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Time is running out for you last-minute gift buyers!

Still looking for something to satisfy your Star Wars obsessed cousin, or your cinephile of a younger brother? MoviePass should definitely be on your short list. Check out some reasons below we think they’ll love the gift of unlimited movies this year.

They’ll Have The Freedom To Choose

This ain’t your granddad’s “movie bucks” gift card that gets you into the one local theater that accepts it. Gifting MoviePass means the recipient gets to go see movies at any of the 93% of theaters nationwide that are accepted. We did the math: that’s over 30,000 movie screens that they could find themselves in front of, enjoying some of the best movies of the holiday season. From the mom-and-pop indies to the larger chains, they can hop around to their hearts content.

They Can Use It On Vacation

I mentioned it was available nationwide, right? If they decide to see Star Wars in some city far, far away, they’ll rest easy knowing that they can probably still use MoviePass there. All thanks to you! Not bad for a Wookie…

They’ll Be On The Cutting Edge Of Movies

Let’s be honest, a true cinephile would prefer not to want to wait until the second week of a movie’s release to check out a film that people are raving about. Some discount tickets require that, but that’s a thing of the past with MoviePass. As soon as that movie hits the theater, whether it’s a Thursday preview or a Saturday matinee, they’ll be able to be there. With that kind of access, they’ll be their friends’ movie guru in no time.

They’ll Experience New Things

Without having to pay for each ticket, they’ll be able to take some chances on what they see. If they’re normally a horror movie watcher, maybe they’ll give the next romantic comedy a spin because hey, it’s free (thanks to you)! Let them branch out and test the waters without worrying about risking the price of a ticket on a movie they might not enjoy. They might discover something amazing they never would have otherwise.

It Keeps On Giving

With 3, 6, and 12 month plans available, this isn’t just a one-off situation. Your favorite movie nerd will have the pleasure of enjoying movies during this crazy, Star Wars Christmas we’re having all the way through to awards season and the Oscars in February. They’ll be thanking you in December and potentially all the way into the spring with this in their stocking.

We’re Kind Of A Big Deal

Ok, we’re not Ron Burgundy-level big deal (yet), but there are some great publications out there that have recommended MoviePass in their gift guides. Among others, we’ve got BuzzFeed, New York Magazine, Parents Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and MacRumors all giving the gift of MoviePass some love.

You’ve Still Got Time!

This gift won’t punish you for procrastinating (unlike the Turbo Man toy from Jingle All the Way). You can schedule a gifting email to arrive to your beloved movie fanatic on whatever date you want, so no waiting in lines, no “sorry, we’re sold out”, and no stress about postal delays.

It’s the 21st century, you deserve a break. 🙂 Click here or in the navigation bar to check out the gift options!

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