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Earlier this summer, we saw an exciting new trailer for upcoming superhero flick Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Most of the focus was on the key characters, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), and what looks to be a pretty hardcore conflict between them. But the trailer also offered the first glimpses of the lovely Gal Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman, and it will essentially be the character’s first foray into modern cinema. See more about it after the break!

What’s the Deal with Wonder Woman??


All indications so far are that Wonder Woman will be a fairly minor character in the 2016 film, introduced perhaps in the way Marvel worked in Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver intros in the midst of Avengers: Age Of Ultron this past spring. Yet we also know that Gadot has signed on for at least one film starring Wonder Woman as the central character, and details for that project are beginning to become a little clearer.

This is a welcome development for those who have been thirsty for news and information regarding Wonder Woman, as there’s really been almost nothing to go on of late. While other heroes have previous films or appearances that can let us know what to expect, Wonder Woman will be brand new to today’s comic book movie audiences.

Wonder_Woman-JLAside from appearances as part of an array of DC Comics-themed casino games and other minor parts in other DC Comic series like the animated show Justice League, she’s hardly made herself seen elsewhere in mainstream pop culture either. The game does provide a minor look at what some of her surrounding atmosphere is like, taking a more glossy, polished route over the gritty warrior princess some versions of the comics make her out to be. But in terms of further character back story or action, there’s hardly anything else out there.

What this means for the people behind the DC films is that there’s more or less a blank canvas where the Wonder Woman character is concerned. Sure, they’ll be expected to use comic inspiration for those who have kept up with the comics, but even that can go a lot of directions.

Here’s a few points we know so far…

She’ll Be Tough


For one thing, it appears that the physical quality of the Amazonian princess character will be upheld in Gadot’s interpretation. Gadot is widely regarded as a beautiful woman, but that’s not exactly what we mean by “physical aspect.” In fact, much like her male superhero counterparts, Wonder Woman is a strong and agile athletic specimen. Gadot is reportedly gearing up for a year of gym work in order to best look the part. Frankly, this isn’t a woman who looks as if she needs a year in the gym, even if it’s to add a little bit of muscle, but it’s nice to see her taking the role so seriously.

Chris Pine as “Love Interest”


Fashion Style compiled a nice collection of rumors about the plot and background, but as far as facts go, we know that Chris Pine will be playing the role of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest (male love interests?! Sounds like Mad Max: Fury Road!). Pine has played second fiddle to leading ladies before (Into the Woods, indie Z for Zachariah), so I have no doubt he’ll fit comfortably into this role.

We’ll Get an Origin Story


To that point, Fashion Style identifies a few specific Wonder Woman stories that could serve as origin points—namely, her 2011 comic book background story as the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, who she left after Zeus uses her and her fellow Amazonians for sport. There’s also the possible introduction of Trevor as a stranded pilot whom she nurses back to health and escorts back to America.

We’ll find out in due time if that’s any sort of adequate outline for the upcoming film (which should be released in 2017), though it’s an appealing snapshot as a potential beginning. That specific backstory, combined with the somewhat-rugged image of Gadot in the Batman v Superman trailer, gives the impression of a wild character, as opposed to the somewhat cheesy sparkling lady Superman she’s sometimes depicted as (like in the casino game or in the 1970s TV show (see example below)).

In the eyes of many, that’s a good start.

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