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As a huge fan of the original Star Wars episodes (I prefer not to discuss I, II, and III), the new trailer for J.J. Abrams‘ revitalization of that original storyline for Star Wars: The Force Awakens had me shivering with anticipation like all the others throughout that short 2 minutes. I went deeper to see which parts left me with that chilly spine feeling. See my list after the break.

5. X-Wing Squad Water Flyover

Something about this scene was particularly fantastic for me. I can’t quite tell if it was the water effects, or the Star Warsy whoosh of the familiar fighters flying by, or Oscar Isaac’s adrenaline-fueled primal yell, or all of those elements tying into this one, classic-yet-rebooted, chill-causing sequence. It brought me back to the first time I saw X-wings going into attack position as a third grader and was absolutely floored.

4. Crashed Star Destroyer Reveal

This shot is a perfect depiction of J.J. Abrams giving us a taste of what’s coming but still leaving enough up to the imagination that you come out the other side just wanting more. It begs the question “what the hell brought that star destroyer down? Rebels?! Something else?!? I NEED TO KNOW!!”

3. New Characters and John Boyega Freaking Out (Twice)

Badass super stormtrooper looking guy? Check. New BB-8 droid? Check. John Boyega’s character Finn getting extremely anxious? Double check. Again, Abrams is pushing those curiosity buttons just far enough to get you thinking. Very well done. I swooned at the possibilities.

2. Millenium Falcon Being Chased by Tie Fighters Through Tight Spaces

This can’t be anything but an homage to the sequence in Return of the Jedi, where Lando is piloting the Falcon into the core of the Death Star to take it down. The space-age dogfighting scenes were some of my favorites from the Star Wars episodes, and it’s great to see that this will be carried on with Han and Chewie’s bucket of bolts.

1. Han and Chewie Are Home

Speaking of Han and Chewbacca, this was the trailer ending that Star Wars fans would have shed tears over. Not seen together on screen as their now-immortal characters since 1983 when Return of the Jedi was released, Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew give us a final send off, promising that the episode just around the corner is going to be one to remember.

Ethan is Director of Marketing at MoviePass and has the distinct honor of watching the Force Awakens trailer more than any of his other colleagues.

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