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To the MoviePass Community,

We’ve been blown away with all of the excitement surrounding our new $9.95 unlimited plan. Though we anticipated a high level of interest, we have received an unprecedented volume of traffic. In recent weeks, we’ve received hundreds of thousands of emails and tens of thousands of chats through our customer service channels. Though we increased our staff in anticipation of the new plan, the response has been overwhelming. In an effort to address all of your questions, we’ve tripled the size of our team, which is working to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

Due to heavy traffic, our card processing facility has increased manpower to accommodate the high demand. After hiring more employees and lengthening their service hours, they have drastically increased the number of cards shipped on a weekly basis. In the hopes of delivering your card as close to your sign-up date as possible, cards are created in batches on a first-come, first-served basis. Recently, the manufacturing queue was shuffled, so some of the cards have been delivered out of order. While we work to ensure that processing is fulfilled according to your registration date, some of our more recent sign-ups may receive their cards before some of our earlier sign-ups. There is currently a 2-3 week delay in card delivery. As an added measure, we’ve opened another fulfillment center that will double our weekly output.

Although you were billed for your first month of service upon registration, your membership does not begin until you receive your card and activate it in the app, and you will not be billed the second installment until a month after activation.

If you would like to use the service immediately, feel free to check our app for e-ticketing theaters, which allow you to retrieve your same day ticket, without the MoviePass card. These locations are identified by a red ticket icon next to each theater’s name. Participating theaters are Goodrich Quality Theaters, Studio Movie Grill, and MJR Theatres. Once you reserve your e-ticket at one of these locations, your first month of service will begin regardless of whether you’ve received your card.

For your convenience, we’ve included a few resources that can help you find additional information you may need. The FAQ’s should provide answers to all of your questions and the theater map allows you to search for supported locations in your area. Though several unauthorized sites were created to provide a list of supported theaters, only can provide accurate results.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll continue to send updates on a weekly basis.

Theater Map:


Thank you,
The MoviePass Team

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  1. activated my card when trying to find out if my theaters were E-ticket or not so I guess no refund? even though I ordered and have yet to receive either of the two cards I ordered on August 17th…

      • Same. I also contacted support several days ago but still haven’t heard back. I purchased I was charged and I’m being patient, but this is embarrassing. According to the website I should have received my card already – not only have I not received it, but I am still waiting to get any sort of response. This service is improvised at best. Truly a pity.

          • When you pay for a service you expect the payee to fulfil their obligation in a timely manner … if that means expanding to compensate for the increased volume (more so than the minimal expansion we’ve seen here) then so be it. It has been going on two months since I paid my initial $10. It isn’t the money … it’s paying for nothing. What kind of pretentious cunt questions a person’s fandom because they expect a business transaction to be handled professionally? Fuck, I hate you and I don’t even know you.

          • Wow, a little anger their. Perhaps you should calm down a little bit. You may have a stroke or something.

            Never been called a cunt before. Did not know u could call a non female one. But then again, you could of been thinking i relate as a female….

            Well, i still say… be patient the cards are being reported arriving every day now. Ive used my card for the 2nd time tonight. Boy i love it, and it was so worth the wait i had to endure.

            I still say, i would rather have them spend their resources fufilling the cards. Then once things slow down, start replying to customers again.

            We can all sit down and say, they should of did this or that. Its easy to look at orhers and say what they should or should not do. But printing companies have schedules. They have other work . They cxannot just stop all the work they are doing for all their orher clients and only work for rhgem. Not to mention they did not have enough stock for all thhe orders they had. That canctake days to a couple weeks to do. They gotta hire people. Then they train them, while working with multiple print vendors .

            Granted they were unprepaired for the response. Not sure how, vut rhey were . Servers died, locked up, app locked up.

            I mean even ticketmaster who been doing this for like 30 years still have servers which get overloaded the min popular bands release tickets. If anything you would expect them to handle the volume they get. But they dont. I had less issues with MoviePass app then i did buying tickets using ticket master.

          • Scott just STFU and go watch a movie you prick. If a company says my card has been shipped and should receive it in 5-7 business days and it turns out they lied and haven’t shipped anything I expect to be compensated for their company screwing up.

        • Same. They said they sent my card and I have not received it. They are now charging me monthly out of the blue and STILL have not responded to a single support ticket. I have been requesting help for 6 weeks now.

          • Same here. I got an email saying “Congrats! It looks like your MoviePass card should have arrived and your account will begin tomorrow.” NO IT HASN’T! I have inquired several times and have not heard back. Poor customer service. And I agree with Gabriel. I paid $10 for nothing at this point. It’s frustrating.

      • Adam, It has been 5 weeks since I signed up and still no card. Sent an email to support asking when my card will arrive and got the same email back I got when I signed up 5 weeks ago! “Your card is on the way. Should arrive in about 5-7 business days”. Are you kidding me! An automated email! They do not have a live person replying back so this tells me they completely don’t care. Looking for this company to collapse like a stack of cards!

      • It’s been 5 weeks and no card or response back. But no problem taking my money. So far moviepass gets an F. Communication is important if you want to keep customers. Scam likely!

        • Well, if its a scam, lots of people including myself has gotten a card and used it multiple times.

          It took me 6 weeks to get my card and no real communication other than cannes bulk emails then got my card, it works great.

          Love seeing movies again. No longer having to decide if i can afford popcorn with a price of the movie.

          • Listen Scott I am sure you are enjoying your MoviePass subscription and card. That’s great. However, that does not eliminate the legitimate concerns of customers who have paid for a subscription and until now have nothing to show for it. I am not sure why you are in the comment section harassing people with legitimate complaints. My only two guesses are that you either have an irrational desire to defend a for profit company that needs no help from you or you’re somehow associated with them. I doubt and sincerely hope it is not the latter.

            I, along with a few other customers if this comment section is any indication, do not have a problem with the MoviePass service itself. How could we as we have not yet received the necessary card in order to even have tried the service! We have a problem with inconsistent and unresponsive customer service. I don’t care if you’re selling Iron Man suits for a $1. If you give the customer the expectation that they will receive service within a certain time frame and then don’t deliver, then the customer has every reason to be dissatisfied and voice that dissatisfaction to the business. Maybe if customer service actually responded to their customers, we wouldn’t be here in the comments making our voices heard.

            This isn’t up for debate. Customer service should address a customers needs and issues. You don’t have to make a case for the value of the service. We signed up because we also saw the value in this service. However at this point I don’t know if my card has been delivered to another household (a distinct possibility with my mailman), thrown away by another member of my home, or if the service is still processing my card. Any clarification would be appreciated. Instead I have to wait and discover by process of elimination which is the cause of my missing card. If it’s the earlier two, then I have to contact them AGAIN for another card.

            So yes I feel fully entitled to my criticism and will continue to voice it until the company that I PAID addresses it. Enjoy your MoviePass.

          • So you cancel your account and dispute your cc charges. Get your 10.00 back and loose out on what moviepass provides.

            I dont think anyone disagrees that customer support lacking. I dont think anyone disagrees that this has been the worst rollout of all time. I dont think anyone disagrees that a lot of things could have / should have been done differently.

            Its always easier to look from the outside and say you should do this or that. Its always easier to look in the past and to say you should of done this and that.

            I will not try and justify what they did and how they messed this up. But they are taking steps to improve their service. They have changed some procedures and policies to address a lot of peoples issues. All they can do is move forward, learn from past mistakes, improve what broke.

            In case you did not see it. Here the latest i have seen.

            To the MoviePass Community,

            Thank you so much for your patience as we work to get MoviePass cards out as quickly as possible. If you’re waiting for your MoviePass card to arrive in the mail, there are 4 questions that you most likely are asking:

            1. When will I get my card?
            2. Why is it taking so long?
            3. What will you do to improve this for the future?
            4. Will I be charged while I am not using the card?

            Let us answer those for you.

            You should be receiving your card shortly. We have confirmed that all back orders and new orders will be filled in the next 10 days at the latest. We are sending emails when your card ships to let you know that it’s on the way.

            When we changed our prices, we had no idea how overwhelming the response would be from customers and the press. In fact, we were told that the announcement was the #1 trending consumer news article in the world. Our membership grew by 2300% in 6 weeks.

            What have we done to ensure we don’t fall behind again? We have massively stocked our card inventory to prevent having backlogs in the future and have additional facilities pressing cards. We have tripled the size of our Customer Service team to be able to respond to needs quicker. We are completely updating our CS tools to make it easier to respond in a timely manner.

            You will not be billed while you are waiting for your card to arrive. In certain locations, there are theaters that have e-ticketing available. Goodrich Quality Theaters, Studio Movie Grill, and MJR Theatres support our app’s e-ticketing feature. You can attend these theaters immediately upon sign-up even if you have not received your card. Your account will begin when you make your first e-ticket reservation and that will set your billing date. E-ticketing is at the theater chain’s discretion. If you wish to have e-ticketing at theaters near you let the theater know. We will do everything possible to get those theaters live with e-ticketing as soon as possible.

            We look forward to you seeing many movies with us and being part of our rapidly growing community.

            Thank you,
            The MoviePass Team

          • Actually Nah I won’t. I live in a world where I can both appreciate the value of a service and be upset with poor customer service. You are right that no one disagrees that customer support is lacking. In fact, you were commenting on this very post weeks ago complaining about how inadequate the customer service was. The only difference is that you finally received your card. So now you’re on here trying to talk down frustrated customers off a proverbial ledge they’re not even standing on. When you were upset, it was reasonable and justified. Now everyone else is overreacting?

            Also, miss me with the high school lecture on “the man in the ring” crap. Running a company is hard? I had no idea. All of their improvements are a direct response to feedback from their customers. And they can do more than move forward, learn from past mistakes, and fix what is broken. They can respond to their customers. If one of the MoviePass customer service representatives contacted me directly as you have, I wouldn’t be here in the comments reading an update that was copy and pasted by another customer.

            I am fascinated by people like you who feel the need to defend a public company that, by the way, just had a massive bump in subscribers. They need to be accountable to their customers. They don’t need to be coddled with some half-baked version of “Don’t complain unless you are doing it yourself” If people followed your thought process I shudder to think of the world we would live in. Trust me MoviePass is making a healthy profit, and my one complaint isn’t going to sink the ship. Once again, enjoy your MoviePass.

          • I also said in one or multiple of my post. Feel free to cancel and dispute your cc charge. I for one will not miss your whinning and you will just miss out on this great deal.

            I was frustrated as you are.

            My post is to give you hope.

            I myswlf choose ro look forward and not bvackwards. I am sure if you get your card you will feel differently as well.

            And making improvements and moving forward is really all that. An be done. Cannot change the past and bad decissions. All you can do is make improvement and movce forward

      • Me too, it’s been way over their “2-3 week delay” I do not like how they already charged us. This company needs to get it together

        • 10/07/17
          Just got back in and my wife informed me that she got her card today and I just started my (staycation) – vacation so I guess we will be doing the dinner and a movie date night this week. Just in time for her to go see the new mountain between us movie that she was really wanting to see. Now I have my partner in crime to run with.

          On a side note since I used the referral method to get her card I will get a one month credit on my account for her keeping it for one month and then for anyone else who I refer and they keep it for one month. I’ve sent out out six other referrals so hopefully they will get theirs soon and be as happy as I’m but if the referrals don’t come through I will still be enjoying our passes.

          I just started reading this blog site and even though I don’t know this person (Scott Pollock), I so happy to see he got his because he sounded like me when I was waiting for my card and was still able to be patient while still voicing his concerns about the service.

          Patience, Patient, Patience everyone let’s not ruin a good thing that a lot of folks can enjoy.

      • My phone was stolen. My new phone won’t process any reservations. Their “live chat,” site has been silent for several days… So I’m paying for no response. I guess it could be weeks.

    • I am now going on 6 weeks with out a card I was originally okay with it because I used eticket but now the only theater that did eticket no longer does. So now I am stuck here waiting for my card like everyone else. And why is no one responding from customer service. I am starting to feel we all paid for a scam that seemed too good to be true.

      • We have a theater that uses E-Ticket But when I try from the app it say I need to enter a 4 digit code from my card that I haven’t receive yet my question what was your process of see a movie without your card?

    • Its Ten Dollars guys!!!! What are you complaining about??? Humble yourselves and just be patient with a company who is actually out there helping us save some money and enjoy the movies!!!! Yall are so into this instant gratification bullshit and demand things immediately, yall forgot to thank these guys for trying to help us! Imagine if all your negative reviews (for not answering to your messages about your card that will be delivered as promised) crumbled this company to the ground, yall would continue to pay $40 for a movie night for 2!!!
      Shut the fuck up and humble yourselves. Be patient and find something else to do until you can use their services. Be positive!!!!

      • Problem is a lot dont care. They are pissed and want payback.

        I am with you, its 10.00 dont sign up for something if you cannot affoed5 to have money tied up a while before you start using it.

        • I received an email on September 22 that my card was shipped and would be there in 5 business days… yeah I don’t have it. I don’t care about the $10. I just care that I’m getting treated like a schmuck

      • I’ve paid for my shit and I expect it. Nothing wrong with that. Stop being an awesome elitist. 10 dollars isn’t such a tiny amount to some people.

        • All he was saying is be patient. If you look evverywhere you should of seen it tas taking a while.

          Also, since the bitch emails are down considerably I take it as a good sign that most people are getting their cards.

          Hang in there. Or file a cc complaint and get your 10.00 back. Your not out anything, as your 1st month does not start till you use your card the 1st time. Be patient.

          • Yea i ordered my card on 8/16 and received and activated it on 9/15 and I was just charged on 10/15. Now I’m just waiting for my referral to keep the service for 30 days to see if I get a credit for my next billing. If not I’ll still be happy with my purchase, I’ve seen 21 movies since I’ve had the card, thanks moviepass.

          • Hey Scott, weren’t you here making a “bitch complaint” earlier? Get your head out of your ass, there are tons of people still going through problems like this

            “It’s been 6 months since I bought the card. Only receiving one of my card last month. Still haven’t received the other one at all. Mind you I’ve been charged all 6 months for a card that’s not activated or anything, still stuck to the paper. This is outrageous and horrible service!!!!!! On top of that, I can’t get a response, all thought I’ve sent about 6 messages or more…. what is life… lol”

            Wouldnt you be pissed if you paid months of subscription fees and had nothing to show for it? This is literally people expressing how they feel about this company, thats how the free market works, if your system sucks, you get bad word of mouth, that’s all thats happening here, for some weird reason, you only seem to swoop in on people sharing their experience, I have no idea how a company that took so long and didn’t even contact you got you to defend them (possible shill?) but all you’re doing is trying to discredit people with legitimate complaints. I was given this as a gift, the company said 5-7 days, it’s been over a month. Of course people are going to be mad about that, especially when there is nobody from customer support you can reach, do you really not get that? (How could you forget, you were in the same situation awhile ago yourself).

    • 12-5-2017
      This whole “MoviePass” situation is nasty! It took six weeks to get my “MoviePass” card in the mail and the next day when I went to use the card for the first time – it didn’t work at all :/ Had wasted two hours with the movie theater employees trying to get the @?!$! “Movie Pass” card to work with no luck! It was a big headache & embarrassing. It turns out “MoviePass” is a scam and I’m canceling my membership and going to the bank to get my first initial payment back into my account!

    • It’s been 6 months since I bought the card. Only receiving one of my card last month. Still haven’t received the other one at all. Mind you I’ve been charged all 6 months for a card that’s not activated or anything, still stuck to the paper. This is outrageous and horrible service!!!!!! On top of that, I can’t get a response, all thought I’ve sent about 6 messages or more…. what is life… lol

    • I have been waiting for a card since 11/19/17. This company is full of SH_TTT! I have tried to contact them and I get the same run around. “Theresa, Jan 5, 12:35 AM EST:
      Hi Charles,

      I’m very sorry for the delay in getting your card to you. Could you please confirm your current shipping address? We’ll be sure to get a replacement card out to you there as soon as possible. We’ll be able to adjust your start date accordingly so you get a full month of use after you receive your card and correct any billing issues should any exist. If you have any questions, please let me know!
      Thank you,
      Your MoviePass Concierge”
      “Eric, Jan 5, 8:28 PM EST:
      Hi Charles,

      Thank you for contacting MoviePass! Can you please confirm the email address used to register your MoviePass account? Once we have this information we will be able to access your subscription and assist you further.
      Thank you,
      Your MoviePass Concierge”
      “Theresa, Jan 5, 12:35 AM EST:
      Hi Charles,

      I’m very sorry for the delay in getting your card to you. Could you please confirm your current shipping address? We’ll be sure to get a replacement card out to you there as soon as possible. We’ll be able to adjust your start date accordingly so you get a full month of use after you receive your card and correct any billing issues should any exist. If you have any questions, please let me know!
      Thank you,
      Your MoviePass Concierge”
      They have charged me for an entire year yet here I am STILL without a card and no I haven’t activated my account.
      This is sickening customer support. I’ve been more than patient but soon I will start a social media campaign that will include contacting all of the companies that have supported this sham as well as legal action.

      • Charles – Something needs to be done (social media blitz, class action lawsuit, etc.). A company that takes your money and does not deliver what they promise is a fraud.

  2. That still doesn’t seem to answer the issue that a lot of people (like me) aren’t even able to log in to the mobile app. I still haven’t heard back from anybody even after repeated attempts of contact through every means available

    • I’m not sure if this helps at all but I FINALLY got a reply back on a Twitter DM saying they didn’t have my email on file even though I swear it went through and signed me up. I think on the launch day, servers were obviously highly stressed, and I’m *guessing* there were server hiccups and some sign ups didn’t actually complete even though they might have said they did. I made a new account last week and everything has been smooth/fine now.

      It won’t let you sign up with the same email so try using that one to make a new account now that server load has calmed down! 🙂

      • I order my card on 8/29 and my husband ordered on 9/7. I emailed about not receiving the card and no response, only a blanket email to everyone stating cards would be received in 2 to 3 wks. My bank called the number for billing of movie pass and it was out of service! Needless to say the charges have been disputed!

  3. I have written several times!! You double billed me and I received TWO cards… I only want one account!! Have activated one card!! Please correct the billing!!! HELP!!

      • What scares me is it showing as mailed for over 2 weeks and no card arrived.

        Here what i can see happening.

        1. It will be here today. I thought this for 1.5 weeks now. Rush home to check mail to be disappointed by bit getting.

        2. It got lost or stolen in the mail.

        3. During their system glitch which allowed people who signed up weeks after me to get their card before me. It never got created and mailed. The System shows it as being mailed so they are not even creating and mailing me a card. So i am waiting weeks and a card will never come.

        Its been 2 weeks since i first contacted them. No response. So how do i find out why my card shows as being shipped for 2 weeks yet its not here yet.

        What fraustrating is not hearing anyrging from them.

          • In the Moviepass app click on Profile and thhen click on Moviepass card. Mine has a experation of date of 8/2024 and says card shipped.

            Typically experation dates are set x number of years from when ut was created.

        • 100% this. It’s been 3 weeks now since it was listed as ‘shipped’ in the app. People who signed up before and after me have gotten their cards. I’ve contacted email support, twitter, chat support, all with no response. No way to get in contact with anyone. I have no clue what to do next. I’ve considered cancelling and signing back up.

          • Ive thought of doing that to. Or possibly signing up avain with a new email and cc and see whi h i get 1st. But not wanting to do that. But i dont know what to do.

            As are they aware that ive not received a cardceven though its shows as shipping 3+ weeks asgo.

  4. “While we work to ensure that processing is fulfilled according to your registration date, some of our more recent sign-ups may receive their cards before some of our earlier sign-ups.” This makes no sense. Why would you continue to produce new orders when thousands who signed up on August 15 / 16 / 17 haven’t received theirs. If you’re truly trying to “ensure processing is fulfilled according to [our] registration date,” then you should pause production until the early sign-ups are fulfilled. It just keeps moving further and further away from our registration date. What compensation will you provide to early sign-ups for screwing us over?

    • Continuing to try to get cards out to as many people as possible is far better then stopping production and causing delays for everybody.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I signed up on the 16th and was promised a card in 7 working days, before Sept 6, then the 10th, then 2-3 weeks and now 5 weeks. All the while they sign up thousands more to cut in front of the line.

      • It’s called screwing over the fewest people. They make people that signed up after us happy. They already screwed us over so doesn’t matter if they keep screwing us over. The deal is so good i don’t really care as long as it last a few months.

  5. I’ve been a customer for YEARS. I don’t need a card delivered. I need my account charged and activated. Customer service used to rock. Now I’ve been waiting for almost a month to use my card, and I can’t. I have sent at least TEN requests to customer service to active the card that I already have. I keep getting ignored, and I just want to be able to go to the theater and watch IT!!

  6. I ordered mine on August 16th. So in 3 days a month. Ive written 3 times, no response. Thiscwill go down as the worst product launch in history

    I wonder if they can recover feom it.

  7. They tripled staff bu going from 9 to 35 employees I read today on bloomberg. Great job, way to really staff up to keep up with the chaos. These guys are idiots!

  8. was I supposed to receive a confirmation email? I never did. all that happened so far is the charge on my credit card and I cannot even log on to the app as I have no info.

  9. I’ve been double-billed for the month of August. No response to my emails and ticket submissions. I’ve now disputed the charge with my credit card company. MoviePass used to have such a great telephone customer service line and now, not only does the outgoing message make no sense (what’s ‘abstract feature’?) and there is no one to answer the call. So frustrating! MP has ‘ramped up’ the customer service team to 35??? WTH? How about 135? That number might be able to make an impact in dealing with all these issues.

    • Same idea. I signed up on Aug 16 and sent Movie Pass emails, Twitter requests AND comments on their application on my card. Yet have not received this card. My whole family has although. Please help!

  10. “2 to 3 weeks delay” is meaningless without a reference point. For those of us who ordered 8/15-8/16, does that mean 2 to 3 weeks beyond the original 5 to 7 days time frame. Or 2 to 3 weeks beyond the 2nd delayed time frame you promised (delivery before 9/6). Or 2 to 3 weeks from now??

  11. I know many of you are waiting for your cards and have been billed. PLEASE remember your first month does not begin until you receive your card. I am sincerely sorry for the wait. For those of you who have received your card but are having problems getting started please forgive us for not responding to your need for help. We will get to you and again your first month will not start until your card is activated. For those of you who ordered on the 15th and 16th of August and see people who ordered after you have gotten their cards I am sorry we got a big group of first and second day signups out of order. Next week we double the number of new cards shipping each week and we will get caught up soon. Again I am sorry.

    • Hang in there, Mitch. People are savages. Napster went ham on the music industry– and ultimately lost, but the industry has never been the same. Moviepass is going ham on the movie industry, but in a much cleaner and more defensible manner. Here in a few days I will have waited a month for my card to arrive, but I’m not tripping. People complaining so much don’t see the bigger picture.

    • Mitch, I’m trying to understand my situation in light of this blog post. Can you help me understand? I signed up on Aug 21 and my wife on Aug 22. My wife’s cards came last Tuesday the 5th and mine still hasn’t come. I’m dumbfounded. This was a plan for date night and now we are stuck until the other card comes. I’m confused as to where I fall in the above distribution situation. If you need account information please let me know and I’ll send it. It is also under the same email used to post this in case you can see it.

      • You don’t need to be “stuck” for date night, just have your wife use hers and you just pay for your movie…it’s really not that hard and this doesn’t need to uproot your entire life for the love of god. When your card comes, you’ll be able to use both cards together as stated in the life handbook. 🙄

    • I received and used my card on September 9th but my next billing date is October 1st. Reached out many times through different methods to get this corrected. Since first month doesn’t start until I received my card this should be an easy fix. I’m not even mad that I’ve had no response I just want it corrected.

    • Hello Mitch, this is definitely not the right way to run your business. Promises and Promises ..but no results. You excuses are worthless and unreliable. You have took my money on August 17th and promised my card in seven days. It is day 34 and no card. You have no customer service or a contact phone number, but yet you have taken all this money and left everybody hanging.

      Disappointed and disgusted.

    • Mitch, I received my card after many weeks and the instructions say I need to activate the card. How?
      I look in the app and nowhere does it say “activate”. In the “moviepass cards” section of the app, it shows “card# Card Processing”. I have no idea if the card works or is activated and no way to confirm. I have contacted your support and “NOT ONCE” have they responded to my requests. How do I resolve my activation issue, if I can’t speak with your support people?

      • Alan R. There been several people who addressed this including myself.

        Also, pretty sure its on the FAQ.

        Go into the Theaters select the movie you want to see. Cluck on the start time. Then you get a prompt asking tou to check into the movie. Click on that. Thgen you will get a prompt to enter the last 4 digits of tour moviepass master card. Then a few seconds latet your card activated .

  12. Absolutely worst product launch. I ordered on 15th and wife on 16th but we still haven’t received our cards. This will go downhill. Oh its already so downhill there is no where further down to go.

  13. I signed up on August 15th and got my card on September 9th and saw my first movie. However you have my billing date as 10-01-17. No billing date was listed until I activated my card. Since my first month wasn’t supposed to start until I received my card my date should be different. I’ve used app chat feature, email and twitter to ask it to be changed. It still hasn’t. I’m hoping it gets fixed before I’m charged earlier then necessary.

  14. Hi I signed up on 15/16 August and have not received the card yet. I see the last four digits of the card on the app and the next billing date of 1 October. Even though you say that card is not required for theatres with etickets, I have not managed to claim a single ticket yet. Either the information on the theatres disappear from the screen or I frequently get a message “your card is not registered”. Does it mean that I cannot get any movie tickets until I receive the card.

    • I got the ‘not registered’ error until I logged out of the app, quit, then restarted the app. Transaction went right through then.

  15. 1. What is meant by ‘activate the card’? How is that done? By using it? No instructions in the envelope in which the card was sent, and the word ‘activate’ is nowhere to be found in the app.
    2. The schedule for my nearest theater is not available in the app, and the app says to ‘call customer service’ (emphasis on ‘call’). What’s the number to call?
    3. On a related note, the phone number on the back of the card leads to a recording instructing me to use the app to contact customer service for help, then hangs up. Problem is that you’re responding to neither chats not emails. How do I report a lost or stolen card? What if there’s a problem when I’m at the theater? Also, see #2 above.

  16. I signed up Tuesday August 22, two weeks later Sept. 5 I received my card. Went to two movies Sat the 9th, Sunday the 10. Allow a couple minutes once you “Check IN” for the Kiosk to accept your card.

  17. I signed up on Aug.17
    Have not received my card and was told 2 wks ago I would receive between Sept.6-10. Still no card.. I am a senior citizen and this was so exciting to me to think I could see more then one movie a month because they are so expensive. Now I have no card and my cc is charged for something I don’t have. When I read people that signed up after me have already got their card it is really upsetting.

  18. My account billing date is not accurate. If it is not fixed, I will be disputing the charge. On a positive not the card did arrive from the 15th.

  19. I’ve got a different issue and have tried to make myself heard.

    1. I ordered 1 card on August 15th
    2. 4 cards came in the mail a week or so later. I was charged 4 times.
    3. I contacted support right away through the app. Did not hear back at all.
    4. I contacted @moviepass and @moviepass_CS on Aug 28th and did not hear back.
    5. I tweeted @mitch__lowe and actually received a response from him who thought I was joking, and then never responded.
    6. @moviepass_CS finally contacted me, told me to DM them my email address, and then didn’t follow me so I could not DM them.

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you.

  20. So they dont respond to emails or app chat stuff. Then they send you canned responses that do not answer your questions.

    So what is their customer service doing if they are not responding to calls or emails or chat messages. Seems they are doing things to increase their email complaints and volmue of traffic.

    Very sad to read people who signed up 10 days after me receicong their cards days ago and yet i cannot even get a response to my inquries.

    Perhaps they truely do not know what been fulfilled and what not fufilled yet.

    I with many other wonders what meant by the 2 to 3.week delay. Is that from when i signed up? Is that from the when they said i get it by the 6th or the 10th?

    Why does it say my card been shipped for 10 days now. And ive not received it.

    Does that mean its lost? Does that mean it was stolen? Perhaps its being mailed by actual snails? Perhaps it means they thought they fufilled it and mailed it but in reality it was never fufilled.

    If this outfit had actual customer service they look up the status of my membership and card, respond with an actual status instead of a canned response.

    I mean if i get it tomorrow or next month, does not matter unless they start billing me for it again before i get it. What really matters is knowing when ill get it and actually getting it on that day.

    Perhaps they should freeze allowing new accounts to be created until they get the back log cleared. I mean on know planet is it acceptable that people get their cards weeks before someone that signed up two weeks bvefore them.

    Like i said what your customer service doing? All i get is canned replies. You can automate that and i would not need to wait days to get a canned response.

  21. Still trying to reach out on every media platform. Signed up on the first week and still did not get my card. My wife and 5 others whom all signed after I did got there cards after a week but not I!!

    Please reply!

  22. The MoviePass account spewing all the vitriol is fake – some 400-pound zut-faced punk sitting on the edge of his twin bed.

  23. SCREW. MOVIEPASS! I signed up right away almost immediately after the new pricing plan was announced and you shipped NEW CUSTOMER cards before the people who signed up right away? And then you admit it? We’re going on 4+ weeks without my card and I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since this was announced because I was holding out for my card that never arrived and missing many opportunities to go to the movie with my girlfriend. I sent MANY emails and chats that wen’t unanswered. I’m sorry MoviePass but we do not accept your PR “apology”. I hope you fall in a bear cave and die.

    • I check my mailbox EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. and am countlessly disappointed EVERY TIME! I understand why AMC says your model is not sustainable and they don’t want customers to “feel disappointed”. At first I was on MoviePass’ side like how could they ever disappoint their fan-base? OH HOW RIGHT AMC WAS. This honestly just sounded like a great offer. You never advertised that you would COMPLETELY IGNORE ALL of your customers who were excited for this and then completely skip the “first come first serve” model by directly shipping out cards to people who literally just signed up while our old orders in the queue are completely ignored! Holy crap I hope you never recover. MoviePass is a SCAM and I will be telling my bank to reverse the charge on my credit card. False promises, lies, complete lack of customer service and morals. I already know what you’re thinking “okay well just this one guy is really crazy writing long rang comments and using profanity, clearly he’s crazy.” but read ALL the OTHER comments. I am hardly the only person who feels this way and it’s a damn shame MoviePass. You really had the chance to have a HUGE launch! I was just the other day reading on news sites “MoviePass fails to deliver on it’s promises” and of course the legal issues with AMC. GET IT TOGETHER MoviePass. How am I supposed to recommend this service to my friends? Like yea of course I want to invite my friends, all my friends watching movies together? That sounds Amazing! But how could I in good faith recommend this service? Would you recommend it to your own friends? “Trust me it’s totally awesome ONCE you get the card, it may take 2 or 3 months but just hang in there. They’ll charge your card immediately though but don’t worry, they won’t charge you again until your 3 month waiting trial is over. We also have e-tickets if you don’t like to wait for the card except we all live in the greater San Diego area (totally a small population right?) and they don’t support e-tickets for any theater for miles around. This “apology’ is a real smack in the face “deal with it, we don’t care about our customers”. This is insulting MoviePass. Your customers deserve better than you.

      • I ordered two cards on August 20th for both my husband and myself. After a very long wait, I received mine on October 7th. It’s now October 27th and my husband still hasn’t received his. That’s over two months now. I told a friend of mine about Movie Pass about three weeks ago. She signed up for two cards for herself and for her son. She received both cards within two weeks. This is super upsetting because new orders are being filled quickly while we are still waiting to receive my husband’s card. I’ve sent numerous chat messages using the Movie Pass app on both my husband’s phone and mine and all we’ve received are automated responses. I’ve also sent numerous emails and no response either. Any kind of response would be very much appreciated at this point.

        • Cancel your husband’s account, make a new account and request a card through him. A lot of people ordered around Mid-august, and many of the accounts created during that time have been ‘lost’. Do yourself a favor and just make a new account, cancel the old one and you will have a card for your husband in a week or two.

          • Someone I know received this today – Congrats! It looks like your MoviePass card should have arrived and your account will begin tomorrow. Please let us know by clicking below if you have not yet received your card. Has anyone received this email . He hasn’t received his card yet. He replied back and they said they would check back i a couple of days.

  24. Rest assured, once I get the card I will buy a movie ticket DAILY here where it’s about $12 a ticket and I will buy a ticket with the pass whether or not I plan on actually watching the movie. I’ll just give the pass to someone for free in the line and drive off from the theater and do this once a day on the days I don’t plan on actually seeing a movie just to help drain the MoviePass accounts little by little and ensure as much value is drained from this service as possible. I can charge them up to about $360 a month doing this. I encourage everyone else to do it in protest once you receive the card. Every 3 people we can get to MoviePass Drain will cost them $1000/M. #DrainMoviePass

      • After seeing how mad Julian is, I feel a lot better. His relationship with his girlfriend clearly hangs in the balance here. I’m just glad he’s carrying the torch for us all.

    • Wow Julian, you are truly insane! So what that they are having some issues because of a humongous surge in sales and so what if you have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your card? Your next billing will be 30 days from the time you get your card. Yet when you do get your card you plan to put them out of business instead of possibly keeping this great plan once you get your card? You can’t beat this deal and once you get your card you will have the best deal on movies ever. I think 4-6 weeks is worth the wait. But hey put them out of business and go back to paying $12 per movie, oh yeah that will surely show them! Then every time you pay $12 for a ticket that you clearly can’t afford, so you only go a few times a year, you can tell yourself “Yeah, I sure showed them!!” Haha, freaking nut job. Entitled much?

      • My thoughts too. I am nit changing my movie habbits bvefore or after getting my card. I will see movies how i always have.

        This guy is just a prick and not a movie lover. He just after a good deal. As if he was a movie lover he want this company to succeed.

      • So you are on the band wagon to commit fraud and to try and put this company out of business. To get back at them for taking to long to get your card.

        Smart idea. I just hope they get enough evidence of your committing fraud to get you in jail.

        my guess is you will be to lazy to do it.

        • I just turned it over to my bank who said it should be no problem they currently have over 140,000 fraud complaints through the banking system.

          • people relax. I get it. its taking forever. it is not a scam. I got my card on Thursday (waited 4 1/2 weeks), ive seen 3 movies so far. If it was a scam then moviepass is doing a horrible job scamming people….sending the cards

          • Totally. I finally got a canned reply to my emails, but at least I knew it meant they’d gotten around to my order. Then came the email that my cards has been ordered and is in the mail, 5 weeks later.

          • Well if you just got an email saying it was sent, then i say it was sent. I got mine 3 days after receiving that email and2 of those days were sat and sun.

          • Great.1400000 people to get their 9.95 back and not take part in this program. Guess it will bring this company down before it gets started and able to turn profitasble.

            Wonder how many of them will regret doing so once they get their card.

            Those of us who waited have started getting their cards along with the nonbeleivers who were just looking for a good deal and could not be patient.

  25. The cards are arriving, even for those of us who ordered in the first couple of days. I ordered on Aug 15, card arrived on Sept 11, and I saw Dunkirk with it the next day.

    Go ahead and vent your spleen. We’re used to instant gratification nowadays (thanks, Amazon Prime). This experience just puts a little hair on your chest and builds up your character. Your card will arrive, and all this will end up being an ugly memory.

  26. This is not your first business venture. It is 2017, please provide every customer a tracking number that we can use to monitor our order through your entire supply chain. It has been 30 days (or more) for A LOT of people and we have no recourse but to think that our order was lost or never registered with your system.

    This will cause people to cancel and resign up over and over again cause huge backlogs in your new customer on-boarding. You have to get in front of service your customers now.

    You need to do so much better than this.

  27. What a bunch of crybabies. Clearly they are trying to meet the demand, chill out. So you have to pay for a movie or two before you get the pass, it’s not a big deal, they intend to save you so much money in the long run. These comments are so toxic. Stop calling support. Stop sending emails.

    Wait. Be patient. Act like adults.

  28. 2–3 weeks from when, though? As someone else already commented, that estimate is meaningless without a reference point. Is it 2–3 weeks from when we signed up? (Because it’s been 4 weeks for me and I still haven’t received my card.) 2–3 weeks from now?

  29. You need to update your web site. It is a *TERRIBLE* experience for existing customers. The top of the page should include links to the FAQ, customer service, and this blog. We should not have to know to scroll all the way to the bottom to see anything beside the giant JOIN NOW button. Facebook is NOT a valid place to provide customer support.

  30. It’s been almost a month since I signed up. App is showing card shipped for past two weeks but no card received here. What kinds of dumb ass supply chain people moviepass has who first of all can’t properly process cards in order, even after identifying screw up, can’t make sure that people whose cards are delaying more than others are taken care first and don’t provide a simple tracking id if they REALLY shipped the card.
    Well we all are going to cut them a slack and keep waiting as this is almost like a free money but we will never build a true trust in this company. We will keep going to as many movies as possible and trash this service as soon as they think of price increase. If they don’t and as many people are suggesting this company is shutting down from this unsustainable model.

  31. I’m fortunate. I got my card 8 days after I signed up and I’ve seen several movies since then. When it works, it works well. I’m sorry so many people are having trouble.

  32. Ordered my service on the 26th of august. Still no card. Emailed, in app chatted, and even left messages on twitter. No response. I’m starting to get a little worried and angry here…

  33. All you people should quit your bitching. When you apply for a passport, it could take up to 6 weeks but everybody will wait quietly. Give the MoviePass people a break so they can get caught up with their newfound business. They go from 20,000 to 400,000 literally overnight. It takes time to process your applications and make the cards. Their initial e-mail sent did not anticipate the additional surge in business from 120,000 to the current 400,000 and counting applications. You will get your card.

    If you want to see a movie before card arrives, just pay for it out of your pocket. Why the sudden love for movies?? No matter how many emails, twitters or whatever methods you try to expedite or inquire of status will not accelerate the process. JUST WAIT.

    All the posts here are the same, bitch, bitch and more bitching. You people should be praising the CEO of MoviePass for this wonderful idea and maybe even provide more ideas to make MoviePass better.

    • I would not be bitching if i was told when my card will be here. I was told several dates. Now the app shows its been mailed since end of august. Well today is the 15th of august, where does it take 15 days for a letter to get mailed in usa in 2017. I can order something on Amazon and get it delivered the next morming evcwn though i ordered it at 10pm at night.

      We are getting no reason yo wait patiently. We are told what 4 different dates now.

      All this complaining could be brought down to almost none if Moviepass would just respond to peoples emails and chat request and otjer forms of communication.

      Actually lack of responding is actually causing more emails, chat request, and i am sure lots of cancallations.

      Like me….. my card should of been here 10 days ago….. was it mailed like the app says or did a screw up happen and its was not made and now its not even on the list to be made as its shows up as being mailed .

      Because i cannot get a response feom them i sit here. It mayve 1 to 6 months before they respond. Meanwhile i am not able to use the service i paid for.

      All i want is to lnow when and have it show up when they say

      No response is what causing all this complaining which thwy are doingto themselves by not responding.

      • Scott:

        Probably 300,000 people have sent maybe 5 emails, twitters, chat requests which totals about 1,500,000 replys needed. Suppose a quick new employee can make a response every minute for 60 per hour or 480 per day. with 1.5 milliion replys needed that would represent 3,125 man days to handle just the current inquires. If they hired 100 new employees (that would be a lot) it would take about a month to complete.

        Would you rather they use that time to process the cards so you can get them faster or would you want the same reply, “Its on its way!!”

        MoviePass have posted several blogs, and emails explaining the delays and more delays due to increasing traffic not anticipated. Your card is coming!!!

        Let them do their work and not be bothered by the same bitching!!

        • I doubt the people replying to customer complaints and questions are the ones printing and mailing the cards. That all dont by print venders and not Moviepass employees.

          So yes, not really an justification. Just an excuse.

          Not to mention using your logic, this company would probably be bankrupted before tgey are able to fullfill all their memberships.

  34. I sign up sometime mid august and haven’t receive my card yet but interesting thing is moviepass app on my phone said card shipped and they have a expiration date of the card I will receive soon I hope lol, But that message card shipped was there for at least two or more

  35. What are all you all whining about I signed up 4 days ago, and I actually got my card 5 days ago, yeah that’s right, they anticipated me wanting to join and they raced me out a card right away. Thanks movie pass I’m glad you are not inconvencing us new people, early adopters are suckers, and should never be shown any loyalty…. also…. thanks for making it out of gold, and giving us early access to movies, I enjoyed watching was American Made and Back to the Future 4, that last one really blew my mind how JJ Abrams took dr brown in a whole different direction.

    • Goes to what ivce been saying….they screwed up and marked a lot of people as mailed who is not mailed. Thus, i will never get a card. As they think they already sent me one.

      If they would answer messages, we would know. I really think i should just sign up again with another credit card and a new email address.

  36. To Movie Pass:

    Classic economic model dictates that when demand way way exceeds supply, prices are too LOW. You must raise your prices from $9.95 per month to something more reasonable. Price equilibrium is reached when a majority of the bitching and complaining stops.

    RAISE YOUR PRICES NOW. Your company is missing out on a better profit picture. The idea is to stay in business and build a solid base of paying customers and make a profit.

  37. Sure wish you’d answer my support inquiries. Something about you charging my card but I can’t login to the app. So, seriously, it’s been a FEW WEEKS. I’d say your support can’t be THIS bad but I guess it is.

  38. i ordered early morning of sept 1st. my app says card shipped. still not received.. i have sent a message to support via chat. with no reply. i have however noticed the city was misspelled. which could be why i have not received my card. so im sure this will require help to fix and get my card to me. my daughter however signed up well before me and still has not gotten her card either… hopefully my issue will be fixed soon and i get my card. hopefully she will also get her card soon as well. i really hope before october as im a avid horror fan and quiet a few movies id like to see.

    • Yes we are here to serve and be here for our customers in all times of crisis and clean up spilled soda. But not right now, it is our vacation. In the meantime, just watch Netflix they have many movies.

  39. This is just ridiculous. I signed up August 16th. Remember the last email where they said if you signed up the 15th or 16th, you’d get your card by September 5th or 6th but probably sooner? That was apparently BS. No one answered my chat message. I checked again, a week later, and it’s just gone from the app, so sent a new one. I don’t expect a reply. No reply to tweet at customer service either. I don’t get how they didn’t anticipate there’d be such a demand. And even so, how is over a month not enough time to print out and ship a card?! What really bothers me is that in the app, it says “card shipped”, and has for weeks. Grrrrrr.

  40. We are still waiting for my husband card and now cannot sign in on the webpage. After waiting so long I don’t want wait more weeks to get him signed on. Is anyone else having this problem? Any fixes out there? Thank you.

  41. I signed up on August 15th or 16th and received the email on August 23rd saying the card would be here Sept 6-10th but since I signed up by the 16th it should be sooner than that. Today, September 19th… STILL NO CARD.

    Now my app does work and when I click on the MoviePass Card (under profile) it says: “CARD PROCESSING”

    I’ve heard so many say their app says card shipped (for weeks), but has anyone else gotten the “Card Processing”?

    • i went to check my app today just out of suriosity and the card shipped has changed to card processing.. so i guess thats a lil improvement….maybe not…..

        • Yes…. as showing shipped and not being shipped to me means its not being worked on. It means they screwed up and marked it as shipped when it was not.

          I am assuming after 3+ weeks as being shipped state and not receiving it, its not shipped.

          So….i assume being put back into Being Processed status to mean, they know it has not been shipped and its being workedon now.

          I prefer it being worked on to not having anything being done to get my card to me as they were incorrectly thinking its been printed and mailed.

          So yes, being back in a being processed state is a plus in my book. I would expect ut to switch to being shipped again within a week and hopefully a few days later in my mailbox.

    • OMG….. my card statys said Shipped earlier today… now it changed to processing…

      This is exciting…. as unless it was shipped by snails, there no place in usa it would yake 3 weeks to get here from…

      I rhink this is good news.

      • I think it’s more that they falsely stated that cards were shipped. And changed it to a correct status of processing which could pretty much mean anything including that they haven’t shipped your card yet.

    • So saw this link…

      Wow, their studies show people will go to 5 to 6 movies right away, then go back to like 9 a year.

      Wow, i see a lot more than average. I see 2 to 3 a week most weeks.

      Granted that is averages.

      I got a brother in law that sees as many as me if not more. But my brothers and sisters see maybe 3 to 5 a year. And probably a couple that see less than that.

  42. Since 4 weeks in MoviePass card section of the app, it is showing card last four digits and expiration date but I didn’t yet receive the card. Does this happen to anyone? Not sure what’s going on and obviously their customer service is not responding and useless.

    • Same here. This whole thing is a scam. They take our money and make false promises. We should all unite and call the local TV stations and BBB and complain.
      This is BS.

      • My account membership is nearing to the next billing date in couple days and no card yet. For you too does it show the next billing date in Plan info in app.

          • Yes that’s true. Not sure how the hell it is showing the card number and next billing date there. Appears that they might have created the card and never sent it or app behaving weird or card got hacked. At last I never received the card.

    • Also had 4 digits show. Week or so ago, I logged off. Could not get back on. Had relocated from where I could use eticket. Asked them if I should cancel as new location has no eticket theatres. Got email back saying sorry to see you leave. Emailed again to say cancel me and wife. Two days ago I got my card but wife did not get hers. Am staying cancelled unless she gets her card.

  43. I couldn’t even get the app to allow me to sign up, hangs at the final “finish” button, with an error, and there’s no way to sign up on the computer website. This service isn’t quite ready for primetime obviously!

  44. I ordered my card on the 16th of august and it still says Card processing. You scammers really do have no intention of sending it to me, do you?

  45. Joined Aug. 16, 5 weeks later no card. I understand you’re overwhelmed, but how could you not know the demand for this would be huge! I could have told you that! A very, very frustrated customer

  46. Joined Aug 16th. Card has gone from last 4 digits, to “card shipped” to “processing”. I’ve never been able to get through on twitter, or through the help in the app. Don’t have a card. At least I haven’t been charged again… yet.

    • Hello, I just want to make sure I am seeing in my app properly. I ordered 8/16 or so as well. One day the card showed up in the app with its number and the expiration date of 8/26/2024. I am not seeing anywhere where it would say shipped or processing. Since you are saying yours says that, where is it showing up?

      • Mine is saying the exact same thing, after going from actual card numbers, to “card shipped”, to now “processing”. I guess the real pain here, is the fact that movies like AMC don’t have an e-ticket service. It being almost 2018, kinda makes you wonder why the hell not?

        • They do have it, but they are not letting MoviePass use it anymore as a dig at them. MP sent an email out about that a while back.

      • Mine used to hasvce 08/2024 and says shipped. It saidvthat since end of August. Now it was changed to processing yesterday.

        To me that shows they are doing something. I am assuming they fixed their issue and are now fufilling cards.

        Whats sad is they wetre bought by a leading big data company…

        As part of us signing up they have email, address, names, cc, and other info on file. It would be super easy to write a program to read their data files. Send each of us a custom email telling us what going on that actually answers our quuestions .

        They said thgey expanded staff and fufillment operations. They should lnow, they are capable of priming and mailing x number of cards a day. Then its math. I am number y in the list to bve fulfilled. You take y / x = d. Now you know how many days till mine is printed and mailed. Tou addes 3 days for mailing.,add a couple days for a buffer in case they run into issues and they dont print as many as they thought.

        Now use the above info. And you can tell me when my card will be here. Create a custom email and send it to me. Easy.

        My guess is they ran out of cars stock and letter head. So they had to get more card and letter stock made which takes time.

        This all could have been avoided. No reason to not get custom status emails sent every couple days or weekly.

  47. I’m so fucking furious that I still haven’t received my card. I signed up on 8/17. It is now 9/20. At this point I don’t give a shit about the company being unprepared for the massive response to the price drop. Whatever the cause this is godawful customer service. If the people at MoviePass are aware of mixups with sending cards out, and the fact that newer customers may have received cards sooner than those who signed up early, THEN FUCKING FIX IT. Look at your data and prioritize earlier signups whose cards still haven’t shipped. This isn’t rocket science, but it is a piss poor way to treat your new customers.

    • I agree they should prioritize manufacturing and shipping cards to customers based on sign-up order. Unfortunately, it is likely that if we had waited a week to sign-up that we would already have our cards. Based on a majority of responses, it seems those who signed up around the 15th, 16th and 17th of last month, were more likely to be skipped over for new business. I don’t know of any existing service I’ve paid for that took this long to process. Thirty-five days and waiting, what a complete and utter joke.

  48. Signed up 8/17, still waiting. I plan to buy a ticket every day whether I use it or not just to make sure they’re out a good $300 a month on me. I walk by theatres all the time, nothing to stop me from buying a ticket and not using it and charging Moviepass full price for it.

    Or they could just send what I paid for like a real company and I wouldn’t be planning ways to screw them over. I encourage everyone in a big city to do the same.

  49. My son has been charged twice for the service in less than two weeks and the card you sent him did not work. I have sent four emails to customer service with no reply. Without a reply and REFUND to him, I am going to our AG next.

  50. Thank you for this update, although I only discovered this on the facebook page just know. It would have been nice if this was sent as a newsletter. Oh well, I’ll continue to be patient.

  51. Signed up on aug 17th, still nothing. I wonder which number is higher..

    1) the number of cards sent out
    2) the number of excuses on why cards havent been sent out

    Mom always said, if its too good to be true, it usually is.

    I dont think AMC has to worry about not excepting moviepass, this is starting to look like a fail before it even gets off the ground.

  52. Day 35……No card. This is a joke. We need to sue MoviePass and the CEO for taking our money in the millions and now playing games with us. Let’s call all the news organizations and complaint as to what a scam this is.

    • Great idea… lets put them out of business before they are able to fix their issues.

      I am upset, but i want them to succeed, not go out of busoness. Which will be the outcome if people start sueing for damages.

      Its been made clear that you’re montly billing cycle does not start until you activate your Movie Pass debt card. You are not missing anytime off your 1st months membership.

      I myself beleive the rewards of Moviepass will be worth the inconvenience of not receiving my card in a timely fashion.

      Keep in mind it was not that long ago when it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get anything when you signed up or ordered it.

      Did moviepass drop the ball,, yes big time. I am sure they are doing the best they can. I guess i dont know how you underestimate the demand on this. I kust think a company tryingvto sell themself as a data company. Well, you did not analize this data correctly.

      I do beleive the price is to low. They probably should of charged 20 to 30 a month. That would of made it so only people who go to 1 or more movies a week actually signed up.

      What was their initial sign up in the first few days.. 10k, 100k, 500k, 1m? What did they anticipate?

  53. Hello — This message was not sent to me. I found it on your blog. All previous messages stated that your card would be activated a month after receiving your card. It also said that you can only use e-ticketing until receiving your physical card. So, I used e-ticketing at the ONE theater nearby that takes it. Had you been honest and clear in your previous communication, I would never have done that. It is not my preferred theater, not my closest theater, doesn’t allow me to see as many shows as I would have been able to with the physical card.

    Also — when I signed up, it said I get 1 month free… but the required payment immediately. This is lies and fraud.

    I have written to over a month ago (and then again a few times) and have yet to receive any kind of response. I will now be issuing a stop payment and contacting the BBB. Shady shady shady!

    • I never saw anything saying you fot a month free for signing up. I saw your billing month does not start till you activate the card.

      Also, i would assume using eticket would be the same as activating your card.

      Please show us a link to where it says a month free.. also nevet say anything saying your card would be activated a month later.

      I read iy said you were billed when u signed up. Then your billing starts once your card activated and that u would be billed once a month with your bill date being the date you activcated your card.

      Please show us where you saw something different.

  54. Good news!!! Got my card today (September 21st)!!!! I signed up August 16th, so I was part of the original group that has been waiting forever. Rest assured, it is not a scam, they are just super slow. Two things to note: 1. The app said “Processing” and didn’t switch to “Shipped” before I got it. 2. The card comes in a plain unmarked envelope that looks like it could be junk mail… So make sure no one throws it out thinking it is junk mail! I will be trying it out soon hopefully. Be patient, it looks like they are coming soon!!

  55. it has been 21 day’s not cards yet . myself and my wife sign up nothing yet nothing from email this company is a scam . I have been trying to get our money back nothing you need to says away from moviepass the will not email you back there phone number is just voicemail the bbb gives them a F

  56. My app doesn’t say Shipping nor Processing. I signed up on Aug 16th, credit card charged on Aug 17th and again on Sep 17th.

    Should I be worried that my Android app doesn’t show any status?

  57. It’s amazing how impatient some of you people are. What don’t you realize about the fact that this company has been simply OVERWHELMED with orders beyond their wildest expectations. They’ve blogged about it. They’ve tweeted about it. It’s been in the news. “Well then, they should have a plan in place to deal with these things!” Oh really? It’s a phenomenon. A small one. But a phenomenon nonetheless. The people here who are complaining the most are the ones in a few years who will be saying “Moviepass is great! I was there from the beginning!” (Yes, I know the company is 5 years old). This speaks to our age of instant gratification and a complete lack of understanding. The company has said they have beefed up their staff to try and keep up with orders. 400,000+ subscribers now. Yes, you will have to wait a little longer. Sorry. It took me a little over three weeks to get my card and I didn’t complain once. Was I frustrated? Of course. But I knew that they are a legitimate company (Mitch Lowe is the friggin co-founder), so I didn’t bitch and complain that “everybody has it except for me!” like a child at recess. Deal with it. Learn some patience. Your cards will come.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Instant gradification is what we become.

      It was not rhat long ago 6 to 8 weeks was the norm to get anyrhing via mail. I remember calling a company to place an order and ytou would wait 8 weeks without even getting worried.

      Granted Amazon changed that where we can order something today and get it the next day.

      Most rebates still say it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get a rebate. Why because they do not know if it will bve done in 3 weeks as they cannot predict the response a particular rebate promotion will have.

      Moviepass screwed up sayingc5 to 7 days. They shouldof been more prepared. Perhaps they underestimated how fast word of mouth spread this. Specially when you look at they had sold simular program for 30.00 bbucks a month and it was nnot big. I would of jumped on it for 30.00 a month. Maybe even 40 a month. But i did not as i did not hear about it.

      So perhaps their lackluster response from orher promotions or pricepoints led them to underestimate the response.

      But this was every where.went from knowone hearing about it to everyone hearing about it. Thanks in part to multi media. And facebook magic.

    • I agree that given the situation some patience is warranted, but on the other hand, they haven’t handled the situation the best. When things become a complete mess you need to make sure you have exact details on the situation before releasing new details that will only fall through and make people more irritated. There has been a couple emails and a few posts that fell through after the original promise of couple weeks. It’s also not appropriate to completely ignore emails, phone calls and requests from the customer service chat within the application. At the very least they could bulk up on customer service response efforts so people can get some sense of the situation being handled. I have kind of accepted it and have been making a joke out of waiting 35 days, but it is frustrating to check the mailbox every day with no communication of when I will receive my card.

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  59. Wow some of the posters have no clue how to run a business and provide great customer service.

    Let’s assume they were overwhelmed with sign-ups, whats a great company to do? can’t they shut down or disable new sign-ups until they fulfill old ones? if they did not, which is fully under their control and they chose not to – then who to blame?

    @Scott – Am glad you are willing to wait 8 weeks for a package without being worried, let’s hope you show the same courtesy for an old lady at the grocery checkout line when she is trying to whip out her checkbook to write a check or a old gentleman trying to drive on a 2-lane road and you want to frigging get past him.

    It’s quite easy to talk about patience when you have the card on-hand and giving lectures for others.

    • I never said i had the card in my hamds. I signed up on 10am cdton August 16th. No card yet.

      I completely agree they messed up ay several levels on this promotion. There a lot of things tgey could of and sh ould of done differently.

      But i for one who wants this service and i will use it 2 to 4 times a week. Just like i pay to see 2 to 4 movies a week. I continue to pay for 2 to 4 movies a week while waiting for my card.

      Do i want moviepass to b e sued out of business like so many others are calling for. Nope. Will i be bankrupt uf i never get my card. Nope. I went into this with a too good to ve true attitude. I was willing to rusk 10.00 to see what thus is about

      Perhaps some people 10 is all the extra money you have a month or its your kids college fund. If so, perhaps you should not of signed up for it.

      Ive read articles and stories from peopple who have fotten their card, andit all sounds great.

      So if i am inconvienced waiting for my card as in having to pay for movies out of my own pocket for a few weeks longer, its a small pricxe to pay long term.

      Guess what, being pissed, throwing temperaments not going to get my card here faster. Sueing the company, not going to get my card here faster

      I heard a story here of someone getting their card yesterday. Instead of being encouraged that they are coming you get people who signed up weeks later than the guy who got his bitching as they not got their card yet.

      Well lets see if bit hing gets yoyr card here faster. I bet not.

  60. Signed my wife and I up the first week of the $9.99 announcement. I received my card 3 weeks ago, but still don’t have my wife’s. Part of the frustration isn’t so much the waiting but that there doesn’t seem to be any legitimate ways to communicate with Moviepass. I’ve tried the messaging option thru the ioS app and tried messages thru their website, but none have garnered a reply. It feels like there is no one on the other end. Surely when the decision was made to offer a deal that ‘is too good to be true’ there would have been a business expectation that things might get a little crazy. Apparently not. Still hanging in there for our 2nd card but first impressions are pretty damaging to a business’ reputation. I’m afraid Moviepass is taking a big hit in that area.

  61. I understand that we won’t be billed the second time until we activate the card, but what was the first billing for? Now I’m reading that we were billed the day we registered, then we’ll be billed again when we start using the cards. It didn’t say that there was a $10 registration fee, THEN it’s $10/month, but that’s what it appears is happening.

    My husband I both signed up August 19th. I got my card about a week later. 6 weeks later, he doesn’t have his. I’m giving it another week, then I’ll dispute the charge for his card with my credit card company and attempt to cancel mine. Also, the iOS app doesn’t work.

    • Leigh Ann…here is actually the way it reads about the 2nd payment. Shouldn’t happen until a month after you activate the card(s)…if you and I ever get our spouse’s cards! 🙁

      “Although you were billed for your first month of service upon registration, your membership does not begin until you receive your card and activate it in the app, and you will not be billed the second installment until a month after activation”

    • You are prebilled for your first month. I guess its their way to validate the card is valid and good.

      Your credit card supposed to bve billed the 2nd time 30 days from when you activate your Moviepass card or probably if you live in a place that has etickets probably 30 days from your first eticket use

      • Not sure who the you got your card way to early wad meant for. But i signed up on Aug 16th and not gotten my card.

        The way i read twrms and conditions is. You are billed when you sign up for 1st month of service which starts the day you activate your card. Then you billing starts 30 days from when you activate your MoviePass card.

        So the 10.00 tour billedvthe day you sign up is paying for your 1st month of service which starts the day you activate your movie card.

        I am not sure hoe hard that is to understand.

        Your billed for your 1st month day u sign up to movie pass. Your 1st month syarts day you,activate your Movie passcard. Your 2nd month billing due date is 30 days from the day you activate the MoviePass card.

        The moviepass card is the debt MasterCard you get in the mail. It not the app you download.

        Now if your lucky enough to have an eticket theater in tour area its a little different. Your monthly billing would start 30 days from the 1st time you use Moviepass to get an eticket.

        So same thing, your 10.00 prepayment for tour first month from when you either activate your Moviepass Debt card you fet in the mail or you use an eticket the 1st time.

        Btw. There are no available eticket theaters in mn.

        Now seems to be a lot of questions in regards to the Moviepass app working or not working on people phones.

        It appears if there are no eticket theaters in tour area your app has a lot of the functionality disabled. I was not able to use the app for the 1st two weeks after sifning up. But then my status switched to shipped, and i could use the app.

        So for about 3 weeks now my app worked. Ive been waiting 5 weeks and 1 day since i signed up.

        No, ive not received my card, still waiting like most everyone else.

        The only thing ive done is use google, reviewed Moviepass terms and conditions, read countless articles, read MoviePass press releases. Read lots of comments people wrote who are using Moviepass or who received their cards.

        Yes, i am frustrated. But i am paying out of my pocket to see movies i want to see. I am not missing movies i want to see while waiting for this card to show up.

        Yes this was an epic failure of a product release. But long term i am hopeful this will be a good tool worth the inconvience of waiting a long time to start using…

        But it appears a lot of people are not truely movie fans and just want a great deal.

        Good things come to those who wait. I feel most movie fans will see movies with or without Moviepass. After all there are new releases and if the card comes today or a month from now, there always movies to see. There several new movies to see every week.

        Ill see movies before, after, and while i have my moviepass card.

        Now i wish Moviepass wad bvetter at communication….. but i did not sign up for this service becayse they were a communications company.

  62. This company is a total scam. I ordered my card August 18th and still no card. I joined QSINEMIA another three weeks after ordering Movie Pass and I received their card in SEVEN days. They are a little more restrictive than Movie Pass but they are a more professional business. Check them out….

  63. Iv emailed, used the chat in app, tweeted, facebook messaged everything I can think of and no response! I have been billed twice! And signed up over a month ago.

  64. Moviepass is betting on people not seeing movies every month. They have to stagger their membership card releases to ensure they have enough cash to stay open to put money on your card so you can see a movie. So you shouldn’t expect your card anytime soon. You have to wait for the people that have gotten their card to get tired of going to the movie theater and not use it for 30 days. Then they can increase their cash inflow by 10 dollars per non movie going member. We are just to that point in the first batch of signups at this new rate. They do have long time customers that have not been going to the movies and still paying the 40 dollars a month. This has given them some significant cash in the bank which has probably triggered them to have this 10 dollar promotion they are having. They have to forecast their cashflow to only allow so many new members a week, and the new members are the ones that will use their cards the most which creates a negative cashflow. Anyway, I’m sure there is some discomfort on the marketing side (the bad pr of having to wait) and alot of pressure on the CFO to allow the release more cards to the new customers, but as long as they stick to their plan, they will stay in business and we will enjoy moviepass for years to come, once we get our card. 🙂

      • Simple, they have less people joining than not going to the movies so the balance is positive. its just a matter of time before most people stop going to the movies or take a month off.

  65. I’ve had moviepass for about a year now. It no longer works for some reason. The app doesn’t show any showtimes for me and when i look at my card info in the app it says Card is processing. I already have a card so why is it processing? So confused! I paid $30 for this service and I’m so glad it is getting cheaper but WHY is my service not working?

  66. Ok so I got my movie pass card last Monday. I had signed up on 8/23. So far it’s all good. Since my apartment is literally five minutes walk from a regal, this is a mind blowing deal for me. Even though I have a regular 9-5 job, I managed to watch six movies in past six days (Monday-Saturday) Only day card didn’t work was on Thursday for some reason. I guess Kingsman release may have crashed their server. I am sorry to see people still waiting for the card. I was in the same boat until last week. I think I will keep buying tickets everyday for at least one more week till I feel sorry for movie pass. I don’t know who does research for them but people who stay near theater are certainly going to cost them real money. I have seen at least 10 different people using movie pass card last night. Regal near me has 18 screens with at least 10 different movies any day of the week, this business is shutting down sooner or later. If not, I would be the happiest person to enjoy all kinds of movies without worrying about review because I can just walk out of movie now!

  67. I just got my card yesterday (finally) but when I went to register it at the cinema it says “your account is in the incorrect status to creat reservations”. Wtf!

  68. I signed up on 8/17 and as of 9/24 I haven’t received my card yet. This actually turning out to be quite ridiculous. It’s been over 5 weeks now.

  69. For $9.95 I would wait for months and months to get this card. I’ve gone my entire life without this card and waiting a while longer sure wouldn’t bother me. Although I recieved my card 2 weeks ago and have seen 11 movies. Mitch Lowe for president.

    • I would wait as well. Does not mean i am or would not bbe frustrated. But i would wait…

      My biggest complaint is not that ivce not gotten my card yet. Its lack of communication and lack of planning on their part.

      • there is no way that they can answer the 1000s and 1000s of messages that they are getting. You must have patience. It’s coming.

  70. Well I ordered two cards back in august. It’s now been over a month. No cards. No e-ticket theaters near me. Movie pass customer service doesn’t reply to my emails…phone number doesn’t work….and forget about the help on the app they haven’t replied to me in a week. It sure would be nice if they explain all this craziness

    • I agree Charles. It is absurd, unprofessional and lack of judgement. They are losers. It’s been day 37 for me. I am not going to hold my breath.

      Let them go to Hell.

    • Read through post people given their stories. People have started receiving cards in the last week. Be patient

      Yes it sucks, but worth the wait.

  71. If they can’t reply to all the Twitter comments or the emails then they should atleast update this blog once a day explaining how long it will be for the people who signed up according to the dates

  72. I can tell you when I first signed up, I was very frustrated that I couldn’t get any movies or theater to show up in the app. However, shortly after the first e-mail went out that there was a delay, I received my card. I’ve used it twice now and it is nice. Here is a couple of things I noticed. The app does have a lot of issues; and since no one is going to respond to e-mails, it can be easy to believe that it is a scam. It is not, at least not in my experience. They’re simply understaffed and unable to process the orders as fast as we would hope. The card DOES NOT work for IMAX or 3D, which is ok with me as I don’t care for either. It also had some issues when I tried to use it to see the re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It showed it as an option, but I was unable to buy a ticket. You WILL need both the app and the card to purchase a ticket. The app reserves a ticket and triggers funds to be sent to the card. You use the card to buy the actual ticket. NO MONEY is on the card until you select a movie from the app. You can not purchase a ticket from your computer. In fact the site is next to useless in that respect. Also, because you’re using a Mastercard ( the Moviepass card is an actual Mastercard) NO THEATER CAN REFUSE IT. IT’S A MASTERCARD, not some proprietary card.

    I’m more worried about how long they’re going to be in business considering they’re paying full price for the ticket and charging only $9.95 a month. But since it is monthly, with no commitment, I’m not that concerned.

    Anyway, it was very confusing when I first signed up, but I have a linked account to the card and the app on my phone. I think I understand the ground rules: 1 movie for one person per card each day. No IMAX or 3D. You need card and app and you need to be within 100 yards of the theater with your phone to buy the ticket. You cannot use the card without FIRST picking a movie in the app.

    Hope this helps and enjoy the movies!

    • How about are you able to use the card to see 1 movie multiple times. I understand 1 movie per day. But for example, wonder women been in the theater for like 2 months. Ive seen it like 5 or 6 times over 2 months.

      When i signed up it said 1 movie a day and can only see each movie 1 time. I read a post where someone said they were able to see 1 movie more than once.

  73. The delays are not even close. I have been waiting 5 weeks so far. Two to three weeks would have been nice. Where is my card?

  74. How would you like it if your paycheck hit a snagged and went through the same ordeal we have to receive the card? You know…being promised a time frame that is a lie….hearing of people who should get theirs after you…getting it before. If you ask your employer they don’t respond and if they do they say too many people.

  75. Update… I signed up on August 16th and received it September 19. My add still said processing and I got an email a couple of days after getting card that said the card had shipped. The email said I should receive the card within 5 days (this email came 2 days after receiving the card) and said I needed to activate the card VIA MY APP once I got it in order to use it. It says that I will then be able to check in at the theater.

    Since this card is linked to the app, I was waiting a few days for the status of my card (under Profile on the app) to change from “Processing” to something else. It never did and there was no way to activate it. So last night I went to the theater (allowing them 6 days after receiving the card to show some change in the app from “Processing” as I did not want to make any mistakes as I hear many are having issues with their apps). Still not knowing how to activate the card, I was left to guess so I just picked the movie time from my theater choice once I arrived at the theater. I clicked on “Check In” and at that point the app asked me to activate my card by asking for the last 4 digits of the card they sent. I entered the numbers and proceeded to the box office to buy the ticket.

    When I went to pay with the MoviePass Card to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the lady said my card was declined. She tried a couple of time and it was declined both times. I told her I just activated it. She saw that it was a MoviePass card and said that this is happening a lot. She said there was already 2 other people waiting inside (not related to me or each other, we were 3 stranges with MoviePass trying to attend the same movie) who’s cards would not work and were waiting for the manager to figure it out and asked me to talk with the manager.

    The manager took me to the ticket booth again, I explained that I just activated it. I even tried to “Check In” to the same movie again thinking it didn’t take, but the app gave me something like “You already have a reservation for this movie”. Then the manager tried something else (with out asking), she ran it under another movie and it worked, then she exchanged the ticket for the correct movie. Please note: the movie I was trying to see WAS NOT 3D OR IMAX. It was just a regular movie. She surprised herself that it work, then she proceeded to do the same to the other two people who had MoviePass Cards. I didn’t stick around to see if it worked for them.

    I then checked my App, and under MoviePass Card it listed my card number (well a bunch of ### ### with the last four digits showing). My guess: Perhaps, just perhaps, the card needed some more time to actually activate once I checked in. If you just get your card, I would suggest you get there early and wait at least 10 minutes after activating (Checking In on a movie through the app), but don’t wait to long as I think there is only a 1/2 hour window after checking in and being able to use your card.

    I will be going to another movie tonight to see if it goes smoother now that the card number shows on my app. I am hoping this is the case. Again, I suggest on first use you wait a few minutes (10 min maybe) between “Checking In” on app and actually purchasing the ticket using your card.

    Just passing this on as it may help someone out when they get their card, and if you have a problem, maybe it will work for you too since there is not much direction on how to activate the card coming from MoviePass

    FYI, the theater was a Regal Theater, and the movie was great! If this works smoothly from here on out, it will have been well worth the one month + wait (although I was getting impatient as many of you are). HOLD ON… THE CARDS ARE COMING as the 2 others at the theater who also had the card said they just got their cards, so it looks like they are really mailing them out!

    • I got my card yestetday. I drove straight to the theater, did the app movie check in. Activated the card. Went in, got my movie ticket with no issues.

      My card status said processing until after i activated that card.

  76. Signed up on on August 17th…no card. I did receive an email today stating it had been ordered and should arrive in about 5 business days. I won’t hold my breath though because I don’t want to die of oxygen deprivation. We’ll see!

  77. “Thank you for your patience. We’ll continue to send updates on a weekly basis.”

    And yet another lie! This post is two weeks old now and no new “weekly update”. So many promises not kept. It really gets old.

  78. been 4 1/2 weeks since I signed up. But am very hopeful as I got an email yesterday saying ill have it in 5 (now 3-4) days. fingers crossed. I’m sure when it comes, and I activate and see a ton of movies it will be worth the wait

    • I got the email Friday and i got the card Monday, 3 days later. I would tryst the email being sent directly to you instead of the canned emaiol bladt they did in thr past.

  79. Received generic email that they will mail first week in October so may take us into middle of October before I receive MY card and that would mean I will be charged 3 times and without the card (Aug 17, Sep 17 and Oct 17)

    • They won’t charge you for a second time until a month AFTER you receive and activate the card. We are not being charged for the time we are waiting for the cards

  80. Sure glad I found this. I’m still waiting for my card but at least I found out how to determine it has NOT been mailed yet. I was out of town with my mail on vacation hold for awhile and was worried it had been mailed and my post office lost it. So I will continue to patiently wait while they sort it out. They should have anticipated the influx of new customers but … what could they do … they probably didn’t have the money to increase staffing until they got the money from all the new customers. I expect they’ll get it sorted out eventually. Hopefully they didn’t bite off more than they could chew. But at the moment, I’m only out $10 for now and the card will show up at some point and I never go to movies anyway (I was hoping this would get me out more and enable me to afford popcorn when I went, LOL). So I’ll stop harassing them with my queries that they can’t answer. I’d rather they just got the cards out now that I know I can check the app to know my status.

  81. I am trying to REACTIVATE my account. Moviepass says I already have an account and when I try to log in I get caught in a loop until they say account can’t be found. I’ve submitted 7 help requests , and all I’ve received is automated emails to locate theaters. 7 help requests in the past month and not one response. Yeah sure, they tripled theit staff. Did they start with 3 effing people? This is seriously shitty customer service.

  82. The emails that went out earlier this week are legit. I joined 8/17. No card. I received and email on 9/26 stating my card had been ordered and should receive it in about 5 days. I received my card today 9/28. I’ll be testing this bad boy out on Saturday!

  83. after 4 1/2 weeks I got the card. I went to the movies right away and saw “It”. With the exception of reception issues (sucks by the theater but did find a sweetspot) I had no issues. went to kiosk and got my ticket. Planning on seeing the new Kingsman this weekend

  84. Joined 8/17, received card 9/28, went to theater and booked a movie using the app. Used the theater’s kiosk and bought my ticket. Worked perfect, no muss no fuss. Just be patient waiting for your card is all I can say. How can you go wrong paying $9.95 for my 1st $13 movie ticket in San Francisco? The rest will be free for the month.

  85. planning on seeing a second movie this weekend. tickets are around $8.50 ($6 on tuesdays) a ticket for me….so when I see one more….every movie will be free till the end of next month. It is so worth the wait.

    -saw “It” today
    -going to see “Kingsmen: Gold circle” this weekend
    -plan on seeing Flatliners, and space between the mountains maybe next week

    the theater (at least the woman at the ticket counter who I see there 90% of the time) knows of moviepass so wouldn’t be too hard to use card. on first use I did use the kiosk.

  86. I paid first month but I am not able to login in app or site . opened ticket but no response. Reset password also but not received response. Looks like these are fraud or going bankruptcy.

    • Bankrupt, i hope not.

      Fraud, nope, i too took 7 weeks to get my card with no real response. I got a few canned emails thast were sent out as a bulkcemail update. I then last friday got a personilized email to me saying card mailed, should hasve it in 5 days. Got it Monday used it Monday. Now plan to give it a nicev work out this weekend.

      They are a small outfit who somehow underestimated the response they got. They beefed up their infrastructure and doubled their card productions. But it takes time to do and when they are behind from the start. It gets hard to caatch up.

      I feel true movie fans, will wait and will beneifit from this. I figured out. If my movie seeing pattern holds true on an average, each movie i see will cost me 66333 cents to see. That beats 8.50 to 12.86 each time.

      Do i wish they had better customer support, yes…. but it appears they decided to put their money into beefing up production and supporting the business than customer support.

      I heard they got like 300k sign ups with the first day they annouced the 9.95 a month service. So lets say in the 1st week they signed up 1million customers. And lets say 1/3 of the customers wrote them questions. Then each of them wrote 3 to 10 emails, app chat request.

      That adds up to a whole bunch of emails needing manual attention. Lets say each one takes 2 to 5 min to read and respond to. It would take them months to reapond to all inquiries they received to date. Unless they have like 10k staff replying to info request.

      I myself did not like waiting. Did not like not hearing back from them. But i understand and prefer them using their captital to grow the business and keep it going.

      People need go get over our instant gradification needs. Be patient.

      Like i stated, movie lovers will wait and use it. People looking for a good deal, will be impatient, cancel prior to receiving thier card. Their loss. But may end up our loss. They need those who are only signing up for a good deal to stay. As they will be the ones who will be supporting those like me using it 3+ times a week.

  87. It would help to have at least some sort of tracking on what the progress is on our cards. I’m sure that’s in your system somewhere (or at least I would hope), so sharing that status with your customers would be nice.

  88. Why does the app show “this is not a supported screening” for some movies – English language as well as Foreign language movies and the Foreign language ones are “greyed” out for some reason.

  89. This product is a scam I have been waiting over a month and nothing they don’t even answer the online “help” desk and have no number to call they are really good at charging you it goes right through but that’s where your service ends.

  90. The message that there is a delay should be front and center not hidden in a blog post. EVERYTHING I read said 5-7 days. Their credit card processing doesn’t seem to have any kind of backlog. And I’ve seen anecdotes of them charging people based on sign up date not card activation date (so people are getting charged for a service the CANNOT use). This is beyond poor customer service.

  91. Here’s an idea how about the company gets a fucking phone number and people could call and confirm with her cards are any company that doesn’t have a phone number or way to reach them in an email that never gets responded to is a scam and a rip-off if you ask me can’t even cancel my plan because no one responds as far as I’m concerned this is fraud and any you little bitches out there who were justifying this need a smack in the face

    • A little angree are you . You can always cancel your membership on the app. You can call your cc and dispute the charge. You can wait patiently. But calling others names will not solve your problems.

      Did they screw many things up. You bet. Is this going to go down as the worst product launch in history. You bet.

      If it fraud nope.

      Read the web, lots of people getting their card. Several press releases, several bulk emails sent out talking about the delay.

      One thing i wished they did was not accept any new memberships till they got caught up with the backlog.

      It says right on their site, your billed for the first month when you sign up, then your billing cycle starts the day you activate your card. Then your next bill starts 30 days from when activated ytour card.

      Now has there been isolated billing screw ups. Yup. But most i heard appeared to happen on day one of 9.95 offer. When their web sites crashed from the volume of people hitting it. It appears some people signed up multiple times due to system crashing and not knowing their indo went through and tried again.

      You can say they should of known. But i had simular thing with ticket masters last year trying to buy tickets. I ended up with multiple copies of tickets as i kept trying to plaace my order and rheir site kept crashing. Cc charges was backed up so did not get notified of the cc charges till i had multiple sets of tickets.

      If it can happen to ticket master who been around since at least early 90s if nnot bvefore that. It can happen to a smaller outfit.

      Not making excuses for them. But your anger and name calling, especially to their customers not going to help you or anyone. Its not worth having a heart attack over. Be patient your card will come, then you can see movies.

      Continue on with your life. Tour card will show soon.

  92. It has been well over a month and I still have not received my card. There are “NO” e-ticket theaters in California at all. What is the deal? All I have received are a bunch of generic emails saying the same thing over and over. When will I receive my card?

  93. ‘ve been to sign up since the day that you announced the offer and have been unable to do so. At first, when I submitted my info, the app just refreshed in a vicious cycle. I contacted support about three times about that. Absolutely no response. Not even an autoresponder.

    Really, when I try to sign up, I get this error message: “Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String com.moviepass.model.SignUpResponse.getGlobal((‘ on a null object reference” And for this problem, I’ve sent 7 emails to and again, I haven’t received one response.


    As a business owner myself, I can safely state that these excuses don’t mean anything especially because there are many ways to mitigate the problems.

    1. As soon as you realized there was a problem… stop taking orders and have people sign up for an email as to when you’ll be taking more. Get caught up instead of pissing off more people. That’s such a simple thing to do.

    2. Send notices to subscribers via email instead of expecting us to find out what’s happening by searching your site. Again, so simple. It would take five minutes to craft an email and send it out.

    3. DON’T CHARGE PEOPLE until they actually receive their card and can use it. As far as I can see, some people have been waiting over a month and yet you charge $9.95 up front. Are you going to refund that? Are you going to pro-rate the first month since you’re taking 2-3 weeks to deliver the card?

    4. And this one pertains to me in particular but I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of customers suffering the same problem. RESPOND TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAILS. I’ve sent at least eight emails (with photos of my problems) and have not received one, single response.

    This is a great deal but I’m at my breaking point of just not signing up because of the seeming lack of respect for your customers.

    Finally, please respond to the numerous emails that I’ve sent and set up an autoresponder to at least confirm that you received it.

    • The flip side of the coin is. Your sending 8+ emails makes it worse. They already have more emails than they could respond to in a timely manner. So they have probably hundreds of thousands of emails if not millions. It will take them months to get through them all.

      Also, no prorating required. If you read it clearly states your billing cycle starts the day you activate your card. Thus if it takes 7 days or 7 months to get your card, your membership month starts at the same time and your 2nd months starts a month after your card was activated

      They bill you up front, to make sure the cc is good and not bogus. Why print a card and mail it if your cc is bocus. Simuilar as to a lot of trial memberships require you to provide a cc and they charge your cc 1.00 right a way.

      • I get your point Scott but it’s pretty much all on them. I haven’t received any emails back from them since day one. And I didn’t even email them when they launched the deal because I heard they were overwhelmed.

        Plus, it’s not like I sent all eight emails within just a few days. I’m not even getting auto-responses. So, how do I even know that they’re getting my emails? And what business doesn’t have an autoresponder set up to at least let people know they got the message?

        Now, I don’t know if you work for MoviePass or not (kind of sounds like you do) but I’ve read through all of the comments and I can’t find one piece of proof that somebody at MP is even reading these comments. And that’s simple to solve. If they are responding, they need to be clear that they work for MP so that customers can see that they care.

        Communication makes for much better customer service.

        Finally, that’s the first time that I’ve heard of the $9.95 being just to confirm that the CC is valid. If that’s the case, validation can be done with $1 as so many other companies do.

        Thanks for engaging!

  94. October 3rd
    Still no card (ordered Aug 15th, was promised shipment by oct1st at the latest, still no shipment)

  95. Overly disappointed. I remained patient through the 4+ weeks it took to get our movie passes, only to try to use it and I was unable to use it at the theater. Multiple attempts to reach out to customer service both at the time at the theater and since then with no response from customer service.

  96. I signed up for this card in August- it’s now October! Mitch needs to get his ass down in that processing center and help get these movie pass cards out.

  97. I got charged in August, still no card. It is Oct.My neighbor got her card right away. Sent 9 email and chat and no response. My app said first it was shipped 4 weeks ago and now say card processing. No card in sight. My app just keep spinning now and it was not tell me anything. Also movie here has to have card, not e-ticketing.

  98. I think Jason is right and Mitch needs to get down to facilities and figure out what’s going on. How come cards are shipped randomly? Are they just picking a name out of a hat and sending the cards? I think everybody should complain to BBB, because if they charged you and have not given you the service or even try to figure out what the ***k is going on and not even answer the emails or the tickets submitted thru zendesk.

  99. I have now been charged for the 2nd month… and I still haven’t received my card! Of course customer service won’t answer to give me a refund!

  100. Finally…….got the card on the 29th September and already have seen about three movie. Applied on August 17th. It is frustrating when you are left in the dark and nobody responses to your email or chat.

    The card is issued by Fifth Third Bank and mailed from Cincinnati.

    Best of luck to all.

  101. I have finally received my card, but now the AP will not let me in. Without being able to log into the ap how do I activate the card? I have snet 20 emails to support, with no response. They have even marked by tickets as solves, when no one has called or emailed me to help with this issue.

  102. ordered and billed 9/7 still no card. just curious when and how long did it take everyone to receive card. maybe that will help those including myself when we can expect our cards? 5 to 7 business days and 2 to 3 weeks is confusing. starting from october 1st?

  103. I joined MoviePass August 18th and just received my card today, October 5th. Luckily, I live where there was an e-ticket theater and was able to see 9 movies since I joined using e-tickets. I know the wait was long for the card, but I have enjoyed being a member.

  104. 2-3 weeks has turned into more than a MONTH. Ordered cards for visitors at the same time and they may be gone before they finall arrive. I send an email, got a reply that we’ll get back to you but NADA, NYET.

  105. My card arrived today. It was over a month and every-time I went to the mailbox I thought this must be some sort of practical joke. Psych, no card, but it came yesterday and it worked great. Flatliners last night, Blade Runner tonight, and IT this weekend. Thanks Moviepass.

  106. mike i ordered my card on august 31st and i still dont have mine yet. been 5 weeks and a day today. wondering honestly if it will ever come. im missing so many awesome movies.

  107. Finally my MoviePass came today! I ordered on 8/31 and got it on 10/6. So about 5 weeks and 2 days. My roommate actually ordered his a week after me and got it a couple days faster. But now I’m thankful to be in business. Hopefully it’s a smooth ride from here. Thanks MoviePass!

  108. My wife and I ordered in the middle of August!! …and it is October 7th and we still do not have our cards. I have friends that ordered in September and they got theirs. Wow, this is extremely frustrating – especially that Movie Pass has no one that can look into it.

    • This is a fake account. Moviepass is asking it’s close employees to post these lies on their blog. MoviePass is still not sending out cards. They know they are headed to bankruptcy and need to raise cash quickly. There is a legal description for what they are doing… Kiting. It is illegal.

  109. 10/7/17
    I order my card on 8/16/17 and I did send in questions about it during the time of waiting for it delivered and I did receive about 3 replies from them. I finally received my card on 9/15/17 and now have seen every movie that I have wanted with this card with no trouble at all.

    I ordered a card for my wife the day after my first movie on 9/15/17 using the card and she has received about 2 replies from them so far but is still waiting for her card to be delivered.

    It was a stretch for me to go to the movies 5 – 7 time a year and just in one month alone I’ve been to 4 different theaters in my area with 2 more to try out and I’ve only missed going to the movies about 4 days since I’ve received my card. I’m now up to date with all the new movies out now and I’m just waiting for the new batch of movie to come out. Well worth the wait

  110. I don’t know for sure about where they are delivered from but once I got home today my wife informed me that she received her card today and since I just started my “staycation- vacation” I guess we will be doing the date night dinner and a movie thing now. It all works out really well since the first movie she will watch with it is the one she was really wanting to see – a mountain between us, so this was right on time moviepass thanks.

  111. On a side note since I used the referral method to get her card I will get a one month credit on my account for her keeping the service for one month and then for anyone else who I refer and they keep it for one month. I’ve sent out out six other referrals so hopefully they will get their cards soon and be as happy as I’m but if the referrals don’t come through I will still be enjoying our passes.

    I just started reading this blog site and even though I don’t know this person (Scott Pollock), I so happy to see he got his because he sounded like me when I was waiting for my card and was still able to be patient while still voicing his concerns about the service.

    Patience, Patient, Patience everyone let’s not ruin a good thing that a lot of folks can enjoy

  112. I signed up exactly a month ago. Got charged and everything. Status on my card only says “processing”. Tried contacting support but no response.

  113. it seems the 4 1/2 weeks I had to wait to get mine (did) has been nothing. if people have been waiting since early august or whatever. I would be pissed as well. is the card worth the wait yes. seen 6 movies since the September 28th. I would have seen more but don’t want to run out of movies. tickets by me are 8.25 each, seen 6 movies. so for at least first month. $49.50. so if they did charge for that month when they shouldn’t. I saved nearly $30

    • Yes as stated in many of the blogs before hand customer service is lacking very badly right now but hopefully it will get cleared up soon and be restored to like what folks claimed it was before hand if not better. I believe everyone’s card is charged right off the bat as soon as you sign up but your actually billing date willl change to the date that you actually activate your account once you receive your moviepass card. My credit card was originally charged the day I signed up 8/16/17 and I received and activated my moviepass card on 9/15/17 and as of 10/8/17 my credit card has not been charged again.

  114. Hello All,

    I signed up on Sep 11th, received my card on Oct 6th. I activated my card on Oct 7th to watch the movie..Mountain between us and the next billing date is Nov 7th. Everything worked well..worth to Wait.

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  116. I was very skeptical about this when I signed up for the new $9.95/month plan. Especially when I could not seem to find out whether or not theaters in my area even took the damned thing. Even worse, the Customer Service Number is useless; it’s simply a recording telling you to use the app for support.

    When I tried to use the app for support, I NEVER got a response. And when it had been nearly a month and no card had arrived, I emailed MoviePass to let them know that my next step was going to be litigation.

    And then, the card arrived. Still, I was skeptical. And since the FAQs don’t really help in certain situations, I figured I would have to try it to see if it worked. You know – drive all the way to the movies and find out only then.

    Since today was a rainy day, I figured now was the time. I used the app before I left, but since it stated, “You Must Be Within 100 Yards”, I decided NOT to push the button then. Instead, I did this from the theater parking lot. Once I did this, I was told “You have 30 minutes to purchase your ticket”.

    I walked to the ticket booth, handed the girl my MoviePass Master Card and 30 seconds later, I had my movie ticket.

    Nearest as I can figure, when you use the app to buy the ticket, their system puts enough money into what is basically a pre-paid Master Card so that when you use it, the funds go through.

    Of course, it would be nice to actually speak to someone at MoviePass to confirm this.

    • That is pretty much what happens. Somewhere it states that as found it online. Perhaps uts one of the many article on thus and not their site.

      I am not sure if you were being funny or serious. Had to drive all the way to the theater to check it out. I mean, i just waited till i went to a movie and tried it. Worked as advertised.

      Yes, lack of replies suck. But, people dont seem to understand when you send 1 or multiple emails it makes it worse. They have received 500k new members in like the first few days. They went from 20k to 520k members almost over night. They said they have received several hundred thousands of emails and tens of thousands of inn app chat request.

      I have know idea how many customer service people they have but lets say they had 10 or 20. There is no way they could keep up.

      someone said they had 140k reports of credit card fraud against them. Because people did not receive their card in time they were told and they were impatient. So lets say that each of them sent 8 emails. That would be over a million emails just from them. And from reading here people sent more than 8, some guy made it sound like he sent more than that number of emails a day.

      So now lets say 300k people sent 5 rmails total, that would be 1.5 m emails. All very realistic numbers. No way any company could respond to every emal.

      Now saying this, there lits that sgouldof, could of been done. Easier to look on this side and say that.or to look backwards and say that. Souds to me like someone totally blew it and underestimated how big this would be.

      I would of frozen new enrollments until they got caught up or figured out what to do. But that is me. Also i donthavr to do the work or answer millions of emails i am sure thgey got. So its easy to sit here and complain.

    • Yea and I know it works for each the different time of day of the movies. They only put the amount of money on the card that the movie cost. I have moviepass on a $6.50 all the way up to a $11.50 movie last night.

  117. Signed up about a month ago and just received my card. I go and use the app to select Showtime and theater and says I have 30 mins to purchase ticket. However, the movie pass card was declined and the theater said I’d have to contact support. So far this service has been completely terrible.

      • I did not do this but maybe starting out with e tickets automatically activated me. Did not get cards till 4 weeks later and used at theater a few days ago.

  118. so this person signed up on OCTOBER 9, 2017 AT 12:13 PM
    Hello All,

    I signed up on Sep 11th, received my card on Oct 6th. I activated my card on Oct 7th to watch the movie..Mountain between us and the next billing date is Nov 7th. Everything worked well..worth to Wait.

    They already have their card. i signed up on august 31st and i still dont have my card. i thought you guys said you were working first come first serve basis. if so where is my card?

    • Yea I don’t really understand the mixup with the delivery of the cards explanation that they gave but my wife and I both received our card close to a month after we signed up for the service, I got mine in September and she received hers in October just this past Saturday.

  119. i dont understand it either. i see people constantly posting that they are receiving their cards and they signed up some 2 weeks after i did. i just want my card. if they were really smart they should just input your card on the app and do everything app based and when you get to the theater have the money on the account and you scan it with your cell phone and boom ticket is purchased and paid for. there are no cards to mail out and they can tell your at the theater one cause you there with your cell phone purchasing the tickets and by gps on your phone. i just want my card im missing so many movies. Thursday will be 6 weeks ive been waiting.

    • Yea I missed some good movies too while waiting for my card but once I got it I was blowing through the movie trying to catch on them and I’m up to watching one the day they come out. Some of the good one that I catch while they we at the big theatre I have watched at smaller theaters during their $1.75 days and I am still money ahead.

      Although i probably don’t spend as much a lot of other folks moviepass has gotten me to spend way more money at that theaters by going to see more movies than I ever would’ve and buying more food that I would have there.

  120. When i ordered my card Sep 2nd, they said a 5-7 day wait.
    On Sep 7th i got an email saying 2-3 weeks.
    On Sep 13th I got another email saying they’ve doubled their processing and it’d be another 2-3 weeks.

    It’s now Oct 10th and still nothing after 5+ weeks.

    They need to send another mass email out letting people know the status. It’s been nearly a month of radio silence from them and their last failed deadline.

  121. My credit card was charged on Aug 17, 2017 (I think I actually signed up on Aug 15), Now it’s Oct 10 and I still have no card… lol Anyone else have my vintage? 🙂

    • Yea that’s along time especially since I signed up around the same time as you and then I signed up for another card for my wife about a month later and we got both card now. I don’t understand how they are charging cards for a second time without the people ever getting there moviepass cards to activate them and you really don’t have a way to effectively contact anyone to straighten things out. Hopefully you all will get your cards soon and make it seem worth it. I see lots of folk are starting to get them though.

  122. i signed up on 8/31 rohit and ebeforei and i havent got my card yet either but i have not been charged twice. i do feel your vintage. it sucks cause i see people on here posting that signed up after me and they have gotten their cards. im wondering if maybe mine got lost in the mail.

  123. I signed up on Sept 2nd…. and after waiting patiently for over 5 weeks, I finally got my card today. If this helps, I reside in so cal and signed up via computer (not app).

  124. I finally got an email saying that my card has shipped and will arrive in 5-7 business days. Oh, I can’t wait! Signed up on September 4th.

  125. Don’t get your hopes up to high Patrick because even though you received that email it still may take a week or two or more before you actually receive it. Lots of folks have received an email like that and it’s taken more time than what they said but just know it is still worth the wait if you have to wait a little longer than what they are saying. Hopefully I’m wrong and you get it in the time frame they’re saying but if not just be patient .

  126. I am so pissed at this company, i signed up on AUG 18TH, and STILL NO CARD!!!!! In 6 days it will be 2 MONTHS WAITING ON THIS CARD. Complete BS!!! NOTHING TAKES 2 MONTHS TO DELIVER, IF IT WAS COMING FROM CHINA, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE BY NOW. And no number to call or to speak with anyone! RIDICULOUS!!! Maybe by Christmas it will arrive. #Pissedoff

  127. How the hell are people getting their cards who signed up in Sept, when i haven’t gotten mine and i signed up in AUG!!!!!!

    • Rick I ordered my card on 9/5 and was charged 9/12. MoviePass is lying. No one is getting their cards that ordered them. Lies.

  128. ordered my card on 31 Aug. received email on 5 Oct that the card would be here in 5-7 days. Received the card on 12 Oct. Checked in just before I got in the theater. Went to the self ticket kiosk. Put the last 4 numbers of my card in and it didn’t work. Put the whole number in and it didn’t work (didn’t recognize the numbers as valid) Went the the ticket counter asked if he wasn’t familiar with the card. He said he wasn’t. He scanned the card using the mag reader and it worked. Point of story is if it doesn’t read you card by number it may read it by the magnetic slide reader. As a side note. Although my paypal account had showed it had paid a few days ago, my moviepass profile showed the next bill date was 10/7. It had been paid 6 days ago but the app still showed it was due on 10/7. The other problem that I’ve been having which others have had also is the e ticket option has disappeared from one of the theaters that I have used e-ticketing with the moviepass before I got the card. Just wanted to share my experience.

  129. Lies, damn lies and stats. Nobody is getting their cards in two to three weeks. You should remove that lie from your website. I have a group of users that will be filing a class action suit to return the funds that were taken under false pretenses and misleading advertisement while full knowledge of the facts was known by moviepass.

    • I love class action law suites where only people who gets money. Been involved with two of them for improper treatment by a cdell phone company. Lawyer sent me letters for a year. Finally told me, they settled on 1,000.00 per person. I was great, i got two involements with it so ill get 2k.

      Checks came…. i got two checks for 1 cent each. Called the law office handling the settlement, i was told lawyer fees xame to 999.99 per settlement.

      So good luck.

    • Actually people are starting to get their cards. Have you not noticed this week, the post have slowed way down. Several people commenting on receiving their cards. Been a ton less people complaining about it. My guess is as two weeks ago they said within the next 10 days they plan to bve caught up.

      So my assumption is 10 business days. Thus less bitching here would results in people got their cards and are going to movies instead of sitring her bitching.

      Should things of been done differently yup. Not one person here going to argue about that. But look inthe past its easy to say what should have been done.

      So you are going to start a class action law suite because your card took longer than 2 to 3 weeks? Well i hope you get your 9.95 back and you are banned from ever getting a card.

      Not even sure what to say. My card took 7 weeks, was i impatient yes….. but guess what little over two and a half weeks into my month membership ive seen 6 movies. That averages to 1.65 per movie. I plan to see three moviesvtbis weekend. That gets me down to 1.105 per movie. I am sure the following week, ill see another 2 or 3 movies. Then ill be at .829 cents per movie.

      I will gladly said 7 weeks or longer for my card to come in…… my gosh…. one month i am going to save 142.21 on movies i would have gone to and would of paid 12.68 each to see at my local theater.

      And i was on vaca one week this month thus i did not go to 2 or 3 movies i normally would have gone to. So next month ill save an additional 25 to 37 dollars.

      Your choice get your money back and bitch because you did not get your card in the advertised 2 to 3 weeks. Or be patient and get your card.

      I have no doubt in my mind that a couple weeks from now everyone will have their cards and everyone will start getting them in the advertised timeline..

      Also….. you do realize you were charged day you signed up for your card and that your billing starts the day you asctivate your card. In other wards. For me. I signed up August 16. I was billed on August 16. I got my card Sept 23rd i activated it that day. Went to my first movie that day. My next billing date was set to October 23rd. One month from the day i activated my card. My dates maybe off one day but close to what i stated here.

      I did not miss one day of my 1st month due to the 7 week delay. Did i get frustrated yuo bet, big time. But to be honest saving 140 00 in month one means more to me than a few week delay.

      They recently annouced they are changing their billing practice so that people do not get billed the 1st time until the moment they activated their card. This will solve the problem of people thinking they are missing out on part of their month, when in reality they are not. They annouced they are changing their app based on feedback they received from people.

      Was their some screw ups yup. Was some people incorrectly billed a second time before they should. Yup. Was there some people who got their card before people sho signed up before them yup. Was their people who got multiple cards, yup.

      Well its called growing pains. Its called underestimating your demand.

      How long has apple, tmobile, spring, at&t, google, and ticket masters been in business? Yet at every product lunch their servers go down. Every big concert the day tickets are released for sale they have server issues. I myself ended up buying two sets of tickets for a concert. Why their servers crashed during purchasing of the tickets. I redid the ticket order, got my confirmation for the 2nd set of tickets. Then like 2 or 3 days later i got confirmation for my 1st set of tickets i tried buying that i thoughr timed out. I can tell you those tickets costed my multiple times more than what this 9.95 deal was. Actually ovet double what i am saving this month by using my moviepass.

      Ive had simular issue in the last couple years ordering phones from google and tmobile. Ive had simular issues with apple trying to order an ipad or iwatch the day they are available for preorder. Granted never had double orders from them. But experienced their websites and apps timing out. Crashing multiple times like the moviepass app did the day they annouced this service for 9.95.

      If those huge companies app, websites and servers are unable to handle the volume, how can you expect a small company like Moviepass to handle it. Those other companies have releases multiple times a year, tucket master probably weekly. Yet they have issues.

      No matter how much you prepare, its impossible to plan for everything. Moviepass had 20k members before the launch. They had like 500k new members in a matter of days. Who knows how many now.

      They have received several hundreds of thousands of of emails, they received tens of thousands of app chat requests. I bet they have received millions of emails and app chat request since August 16th. There not a company out there who can handle that type of volume. People on this app have said they emailed them up to 8 times. They tried the app chat multiple times. Each one of those times compounded by all the others doing the same put them in a situation where its impossible to answer every email and chat request.

      So should they of planned better yes, should they done a lot of things yes. But you know what….. no ones perfect. They tried to do the best they could.

      Now in the months to come, there going to be people like you, more interested in revenge and taking legal action because your card took longer than promised. You will probably be the reason this company goes under before they are able to become profitable. But hey, you will get your 9.95 back and run this company out of business fighting all these law suites because people could not be patient.

      You do realize this is a small company. Its not an apple or google with hundreds of thousands of employees. Its a small company doing the best they can.

      I am rooting for them, i am a strong supporter of them. It will be a very sad day when they go under if they do.

      To be honest i wish i knew about this service when they started. I would of gladly paid 50.00 a month for this service back in 2014.

      So go ahead, take legal action to get your 9.95 back. I kust hope they ban all those that do.

      • I’ve read many of your cheerleading comments. Do you have a life outside lobbying for MoviePass? Few rollouts have been characterized as so utterly flawed. Glad you’re enjoying your card but fail to comprehend why you spend hours/days trolling customers.

      • I ordered mine in August. Its November and I still don’t have it. The e-ticketing in the app does not work for anywhere in my area. I cannot use the moviepass subscription in any way, shape or form…yet they are billing me every month. IN YOUR OPINION, how long should I continue to pay for what I can’t use? How many more MONTHS should I wait for my card? WHEN should I actually start getting agitated that they refuse to respond or to reply to any message?

      • I ordered mine in August and as of today, NOV 9th, I still do not have mine either. Not only that, I have been billed EVERY month since I signed up! AND I can get no response from Customer Service about whether they have shipped, will ship, lost my account info, etc. E-ticketing also does not work on my app for theaters in my area so I cannot make use of the account in any way, shape or form without my care. How many months should I pay for a service I do not receive by a company that does not respond. This isn’t a matter of it being 2 or 3 weeks like some have complained about. This isn’t a matter of only having paid $10 to sign up and not being billed again until I receive my card. This is FRAUD if they can’t respond and continue to bill me for services month after month after month that I do not receive. Why not cancel, you ask? Unfortunately, I’m probably going to have to. The reason I haven’t yet? Its because when I ordered mine, I also ordered for my two sons. They got theirs in Sept. and have been able to use them. I have had to pay my own way in order to take them. I was really holding out, hoping that mine would come so I could enjoy it with my family. Now, I just don’t know what to do.

        • Although one poster said they cancelled theirs for no delivery of card and then signed up again and got their card right away… I would hesitate. Here is why: I had recently read in an article about Movie Pass and it said to prevent people from signing up for just the seasonal movies (they call them seasonal movie watchers which apparently is most movie goers that go during summer blockbusters, Academy Award Time, and Christmas time), it said you cannot sign back up until several months later (I think I read like 7 months), but don’t quote me on this. I just read it a couple of days ago, but it was not a direct Movie Pass source, so not sure how true it is. I would research that and if true, keep at the non existent customer service and hope they catch up. If not true, I would cancel and sign back up. Since you already have the cards for your children you obviously know how great it is ONCE YOU GET YOUR CARD and how well it works, so you know the value. Verify or debunk what i posted on your own and then go the correct rout. Good luck.

  130. I orderd my card over a month ago and still have not seen it.No response from the help dept. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  132. I signed up for me and my wife on sep 10th and got a email on Oct 11th. I got my movie pass cards today. Hope everyone gets their cards soon. Thank you Moviepass.

  133. I am happy to report that my movie pass card arrived today. I signed up on september 27th. That means it took less than a month, that’s progress in my book. Good job movie pass.

  134. I can verify that I have friends that have seen as many as 16 movies so far as one theater was running a film festival. I do hope i see the card by November. If I can just Eticket with no physical card then I would love to just do that.

    • When do those of us still waiting since August (I even sent links to half my friends who now have cards) start getting free months for still not getting any responses. I feel like I’m being gaslit!

        • They are NOT caught up if I ordered mine in August. Two months ago.

          The sheer volume of responses you have made as a single person shows how easy it would it be for them to stay on top of this.

  135. Same boat signed up in august and still no card. If people who just signed up are getting their cards something is really wrong with this system. How is that a good way to reward people for being patient.

  136. I signed up Aug 25. Got an email 9/22 that my card would arrive in 5 business days. Still not here a month later! 2 months total now! No response from Moviepass. What a disorganized company! Extremely unprofessional!

  137. Ordered on Aug 18th, same night as my girlfriend. She got hers over 3 weeks ago. I still have not gotten mine. Over 2 months and NO CARD!!! If they werent prepared for such a demand they shouldn’t have announced it and promoted it all over the place. Terrible Company Management. Very Irresponsible. Some people should be fired. And don’t say have patience, nothing takes two months to arrive in the US.

  138. This may not work for everyone but it worked for me!! I re-signed up on the moviepass website on October 11th. I received an e-mail on October 17th saying my card was mailed to me and i received the card TODAY! Not bad…only 10 days!! So my advice if you still are interested in moviepass is to either sign up under another account and hope it gets processed or keep waiting. My guess is there was a computer error and they lost half our sign ups. New accounts should not work before older ones. I am also a original moviepass account holder who paid $30 a month and my card stopped working when it switched to $9 a month. So if anyone had to complain, it is the person over here who had to pay $30 a month and not be able to use their card.

  139. Worst customer support and no response!!!!! I purchased my card online on August. I didn’t received my card yet. I emailed couple of times and no response from anyone. No communication available via chat or phone number. They are not even giving my money back or responding on my emails. I am feeling like this is a fake website.

  140. I ordered my card August 25 and have had no response whatsoever. It’s been over two months with nothing. After being a loyal subscriber for two years before the $50 price hike, it’s frustrating to find no one willing to respond to me about anything. You already had all my information from my previous subscription and yet here I am with no card and no possibility of contacting anyone.

  141. I signed up for the unlimited card in September and never received it in the mail, then I get this email saying that it has been activated. I have emailed customer support 4 times and haven’t heard back at all and it’s really frustrating. I just want them to mail me a new card especially since now I’m being charged for it!

  142. Their update states that they are currently running 2-3 weeks behind with getting cards mailed out…How about 2-3 MONTHS OR MORE behind instead! I purchased my card back in August and here it is November and they still have not mailed it! Because of e-ticketing, I was able to see a couple of movies right away but now e-ticketing is no longer available anywhere in my area so I cannot use moviepass at all. They are charging me every month anyway! And they will not respond to any messages. There’s talk of a Class Action Lawsuit coming and if they don’t get this fixed, I’ll be joining in! This is ridiculous!

  143. It’s been 4 months since purchasing my card. Haven’t had any response from customer service. I’ve sent upwards of 10 requests as well as chat requests to get only crickets. I would like a card and to not be screwed out of the money and time I spent waiting on it, because idea of the subscription sounds great. But if it never even arrives it’s pointless.

  144. Ok this is weird. I did receive my card about 3 weeks after I signed up and i used eticketing right after i signed up but havent been billed for 2 months. My bill date says october 12, but theres no option to pay. I mean Im not complaining because I have been able to use movie pass for the intended purpose but I just wondering if they are going to hit me with a bill for these months out of the blue. With all the problems ive read that other people are having i have hard time beleiving im getting this all for free. Anyone else have their card, and have used it but not been billed a month after that first movie they used their card or e ticketing?

  145. I ordered movie pass in august and till now not received card. customer service literally not existing, no response or junk response to questions posted. My account states Next billing date is 21 Nov.. does it mean my billing started from Oct 21? anyone with similar issue ??

  146. The past couple of nights the two movies I watched those two nights are not showing up on my “viewing history” section of the MoviePass app. Anyone else notice this too? This is a first for me. Usually the movies get added within 24 hours of watching one.

      • Let’s hope not marc. This page is a FREE advertising page for them. I use this page all the time to show friends who might be interested all the time. As soon they see all the dates and poster images, they are SOLD.

  147. so got a new debit card honestly forgot to update it and got an email about how they were unable to take funds. updated app and account and i am unable to get ahold of anyone. ive read so many forms about this supposed live chat feature. no where can i find it. ive clicked on contact us and it just shows emails, which ive done, ive created a ticket under support tab. there is no live chat feature. the number they gave me in a email about not being able to take payment was literally 30 second robot saying contact us on why even have the dang phone number. just trying to get the new debit card which is showing in my app and account charged so there is on issue with my subscription. any help thanks.

  148. It doesn’t appear that there is much of a reason for me to actually participate in the conversation at this point, obviously many people have been waiting and waiting for months, but I will anyway…
    It’s been a month since I signed up, and the biggest issue is that I was out of town for 2 days when they sent the email saying that “your card should’ve arrived by now!” No, it hasn’t, and now the link that allows me to tell them that it hasn’t, has expired, so it sounds like I will be charged as if I have an active card. Considering there are people here who have waited two months without their’s arriving, I’m not looking forward to paying for 2 or three months of this subscription before being able to actually use it…
    I think maybe more than just one more facility to manufacture and active these cards is going to be necessary.

    • You shouldn’t be charged for a second time until you activate your card since you don’t yet have your card. I know of someone who is still waiting for his card going on three months now and he has not been charged for a second time. He got the same email as you did about two weeks ago and still haven’t received his cards yet even though he replied back that he hadn’t received them. I was so hoping the card situation had been taken care of by now since they were putting out new emails but I guess not. I’ve seen somewhere where the head guy Mitch has a newer post about things being back on track now or at least better but it doesn’t seem to be just yet. I have my cards and have enjoying using them but it took me almost one month each to get them so I fill for you all that waiting much longer than I had to wait.


  150. Ok, I think those who have been waiting since day 1 need to try twitter chat with them (i had luck with them there) and complain…that or cancel and dispute charges. Its not a scam had mine for almost 2 months now (going to use it for 24th time later) and i can say its legit but something is gotta be wrong if people have been waiting this long

    • I got an email yesterday saying I have the opportunity to pay $6.95 per month for a whole year for a total of a one time payment of $89.95 but I don’t think I want to take a chance on messing up my account especially since the communication with the company isn’t going so well yet.

  151. I was charged Aug 15, 2017. It’s now November 20, 2017. 3+ months have gone by and still no card… did this company just scam me for 10 bucks?! Hard to imagine… They can’t service the current demand and are now trying to drum up more business by lowering pricing even more.. All I can say is those of you that have the card, enjoy it while it lasts 😀

  152. Hi Movie Pass team, I was informed that my pass was sent 10 days back through email but still nothing in my mailbox. Could you please resend it.

  153. It is hard to have confidence in this company when they advertise 7-10 day delivery and then make excuses for not fulfilling orders. What did you expect would happen when you sought out media coverage on morning news programs?

    Further, apparently your support operation is a bit bucket. I filled out a support request, which went to Zendesk. Your web site says you answer in 24 to 48 hours, and yet it has been more than double that time with no hint of a response. A follow-up message to that request on Zendesk has also gone unanswered.

    For now I’ve stopped talking about and recommending MoviePass to friends and acquaintances.

  154. I ordered two cards in the beginning of Nov and still haven’t been charged or received cards. I did receive an advertisement email, but that’s it. I sent a request for someone to confirm my order, but I did not hear anything back. I just sent another request, and I received an email saying my request was received. I just want to know if my order went through??

    • I ordered in August, still haven’t received my card, have been billed EVERY month for it, cannot use the e-ticketing on the app and I finally officially cancelled with them earlier this month. When I cancelled my service, I received a confirmation cancellation email from them stating that my card would no longer be charged and 4 days later, THEY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT AGAIN!! I’m livid and have replied to them but of course, they do not respond.

  155. Hi there. I’m sorry the company was not properly prepared for such fast growth. I guess that could be a good problem to have but not for everyone. I’m not going to complain about that however I would like to know how I can CANCEL my card that I’ve never received AND how I can get a REFUND for the monthly charge I was charged on 11/22/17. Part of the advertisement was that no charges would be made until AFTER the card was received so that is enough for me to request cancellation and refund. I can’t find any info on how to do that with the company. Appreciate your help with this.

  156. I had ordered for this service on 09/06/2017, my account got activated last month without any card. I have tried to contact so many times requesting for my card. never heard back anything. really frustrating. some other people who ordered later than me already got the card.

    • I know of someone who ordered on the same day as you and he just got his card today. He had communicated with them on at least 4 separate times. He ordered two different card right around the same time but he only received the one today. I see they have been putting out new payments plains so they should be able to answer the customers back by now.

      • Not likely. Their customer support absolutely blows. This page is proof of that as there are some many complaints and not one response from MoviePass. I’ve even opened support ticket a month ago and not received a single response. The simple solution is to stop taking new orders and take care of the people that already signed up.

        • Yes it’s ashame how bad it is because once you get your card and get it working it’s all good. I’ve gotten a reply from them about 50% of the time I’ve tried to contact them. As I’ve stated beforehand I do enjoy the service they provide but better customer is what they need.

  157. Hey guys I haven;t activated my card as the app or website does not allow me to reset my password, I got charged twice for the membership. After multiple accounts of raising a case I haven;t heard back.

  158. I was getting ready to order myself however all these complaints WOW. Savings or not …so not cool if they start billing you yet you cant use service. I get the overloading of orders, however, they should not bill ones credit card. Some of you should sue the company for false advertising.

  159. “Thank you for your patience. We’ll continue to send updates on a weekly basis.”

    What a load of BS!

    This post is three months old and has never been updated!

    I tried for three months to sign up but couldn’t. Sent several emails and got zero responses. Was finally able to sign up on Oct 16th and received an email saying that I would receive my card in 2-3 weeks. THAT WAS SIX WEEKS AGO!

    Since then, I opened a support ticket a month ago and posted a followup two weeks ago. ZERO RESPONSES.

    It’s pretty safe to say that this is the worst customer service I’ve experienced in at least ten years. And there is NO EXCUSE for it. When they got overwhelming demand, the simply solution was to stop taking new orders until they cleared their queue. Then figure out how to better manage things before opening it up again.

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  161. My girlfriend and I each ordered cards on the same day about two-three weeks ago. She received her card within five days and I’ve yet to receive mine. I’ve messaged the company through the app about four times, never get a response, and keep receiving the “did we answer all of your questions?” Pop up. I also got an email stating that I should’ve received my card already. I’m pretty annoyed. There have been multiple occasions that I’ve missed out on going to the movies with friends because I’ve been waiting for this card… I hope it turns up soon.

    I also don’t want to cancel and try to order a new card because apparently you can’t sign up again after cancelling for at least 9 months….

  162. It is easy to relate to the impatience when waiting for the pass to arrive or trying to get accustomed to using the app or navigating the movie pass website without going in a loop. But, this is still a relatively new product and there will be glitches and hiccups to iron out.
    I have had some moments of frustration in my movie pass adventures but have had more happy movie experiences in ratio. I am grateful
    for the experiences I have had so far with Movie Pass and yet I had an experience yesterday of going to the other side of town to see a movie and could not because my app brought up a notification on the screen which said “There has already been 1 movie ticket purchase today” which was incorrect. I had seen a movie the night before, but not that day. I checked the viewing history in the app settings and there was the movie I had seen the night before but that was the last movie viewed according to the app, huh? I am not unhappy in any way with the service saving the customer service aspect but really appreciate the blog. I believe this Movie Pass product will evolve to be better if it is to survive.

  163. Reading all the comments makes me think I might have to wait untill 2018 to get my card. moviepass app status says “Card Processing: Signed up 12-03. Too optimistic to get it before Christmas and spend that week watching movies 🙂

  164. So frustrating. Charged twice, still no card.
    No response to support.

    I hate it when these posing software goons set up a charging service without
    thinking it all through.

    Can’t be legal.

  165. Can anyone help me? I got my card quickly however I am not able to see any movies. The app is telling me that the status of my acct is not accurate and the card says still processing. How do I fix this?

      • Can anyone help me? I got my card quickly however I am not able to see any movies. The app is telling me that the status of my acct is not accurate and the card says still processing. How do I fix this? I tried uninstall and reinstall the app also. Still it is not working

  166. I signed up for two cards over a month ago on two different email addresses. I haven’t received the cards, but I get emails every day or two saying “congratulations, you should have received your cards by now and your subscription will begin tomorrow!” I have to go in on both accounts and click something to let them know not to start the subscription yet since we haven’t received the cards. This is getting really onerous. I don’t mind waiting a while, but I don’t like having to catch and respond to all of these emails.

  167. I signed up for these cards on August 31st and still have not received a card. I ordered one for myself and my gf and have not received a card for either one of us yet! It has been over 3 months. I keep submitting support tickets and keep having to verify my address only to get a canned response, letting me know it will be here 5-7 business days. I started getting charged monthly for one of the cards because the link in an email to not start my card was broken. I understand there was a backlog of orders but It has been 109 days since i signed up for the program. I’d like to resolve this but customer service report is of no help. I keep getting the same canned responses.

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  170. It’s been over a month i paid and have not received my card nor have i gotten a respond back this is scam level activity i hate

  171. UPDATE: I signed up in 2017 (Aug 15), been charged at least twice, no card yet. It has only been 4+ months. I’m still smiling 🙂

  172. I ordered two cards nearly simultaneously. My partner received his in a very timely manner, and my card has still yet to appear.

    I’ve sent two emails to support, tried using the chat service three times, and I have still received no customer service from the MoviePass team. ALL of my requests have been ignored.

    Are you still responding to customer service concerns, or are we just expected to wait to see if the card magically shows up? Will there be any additional updates? What next steps are you taking to improve your currently terrible service?

    PLEASE provide an update on what we can expect from MoviePass. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau with my documentation, if the level of service does not improve. This is outrageous that I’ve already paid for your product, and I’m completely unable to use it (as none of the e-ticket theatres are available in my current area.)

    Please advise. Please respond. Please improve.


    Concerned customer,

  173. I have registered and found out that the card is 2-3 weeks out by reading here.. However, I tried to do the E-ticket and the app asks for the last 4 digits of my card???? How can I get that number before receiving my card in the mail?

  174. Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice and put an end to unfair and misleading business practices. If you have a complaint, file it online or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. … The Federal Trade Commission is the nation’s Consumer Protection Agency.

    • You use the card like it’s a credit card, they put the money on it for the movie that you’re going to see within moments of when you select your movie.

  175. Hello,
    It has been a month since I subscribe for movie pass, I didn’t get my card yet. I have been trying to contact the customer care through mail and live chat in app, but I get no response. Please look into this issue ASAP, I have been charged for another month.

  176. I too have not received card. I have posted two messages to the support/customer service ZenDesk site and no response after over a week. I now am trying to cancel on the app based on the FAQ on how to cancel. I provided a Reason of Other and typed in my reason and hit the Cancel Account button and it too doesnt work. I think the only thing that does work is the sign-up process and the billing process because the only thing that I have seen that has worked so far.

    • Only way to cancel was to cancel my Pay Pal agreement with MoviePass, ie have them refuse the payment when its received. Seems like they are having major growing pains and I think this is due to lowering of price and then taking on a big customer like Costco. Your ratings on Costco are not good, almost as many 1 ratings as 5 ratings.

      • I received another email today even though I had been told via Twitter that my account was going to be cancelled per my request due to the lack of service.

        Hi there,

        After several tries, unfortunately we’ve been unable to complete the outstanding charge on your MoviePass account.

        Since it’s almost the end of the month, if we are unable to process that before your next regularly scheduled payment date, we’ll regrettably have to cancel your account.

        As a friendly reminder, you can update your payment information now by going to the MoviePass app and selecting your name or ‘My Information’ from the main menu, and then selecting ‘Billing Card.’ Once that’s completed and paid successfully, you can head right back out to the theater immediately!

        Thank you!

        Your MoviePass Concierge

        When is this company going to get its act together?????

  177. I’ve gotten my card and trying to get phone app to work. It appears to keep wanting access to my private photos and files. It wont let me log in. If I can’t get this to work, I need to start the process of canceling it and getting my money back. Support queue is more than two weeks without response.

  178. Going on a six week wait for my card… No responses to my complaints/concerns except for promising to send another card which also never showed up. I wouldn’t be as frustrated if my boyfriend hadn’t already wasted 6 weeks of having a MoviePass card solo. Super disappointed with lack of Customer Service thus far. At this point, would definitely not recommend to others.

  179. I have already been a couple of times in the last few months and have not received my MoviePass! The order was placed at the end of AUGUST and still have not received a card. My partner who lives in the same household has received his pass last week (after 4 months) and no card has arrived for me. I have submitted several requests in the past few months and have verified my address a few times, but no card. I started getting charged after the link in an email was broken and I couldn’t verify that I had not received my card. I understand that cards are back ordered, but It has been 125 days since I first signed up for movie pass!. Will I get a refund for the months I’ve already paid or a credit? Please Help!

  180. Does anyone has any feedback or hack to allow a newly received card to be activated? I have chatted in the app and left a direct email from the website and received no reply. Just received the card but nowhere to activate it. The FAQ say log in and you will be prompted for the last 4 digits of the card at which point it will be activated. I logged out and logged in and was not prompted for the last 4 digits of my card. How did any of you who are using your card get your card activated? Thanks!

    • Mine only prompted me to activate the card AFTER I tried to check in to a movie. Only then did then it prompt me for the card nunber.

    • Try deleting the app & reinstalling. That worked for a friend of mine (who btw ordered her card after me!). I have not yet had the pleasure of receiving my card.

  181. Customer support is non existent!!! I have tried multiple times to find out where my card is or how to get my number to use the app but NO REPLY!!! They say it is LIVE support but that is a joke. Why would anyone buy a service from someone who treats their customers this way???

  182. OMG this is just takin so much valuable time. I got my card but was not allowed to enter 4 digits. It said card processing. I drove to theater. Tried again. Got pop up “your account is in an incorrect status?” Googled options. One blogger said type in new zip for 48180 which has etickets, even though I don’t live there. Then click on eticket and it would active my card. I did so. It activated … A … card but not the one they sent me. Now when I go to profile, movie pass card, it shows a card with different last 4 digits than my card. I havent’ tried to actually see if it would let me swipe my card, but i doubt it since they’re not the numbers on my physicial card. I called, emailed, chatted and DM’s on twitter. I did get a response on twitter which essentially repeated my problem, ie: your acct has different numbers than you card. I SOOooo want to start using this program but can’t get past the hurdles! Why does it have to be this hard and time consuming?

  183. Ordered Movie Pass card for 2 of my sons. One received it and it works fine. The other I ordered on Nov. 16th, 2017. It is now Jan 8, 2018 and he has not received his card. He got an email saying it would be arriving, but still no card. I have filled out several support requests, but get no response. Is there an actual phone number where we can talk to a “live” person?

    • AS far as I know of there isn’t a number to talk to anyone live. I have looked on several sites and haven’t seen anything.

  184. I ordered a card for my dad for christmas, was billed and he never got a confirmation email. Have tried to write customer service several times no response. Has anyone had an issue with this? Any suggestions? I know I can file a dispute with my cc company but ideally I’d like to give my father the gift. Especially since I’ve paid for it.

  185. My roommate ordered a card in August and received it, no problem. I ordered a card Nov 5. Nothing. It’s over two months. I have contacted them and gotten no response other than the ol’ autoreply “everything’s fine, it’s on its way” three times now. On my PHONE app, my number is there as of last week, with the last four numbers readable to me but NO CARD. Go figure. Very disorganized company and to have no “real” people dealing with customers is not a good sign overall of their customer service. And yeah, they have been charging me. They’re not answering about that either. Those e-tickets? None of those theater groups are in my area. wth?

  186. My girlfriend got me Moviepass in early December. The card hasn’t arrived. Just this morning I received this email:

    “Dear Adam,

    Congrats! It looks like your MoviePass card should have arrived and your account will begin tomorrow. Please let us know by clicking below if you have not yet received your card.

    “No, I have not received my card.” (This is supposed to be a link)

    Enjoy the show!

    -Your MoviePass Concierge”

    Then when you click the link “No, I have not received my card.” it takes me to “Page Not Found.”

    Anyone else had this happen?

    And has anyone had luck getting this service to respond or fix a problem?

      • The dead link is just adding insult to injury. After reading this blog I’ve already accepted I’ll be waiting a while (maybe forever) but to tell me they are going to activate the account before I activate it? It’s infuriating. My friend who has had no issues with his account just told me he got the same email and his card arrived that day or the next. So… here’s hoping.

    • Same thing happened to me this morning. I tried DMing them on twitter @MoviePass_CS, as well as a Facebook message…hoping to hear back eventually! I’d really hate it if my 3 month gift of moviepass I got for Christmas was wasted because of bad customer service…

    • My experience exactly. Zero response from customer “service.” You would think that the people behind this would be better on the service end. I’m afraid that they are going to start billing me from the date I got the email even though I have no card. I’m close to just forgetting it and asking for a refund, but I’m not sure I would have any luck since they seem not to respond to queries. Very disappointed.

  187. So perhaps we need a class action lawsuit against these liars for all of the wasted time and energy trying to get our cards AFTER we have been charged for them. The individual amount wouldn’t be much – I’m at 2 months of charges and the time for 7 emails and DMs, but times the number of clients they’re stealing from it might make an impact. I would just cancel but this was my son’s birthday present and he wants to wait it out.

  188. Just chiming in , in case there is a class action suit. Moviepass collects membership fees but does not provide benefits or support.

    I was gifted a moviepass membership.

    The giver did not know my email, and wanted to surprise me, so they created a temp gmail account.

    I registered, received my card and then (as per instructed on the website) contacted support through the app chat to change the email address to a proper address.

    App chat claimed they did this, but they apparently deleted the account.

    I am now locked out of what is supposed to be an active membership.

    Multiple inquiries to support through Zendesk have failed to get a response.

    Very shady service.

  189. Bought my subscription 12/15/17 from Costco. Received an email my card is on the way on 12/23/2017. Still no card on 1/17/2018. I’ve been very patient as you can see. I just send a message to them on the App in regards to my card. We’ll see what happens.

  190. I received an email saying my card was delivered, but received nothing in the mail. I was wondering where my card it? Thank you.

  191. I ordered our 2 movie passes over 3 weeks ago and still have not received our 2 cards. I emailed MoviePass but have not heard back. Our neighbors ordered their cards over a week after we did and they already received their cards!

  192. I lost my card and contacted support desk. Its been a month and they are not sending me replacement card. At first they responded asking my mailing address, but then no update. I keep asking them on my service request thread and yet they dont respond. I guess I have to close the account now.

  193. Hello, “The MoviePass Team,”

    Here is a link to a great example of a blog post that addresses a problem and apologizes for it, SIGNED BY THE CEO: (Public Relations 101?) and look at how all of the comments that follow the post are from people expressing their gratitude for the transparency, honesty, and warmth.

    I am bothered that visiting, the homepage is not helpful to navigate, just large images and bland text, and this blog link is BURIED in the footer, and only those desperate enough to click it will find this “Where’s My Card?” update, signed by the anonymous team. Please redesign the site.

  194. I ordered my card last month and I still never got but my sister got itonly a week later and I ordered mine first sooooo how come mine never came in

  195. I haven’t been getting any response else where. My husband and I both signed up on December 17th and then got an email that our cards have arrived on January 2nd. Still no card. PLEASE someone let me know what to do.

    • I’m on the same boat. I ordered my card on Dec 19th. I received an email on Jan 19 that I should have received it, if not click ‘the link’; i Clicked the link, and the next day, Jan 20, I got another email saying that I should have received it again, if not click ‘the link’. Did it again, I’ve not had any responses from support since my purchase. I just sent a refund request through the website and am waiting for a response. I sent a message in regards to my card through the phone application on Jan 17 with no response yet. My friend ordered his movie pass the same day I did, and he got it about 2 weeks after.

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