maybe shipped later than they are leading on…….. :/

        • Thanks for the information Austin. Does it say “shipped” in the app or somewhere online? This is good information for all of us. Although I don’t remember seeing this before one of our cards arrived. How long has it said this next to the card number information? We have multiple accounts but have only received ONE card so far. Thanks.

        • I’m now because mine does not say chips in the app is that where you’re seeing this information. I also learned a little bit more that MoviePass isn’t the one making are sending the cards it’s a company such as or like MasterCard of course they probably didn’t see this coming either. Let me know about that let me know if you’re seeing that after you put your profile and you collect your card number or whatever the heck that thing is mine has a number but does not say shipped

    • Hi Anthony. I am also glad to hear that you received your card but disappointed that the app does not let you login. I did a little test on my app and entered my login incorrectly intentionally. The error I receive says “Please check your credentials and try again”. It’s peculiar to me that you are seeing a different message. I am hopeful that this gets resolved for you soon. As an FYI, I am able to login and use the app but I still have not found any login screen on the website that lets me log in and view or make changes to my account. I did find a login selection in the FAQ section but it did not allow me to log in there. I wish I could be more help.

  48. I received my card about 2-3 weeks ago, and successfully have watched two movies so far. Then came my first issue, which happened last night at 730pm. Went to the theater, and when I tried to check in, all movie times for every theater were gone on the app. Support has still not responded on the app or through the email ticket. Seems like they should have had more support staff if they were going to lower the price, causing a whole lot more customers. And should have made sure the app was good and ready. Not very promising when the app states to call customer support, and there is no number listed in the app. Then when I call the number on the back of the card, it says to use the chat in the app.

    • A few thoughts Christen…first let me say I am sorry to hear of this frustrating situation, what a pain this must have been! This may sound remedial but did you try to force stop the app and re-open or log out and log back in. The app is glitchy and sometimes this works. I too am surprised there is not some sort of customer service available to help resolve some of these issues. I am still hopeful this will get better. Another thing that comes to mind is I know Movie Pass tells customers that when there is an app issue just pay for your movie and they will reimburse you. However, this seems risky because I am not sure if this requires Movie Pass to pre-authorize this reimbursement scenario. Also, we have heard from some customers who paid out of pocket for a movie and are still waiting for reimbursement for weeks. If anyone has a positive experience with paying out of pocket and receiving a reimbursement will you please share their experience. Thanks.

  49. I really want to go to the movies this weekend but maybe that’s just not in the stars I go to the mailbox every day very hopeful….

  50. PHILLY are u on?
    This is very weird I was showing somebody at a pharmacy my app encourage them to sign up and it let me push the button like to buy a movie now the movies are at a mall but I’m pretty sure I’m not close enough to be able to buy one but it is saying I can buy one in three minutes I’m pretty sure once I get there I wouldn’t be able to use it and it’s not an e-ticket anyone else seeing that.
    I’ve never seen this before

    • Hi Shari. Sounds like your card very close to arriving. The account for which we received our card started acting the same way the day the card came. Until then it just said “you do not have an active card”. Maybe tomorrow? I am crossing my fingers for you!

  51. I signed up on 8/15 around 3pm and haven’t received my card. In the app i checked a few days and it showec the card # and exp date. Today it said ‘card shipped’ so I’m getting closer. Looking forward to the Moviepass lifestyle 🙂

    • Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything. I signed up August 24. The next day it said card shipped. I still don’t have my card

      • It was quite a wait to get the card but so far so good. Very easy process. Clicked ‘check in’ on the app for the movie showing after arriving at the theatre. Got a response that it was successful. On the kiosk I chose ‘purchase ticket’….entered movie & showtime…put in the Moviepass card and printed ticket. No different than using a regular credit card. What an intense movie Dunkirk was. Thanks Mitch!!

  52. When a company takes your money and customer service is non existent. The product does not work, or is extremely glitchy. This is unprofessional and inexcusable, but they keep taking the money of new customers.
    Did you not see the many reports of people with cards that can’t even get things to work?
    Very disappointing, and makes me wonder if this is really a scam. Maybe they’re going to file for bankruptcy.
    If you take a customers money the product should at least work.

      • Hi katie99. I think many of us feel like complaining is not the best way to get to the end of a situation. Everyone is different though. I have a hard time making any statements about the “majority of us” also. I mean, with over 300,000 estimated subscribers now and maybe 10 or 15 people have found this thread as a forum for venting and complaining? It seems to me as though almost everyone is just using a wait and see approach and not worrying too much about it. But there will always be a group who complain the loudest. I will be over here in the other group. No excuses, just patience and an understanding and hope in the bigger, longer term picture. Thanks.

  53. My wife and I ordered our cards on Aug. 19th and have not yet received anything from them. I have emailed and contacted them multiple times through the app and have yet to receive a response from them. My daughter ordered her card two days after my wife and I and received her card last week! This company seems to be a bit of a mess, and might be filed in the too good to be true category…

    • Phil you are so cool and thank you so very much you know we I think we’ve tried to help everyone feel positive about this I never forgot that it was a hoax or a scam I just knew that with my luck things kind of get goofed up sometimes and I give it couldn’t wait to get these this chance. Are you in Philly is that why your name is Philly.
      Well I commiserate with now. Lol
      I have some I have to do but I’m trying to see if I can work. IT out in between

    I signed up 3:00 pm or so PST.
    very plain envelope with
    RETURN thru a window says
    PO Box 495942
    Cincinnati, OH 45249
    (I’m assuming there is more than one processing center for Mastercards)
    Its a Master Card type Debit card GOOD ONLY FOR MOVIE PASS.
    I’ll stay in the blog to let you know my experience.
    I cannot wait to USE it..

    • Scott, It worked PERFECT!!!! PERFECT.
      I drove to the closest theater location an AMC (which is in a big mall nearby.. I waited until I had a parking pace before I select the movie time.
      I chose the movie “IT”. When you select a theater then the show it says something like “check in” .. You click that & it tells you
      that you have 30 minutes to buy your ticket..
      I walked up to the KIOSK at my theater (they have MANY) selected my show and time… (I may have been able to just click PICK UP ticket and had the same result). It asked me to swipe the card and just like that the ticket appeared.
      Seriously.. I was so happy. The price of my ticket was $13 something My membership has already paid for itself with one show.
      I’m going to stay in the blog a while.

      • I’m so happy that everything worked well for you. I think this will put a lot of us at ease. I just hope by the time I get my card this $9.95 subscription is still running. The big question is how long will this actually run for ?

    • Nice, almost a month. Let us know when you find a way to get hold of customer service. Even for members with cards they have been 100% responsive for the vast majority of members.

      • Ok. Will you please stop? How do you know that customer service is 100% unresponsive for a VAST MAJORITY of members? You have heard from what, 25 people out of 300,000 (estimated membership from interview with CEO Mitch Lowe)? Unless you can identify how in the world you have this information then it is not fair to the company or to other users/readers. Let’s try to keep the information here either factual or something that is clearly an opinion. But please do not present your opinion as fact. Please. Thank you.

        • The cards don’t look like they have chips. My local theater only uses chip readers. This could be a problem. No more swiping chip readers only.

          • Hi Scott. My card also does not have a chip. In our local market I have not yet seen any “chip only” readers. Every merchant I have seen has the reader that will ask you to enter the chip IF your card has a chip. However, on these readers if you don’t have a chip you can just slide your card as usual. I hope we don’t get the chip only readers here. It seems very restrictive to only allow chip cards. I would recommend calling your local theatre to confirm whether they ONLY accept chip cards. Thanks.

          • I’m in the great Los Angeles area (Nearer to Pasadena) I would think if theaters were going to that we’d have it here..
            All good here… I used the Kiosk.

  55. Philly I hope your right. The reason that merchants are being forced over to chip readers is because the bank will not honor fraudulent purchases and puts the cost on the merchant. If they use a chip reader the bank protects the merchant.


      It works perfectly and is super easy to use. I placed my order August 24 and received it today September 11.
      The ticket cost $10.70. Debit card worked like a charm.
      The movie theaters should kiss moviepass and thank them. I spent almost $23 at the concessions stand. If it wasn’t for moviepass I never even would’ve gone to the movies.

      • Hey Scott. So glad to hear you got the card and it worked perfectly for you. I totally agree with the concessions spending thing and the fact that some of use may not even go due to the inflated cost. But you might think of it like me. I would thing, “hey, I just spend $XX dollars on movie ticket(s) plus some nice treats.” We have still only received ONE of our cards. Funny, cuz the first account was started 8/17 and that is the one we still haven’t received. The other account was set up the next day 8/18 and we got that card like a week ago. But once we do get the other card a night at the movies might cost $25 instead of $50 and that is a big deal to me. See you.

  56. Reactivated account on 15th and still haven’t received my card but still waiting with no complaints …. yet 🙂

    So here’s a little something I used to do when I was member before. I signed up for AMC membership (back then it was $12 a year) and used the rewards card whenever I went to the movies using my moviepass card. I accumulated points and redeemed those points for free movies and concessions . Membership also entitled me to free size upgrades on popcorn and drink – Scott & Philly 🙂 This also works on my Cinemark rewards program (but they don’t have the deals on concessions like AMC).

    I am also waiting to hear back from someone who has the card about whether they were able to see a movie more than once ….

    • Hi Bruno in my case I tested it once briefly.
      .. I was in the parking lot of the mall where the theater is and I clicked the movie at that theater in the app…and it said I had to be within 100 yards of the theater which I was. So then I went to a different movie in the app clicked it and of course that worked fine.
      so even though you’re right there and it doesn’t say you can’t see this again it just says you need to be within 100 yards or whatever the heck ir is but you are actually few yards from the theater.
      It’s late I’m tired I hope my post makes a little bit of sense.

  57. MP CS absolutely sucks. I’ve been a subscriber for 4 years. My App doesn’t work and CS is not responding to my tweets or emails. Something smells really really fishy.

    MP Please get your act together. Take care of your current customers before taking on new ones.

    • I assume your App was working at one time and now isn’t. Uninstall and reinstall the app. In situations like yours that usually fixes it. I hope that helps.

  58. Ordered 8/16 as of 9/12 still no card. In app shows end date of 08/2024 been showing shipped for a while. Doesn’t show any numbers for moviepass

    • My friend in Las Vegas her shows the same way her son did get his card and everything is working great mine always showed the last four numbers but never said shipped however I got my card on Saturday

  59. So jealous of anyone who is making this work. I got my card, went to use it today, checked in no problem but card only had $3.50 on it. Hardly enough for a ticket so I had to pay the rest out of pocket or cancel. I canceled, figuring I’d try a different movie but now I’m blocked for the day. I looked around and quite a few of us are having this issue with declined cards. So am I supposed to keep driving to the theater hoping today is the day it will work?

    • Oh noo.
      What a hassle Cynthia.
      This is when we truly really need someone from MoviePass to chime in here on this blog.
      I wonder what causes that

  60. Ok maybe I can help break the doom and gloom got my pass today ordered 08/16 won’t get chance to use it for a couple days hopefully it will work…

  61. Are any old movie pass users on this thread? I’ve been paying the old price for the last two years. I don’t want to continue paying $50 a month for a service everyone else is paying $10 to get. I’ve sent multiple e-mails in and trade the new chat feature and no one has responded.

  62. Lame. Got my moviepass card after a long wait. Card is activated and I can check in successfully on the app to get a ticket, but my card gets declined. Tried it twice with same results. Contacted customer service with no response.

  63. Shelley,
    When you get to the theatre pick a movie with the app and press the (check in button). Should say successful. If using wifi you may have better luck with data.

  64. I am logged in on my phone and it let’s me use the card (saw Mother! today). When I try to log in on my ipad or online it says invalid credentials. I try to reset my password but no email ever comes. I’m worried that it will become useless if I ever get logged out of my phone since there apparently is currently no way to reset a password.

  65. Ordered card on Aug 16th, Credit card charged $9.95 on Aug 17th, charged again on Sep 17th and still no physical card on hand!

    Opened a ticket on ZenDesk, sent them an email and also tried to contact via app on my Android phone but ZERO response.

    • Hi Tara. Sorry to hear the way this is going for you. I can think of two explanations, both of which I don’t like. Number one, Movie Pass originally stated that your membership month would not start until you get your card. Recently I read their statement saying that the month also starts if you take advantage of an eticket. Have you done this? The other explanation and probably the more likely is that I believe that Movie Pass does not change your bill date until they actually send your card (if you haven’t used eticket). So, if they haven’t sent the card their system thinks to automatically charge you on the original bill date which is one month from the date you signed up. I also wish we could get some response from Movie Pass and I am hopeful that will happen very soon. I am hopeful and confident that once they get their act together they will satisfactorily resolve your account. Recent information shows that Movie Pass has tripled their workforce to help accommodate the large membership base. Will it be enough? Thanks.

  66. @ Philly. Unfortunately, yes, I used the e-Ticketing feature few days after signing up as a way of testing the service and at that time, my expectations was that I would have the card on-hand in the next 1-2 weeks and we are now, in week #9 and still without the physical card.
    The closest E-ticketing theater is like 40 miles away and it was euphoria that drove me to test the service but I will not drive such distance in traffic given that weekends are the only time that I have to watch any movie.

    What does “tripled their workforce” means. did they go from 10 to 30 or 200 to 600? unless they provide meaningful information, I suspect I will never receive the card since I activated the E-ticketing feature and may have to request charge-back from my credit card firm if I don’t receive my card few days before my next billing cycle.

  67. I Ordered my card on August 6th its been 1 month 15 days, and still I haven’t received my card yet, and I contacted customer support several time and they didn’t respond, this is the worst service I received in my life even after paying. Anyone who is planning to buy, can buy movie pass if you have patience to wait for 2months

    • Hi Karthik. You ordered your card on Aug 6, BEFORE the price was lowered to $9.95? Are you by chance mistaken about the date? This whole $9.95 thing didn’t start until Aug 15. This is the issue I have heard from anyone who signed up for Movie Pass at the higher price before the current craze. How much did you pay on Aug 6 and did they bill you again Sept 6?

  68. I ordered my card on Aug 17th, I’ve tried emailing customer svc twice, but they have not responded. My app does show the last 4 digits of a card number and an expiration date, I’d just like to know when the card will be mailed? Is there a phone number for customer service? Since they don’t answer emails, I’d like to try to call…..I think we’d all like to call and get answers from someone!

    • Mycard took almost month to get here.
      I’ve always held hope that it would get here I just wanted it to come a lot faster.
      Once you get it I know you’ll be very pleased.
      For me it was well worth the wait

  69. I’m entering week 6 for my card …. but still not concerned. It does help that one of my local theatres has budget Tuesdays where movies all day and night are only $6.50 with leather recliner seating 🙂

  70. I signed up August 17th and still don’t have a card or any way of getting an eticket since the app required I enter my card information before I can sign in on the app. I’ve sent emails, tweets, in-app support requests. I haven’t gotten any response on any medium.

  71. lmao. signed up and ordered my card back on 8/31/17. still have not got any responses to my emails, ive emailed both investors and typical questions emails. i submitted a question on the chat service in the app and it said will be with you shortly that was 2 weeks ago. lmao. it will be 4 weeks offically thursday 28th and still no card. what is going on. i agree with other people on here. you guys need a call center so we can talk to an actual person and get questions answered.

  72. Did Moviepass change the rules so that you can see the same movie twice now?

    I am asking because that $10 giant tub of popcorn loaded with fake butter played havoc on my stomach and I missed quite a bit of a movie without giving you more details.

    • Not that I know of but you should be able to ask in theater about getting a voucher or something that allows you to come back the reason I’m saying this is I had an issue not not with myself it’s just that I couldn’t get into the movie I wanted to see even though I bought a ticket because I wasn’t there when they let everybody in. I was in a store looking at something cuz the movie theaters at a mall

    • Hi Scott. Nice story. Movie Pass did announce that they were removing the rule about only seeing a movie once. However, I have not tested this so I don’t know how it works in practice. I would say give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Also, maybe skip the tub of popcorn, or at least skip the butter.

  73. Shari, when it comes to bodily functions I have the maturity level of a middle school boy. I did not want to talk to the manager. Talking about potty problems would have embarrassed me.

    Philly, i’m glad you enjoyed my story. I strongly recommend you avoid the 🍿 popcorn.

    • Scott you crack me up by the way if you have Coke rewards you may have received an email telling you enter 10 codes in for a free large popcorn from AMC but you might want to save it and take it home…lmao
      You guys said maybe you had an emergency phone call or something after all it was kind of an emergency…
      I will remember, however, to stay away from that snack!

  74. Here I am going on week 5 of no card. No replies on app help desk…no phone number to call….email no reply back….no
    Update from the company except some
    Email like 4 weeks ago to say we would get our card in two weeks??????

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  76. Update. We still have not received our card for 1st account. 2nd account sign up was 8/18 and received the card about 2 weeks later. 1st account was set up 8/17 and still no card 42 days later. I am interested to see where this all stands 6 months to a year from now. Will we all be happy members or will so many issues arise that we no longer feel that $9.95 is a great deal for what you get? Or, will the price or offering be different? My biggest issue at this point is Movie Pass starting our initial membership month on the day we first try out eticketing. For many of us we just did this out of over-anticipation and we had to drive across town to a theatre that is not convenient. So then I feel we are being punished when Movie Pass never stated this clearly in the terms. They just said the month does not start until we get our movie pass card. Comments? Questions? Thanks.

  77. AFAIK the Android App is still using the Paypal Sandbox environment. I checked a month ago and also last week. BUSH LEAGUE. Get it together dudes.

  78. Ordered my card and paid with Paypal on Aug 30 and I have not received anything yet ….Oct 1st
    I also forgot my login password for my moviepass app on my iPhone……..emailed moviepass…….No reply

  79. Philly- I feel your pain with the e-ticket thing, however, it wouldn’t make much sense to let everyone use the e-ticket feature and not count that toward their membership time. Membership would start as soon as you either activated the card or used the e-ticket feature (therefore letting them know that you have the option to use the service without the card) and your membership should start. I wish I had the option to use e-tickets. I am in the same boat with two accounts and only receiving one card so far. My girl ordered hers first, I did mine the next day.. I got mine first. I have used it 3 times and we have just paid out of pocket for her ticket. No biggie. It would be nice to have them both, but I’m confident it will eventually get here. Overall I am very happy with the product. No problems at the theatre or app so far. I did read on their twitter that they should have all cards shipped by Oct 1st. So everyone should get their cards this week.

    • Thanks Darrin. But I don’t think you get it. E-ticketing is only available at a theatre that is FAR away. So, when a new member signs up thinking the Movie Pass debit card will arrive in a week and they will get full use of the membership soon, they might want to just try out the eticketing even it is turns out to be terribly inconvenient or even impossible for them. So they try it out once in that first week having been told their card is coming in a week and there month won’t start until after they get their card. It doesn’t work out for them so they don’t use this feature anymore. Then a few weeks later they get charged again, they are now in their SECOND MONTH and still have not received their card. I am sure any rational person would agree this is way off base. So if I don’t get my card for a couple of weeks I will have to pay for my 3rd month of Movie Pass and will only have used it that one, inconvenient, almost impossible time way across town. A person would have been better off just paying for that movie across town rather than paying $30 for one movie. Get it? And the clincher is that Movie Pass did not reveal in the terms that the month starts when you try eticketing, they added this later, potentially to keep their monthly stream going even for customers who haven’t received their Movie Pass card.

  80. I do understand what you’re saying.. and I agree that it sucks! Your situation is unique because while I’m sure most people that use e-tickets are happy they can still use their MP even though their card hasn’t come yet.. MP has no way of knowing that the theatre you went to is inconvenient for you, all they know is that you’ve used it and in their mind have access to a theatre.. Some people only use the e-ticket option and they have to request a card if they want one.. Other people don’t have any e-ticket theatres, and due to their impatience they somehow found their last 4 card number on the website and activated it without their card.. that sucks too.

    In the FAQ it says: “When registering for your account, you’ll be prompted to enter your address. Once you’ve completed sign-up, your card should arrive at the address on file, within 5-7 business days.
    If you’re not prompted to enter your address when signing-up, you may have e-ticketing theaters in your area, noted by a red ticket icon next to the theater name. Since you only need the app at these theaters, a MoviePass card is not issued upon sign-up.”

    It’s a pickle. If I were you, I would try tweeting them and explain what happened.. I’ve heard that seems to be the best (which isn’t saying much) way of getting a response. Good luck! I hope they get everything together soon.. it’s hard to recommend this to friends and family with no customer service and the huge wait times. Hoping we get our other card this week *fingers crossed*

    • Darrin, The FAQ you are referencing was published long after I signed up and long after many people signed up. Their initial terms only said the month does not start until you receive your card and made no reference to e-ticketing. I understand you are newer to this thread so you probably haven’t been following this from the beginning. I understand. Thanks.

  81. Today I decided to try something out. I live 700 yards from local theater. phone internet at theater stinks. was going to go to movies so tried to check in from my place. might do this from now on unless told not to or cant

    • Probably not going to work. I assume the app uses your phone’s GPS. They state you need to be within 100 yards of a theater to check in. Last week I tried to check in within sight of the theater, but probably about 200 yards away and got a message saying I had to be closer to check in. So I walked closer to the theater and then I was able to check in.

      While I suppose you could use wifi from a theater that provided that service, all my check-in’s were with ATT’s data service (LTE).

  82. Finally got my card yesterday & successfully went to see American Made. They sent me an email saying my card was shipped 3 days before it arrived. I had ordered 8-21 so it was a long wait. But glad I got it!

  83. I used my card for the first time on September 29th. I did everything correct, checked in, and got a “success” screen on the app. When the individual at the movie counter swiped my card, it read “error”. They said I needed to get in touch with someone. This was very frustrating as they did not give me the ticket to the movie even with the success screen showing on the app. What is going on??

    • Hi Mary. Sorry for the late reply. May I ask how you approached the movie theatre associate? Did you tell them you were just picking up a ticket as if you had ordered it online? Or did you ask to PURCHASE a ticket? With the Movie Pass Card you aren’t just swiping to pick up a ticket. You are going to the counter to buy a ticket like you normally would. The check in procedure only allows Movie Pass to load the debit card with the right dollar amount so that you can buy the ticket. The check in does not purchase the ticket and does not reserve the ticket in any way with the theatre. I hope this is helpful. We went to AMC last night and after checking in just bought our tickets at the self-serve kiosk. We just bought the ticket like normal, except used the Movie Pass debit card for payment. Thanks!

  84. Glad to report we did receive our Movie Pass Card. We got one within a few weeks (ordered 8/17/17) and the other we just received on 10/6/17. It only took 50 days! Everything worked out well last night when we went to see a movie. It’s nice to have our movie tickets cost covered each month with a new movie ticket budget of $9.95 a month. Not a perfect start, but we are hopeful it gets better going forward. Please don’t stop asking questions. With so many active users it can be a great place to figure things out until the custumer service kicks in. Thanks.

    • I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR you got your other card, Philly!!!!
      I have been down with the flu but am excited to go see some new movies SOON.

      • Thanks Shari. I feel like we have been through so much together. Haha. If anyone actually gets any response from Movie Pass on any issue please tell us. I have never received any response. Shari, I am hopeful you have recovered from the flu. Praying for better health for you. See you later.

      • Shari, nice to hear you’re getting better. Not much worth seeing past couple of weeks anyways. Stay away from the 🍿if your tummy is still delicate.

          • I so agree David. I have to say this is probably the best deal I’ve ever gotten on anything and I’m pretty good at finding deals

          • Enjoy a lot of movies coming I want to see. Seem 3 movies at $14 a piece got my money back. I hope this goes on for every.

    • Philly I’m really glad you received your other card. You have more patience than most people. I have to admit Moviepass is amazing, I only hope it lasts.

      I upgraded my Home -Theatre to exceed IMAX sound levels. I even have speakers in the ceiling now. Since Moviepass I haven’t seen a single movie on it. All the money I would’ve spent on 4K Blu-ray discs get spent at the concession stand.

      I truly hope the movie theaters appreciate Moviepass for all the extra money they are bringing them. Moviepass is the only reason I tolerate the uncomfortable seats, employees walking in front of me with a bright red tipped flashlight, and people that won’t shut up or put their phones away.

  85. Received my a Moviepass card yesterday but I can’t log into the app on my iPhone.
    I changed the password on but when I try to log in on the app it says” we couldn’t find a user with your credentials “. Anyone have any idea what to do?

  86. Ordered my card August 17th and have yet to recieve. Have tried to get in contact with MoviePass customer service and they have yet to respond. Received email September 30 saying my card would arrive in 5-7 business days but here I am with no card.
    My boyfriend ordered his August 16th and received his within 14 days. Absolutely ridiculous. At the very least I expect there to be a way I can get in contact with a representative. The customer service chat on the app is USELESS as I have received NOT ONE response. At this point I will be shocked if my card arrives by the end of the year!
    I understood the delay at first but the absent customer service team has really pissed me off. No excuses.
    Two months to mail a card. WHO KNEW?!

  87. I have been using the E-ticketing for Goodrich theaters for 2 months and all of a sudden I can’t book tickets anymore using the E-ticket function at those theaters. Has this happened to anyone else? I think one way this company makes money is that they haven’t hired a single customer service agent! I have sent 20 emails and used the app and no response. Even there phone number just goes to a recording saying use the app. The customer service on top of this new issue is making me get so close to canceling this service.

  88. I signed up for the $9.99/month MoviePass on my desktop in August. Finally received my card a month later in September. I downloaded the app to my iphone using the same email/pw as when I signed up on the desktop, but I keep getting an error message saying,“We couldn’t find a user with your credentials.” I’ve sent emails to their customer service for help but no response yet. It’s October now and a lot of good movies are coming out that I really want to see but can’t until this app works. 🙁

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  90. Hi, If theater excepts movie pass then it should be allowed to any 2D movie at same theater right ? In CA, when I visited theater in Bay area, it didn’t allowed me to book ticket for Hindi movie !!! WTF !!!! App says this shows are not supported !!! What the hack is this……No where it says that with-in same theater all movies are not allowed etc. And customer support just SUCKS……really not sure if they have anyone behind the app/email to response…..what a NUT company……no courtesy in replying or clarifying !!

  91. I got my card and I can not login to the app. It either says credentials nor recognized or when I logon with Facebook it says “user canceled” I’ve opened a ticket and tweeted and have received zero response. I’m going to cancel if I don’t get a response in the next day!

  92. I checked the app for the theater I was headed to, and only one movie showed in the app. I started a chat to let MoviePass know I was seeing a movie showing at the theater but not in the app. When I got to the theater, only one movie was showing up in the app still, and no reply from chat. I tried chatting for 10 minutes, then bought a ticket.

    I’ve had 50% success in using MoviePass. When it works it was wonderful. But I do think that the spirit of my agreement with MoviePass entitles me to a refund on the money I spent for a ticket (I know I was supposed to wait for chat to okay that, but they didn’t respond that day, and haven’t two weeks later).

    I’ve sent MoviePass emails, submitted tickets, and tried chat repeatedly over the last couple weeks – no responses. It’s heartening to know that I’m not the only one with customer service issue, but the depth of the issues and complete lack of response is a little scary…

    • “I started a chat to let MoviePass know I was”

      You mean you started a chat with yourself. MoviePass has zero customers support. You can type in chat for weeks on end and never get a reply. Horrible!

      • Ha ha! Good one, robby. Snork.

        They actually responded in chat! They wrote shortly after I posted:

        “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. We refunded you the price of the ticket, so that amount should settle in your account [I assume they mean the credit card that I use to pay for my subscription?] within 72 hours depending on your bank.

        Going forward, please contact the MoviePass customer service desk via our website or in-app chat [this sentence makes me think this is a form letter, because I’d tried both those options repeatedly, and made that known] when you are experiencing issues with MoviePass. The representative will either trouble shoot your issue or instruct you to pay out of pocket. In the future, we will not be able to refund tickets purchased out of pocket if you do not have instruction to do so by a representative. [The problem is, they make you buy the ticket at the theater 30 minutes or less before showtime, and their chat did not work – there was no response for days. How could I have waited for instruction to purchase a ticket from a rep that never picked up? I hope I don’t have this issue again, because the other option will be, after making my way to the theater, to skip the movie or pay without expectation of MoviePass picking up the cost of the ticket. Which would sort’ve be beside the point…]

      • If you are a West Coast user experiencing an issue after hours, all refund requests must be submitted with a screenshot of the error that was preventing you from checking in. [Maybe this could apply to my situation, since ‘after hours’ simply means, they are not responding to chat, and despite it being within business hours when I tried them, they didn’t respond for days!]

        Approved refunds must be submitted within 7 days of the purchase. Our representatives are available from 10am to 12am EST Monday through Friday, as well as 12pm to 12am EST Saturday and Sunday. [So what happens if I have an issue trying to buy tickets for an 11am show on Saturday or Sunday? I am guessing that the allowance for West Coast users to submit unapproved refund requests would apply.]”

      • All of the questions? I’d reply to the chat with them, except once I received the message the chat was closed (by MoviePass). Maybe I’ll send a print-screen of their message with my questions in a new chat, and see how long it takes them to reply…

        MoviePass is such a great deal. I want to be a loyal user. I really hope they are successful enough to up their customer service game, and work out these kinks… “Violet”

  93. I got to the theatre 10 minutes early, tried to check in, got “failed to create reservation” error message. I’ve been waiting for chat to respond for 30 minutes. I’ve missed my movie (and the 30-minute check-in period, even if I’d arrived earlier). Terrible. I feel like crying, its so frustrating. Second time in a row MoviePass has failed. It’s now failed more than its worked. Great idea, incompetently executed. Help? I sent an email, too. What can they do, after making me wait for chat so long that I miss my showtime? Last time they screwed up I bought a ticket, they reimbursed me (after two weeks of no responses to my multiple messages) but warned that they wouldn’t again unless I was told to buy a ticket by an agent. How can they authorize my buying a ticket if you won’t respond at all?

    • So much for my Saturday afternoon and my subway fare, and my time, and my phone data.. They must know how little time we have when we’re not at work.

  94. So much for my Saturday afternoon and my subway fare, and my time, and my phone data… They must know how little time we have when we’re not at work.

  95. I had to break up my comment because the poorly-designed comment page makes the ‘submit’ button disappear if the comment’s over a few lines (for me, right now).

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  97. Ordered mine in August. Was told in September it was on the way but have yet to receive it or reply to my emails. Starting to wonder if I was scammed…

    • It’s not a scam. Both my gf and I have received our cards (after a long, long wait) and have used them multiple times. We did have one issue at a theatre with a kiosk where it came up with an error. The box office line was so long that we instead bought the tickets out of pocket (at $14 a piece!) otherwise miss our movie waiting in line. The customer service is almost non existent, so we didn’t even try to get a refund from them.. But we’ve already gotten so much value from our membership that it’s not a big deal. As long as it works the majority of the time, I’m a happy camper. One movie ticket costs more than my measly 9.99 monthly fee. So it’s definitely saved me money!

  98. I don’t think your customer service team exists since I have never received a response from customer service after multiple messages. Went ahead and cancelled after only a couple of months.

  99. I ordered cards for myself and my two sons back in AUGUST! My sons received their cards in September and even now, in November, I am still waiting for my card to arrive!! The app used to have e-ticketing for my theater available so I was able to use moviepass a few times to reserve and see a movie without my card. NOW, e-ticketing no longer works for any of us AND I don’t have my moviepass card yet so I CANNOT see ANY movies under moviepass…yet they continue to bill me every month. I have sent messages and get no response. They have said that all August memberships would have their cards long before now and I’d like to make sure they are still planning on sending mine. WHY would my sons receive theirs at the same time weeks after ordering but I don’t have mine and its been months??!! (Its my bank account that pays for all three subscriptions!) If they charge me ONE MORE TIME for a service that I cannot use in any way, shape or form, I will be joining that Class Action Lawsuit that is forming against them. All they have to do is respond to me directly and let me know whats going on. How long should I have to pay for something that I can not use?

    • I ordered my pass on August 17 and have still not received. I had been contacting MoviePass since September 11 and just received a response by some miracle on October 30. Their messaging app was updated so maybe try again. Was told that cards were lost in the mail (no kidding) and they would be mailing me another. Haven’t received yet but fingers crossed it will be here next week. It’s a really frustrating process. This company is a giant mess.

    • My husband got his card in October, still haven’t seen mine. Both were ordered at the exact same time in August. This is a nightmare.

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  101. I have not been able to sign on for 12 days. Daily, I have emailed, gone to the website and submitted a request for support, used in app support and twitter – 48 times I have tried to contact them and I have not received 1 answer. They need to take care of the customers that they have instead of trying to get more. Customer Service is important!

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    • you need to be able to use the app and be within 100 feet of the theater. I didn’t always have a smartphone either. Tablet with a connection to the net would work but I’m assuming maybe that’s not a choice you have.
      To my knowledge I believe you do need something you can run the apps on. (Smart phone).

  103. I am very concerned about all this talk about AMC discontinuing the use of prepaid cards at the kiosk and not accepting MoviePass at the ticket counter. Many folks online have quoted actual AMC employees saying this stuff I don’t know how much truth there is to it but I’m a little troubled by it anyone else hear the same?

  104. I just signed up & I was impressed to get my card in the mail the very next week! Unfortunately now when I try to use my app to activate my card and check in, it just tells me that my account is in an incorrect status and to contact customer service. I’ve tried this and still no help! I would love to enjoy this service but I can’t seem to fix this issue. It is very disappointing.

    • Even i am facing same issue. Got upset when i been to theater and couldn’t able to check in. Not sure what to do? Even customer support chat isn’t helpful.. 🙁

  105. So frustrated. Card won’t active and no one at movie pass will help. I’ve tried email, text, twitter, help pages on the internet. Terrible service.

  106. It has been a bit embarrassing to be in line and not be able to check in. I have walked away from two films now. Is this a high volume thing, a Star Wars thing or user issues?

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