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Gotta love some of these hash tag games. This one in particular caught my fancy. Check out my favorite 10 after the break.

From @SupermanTweets: The Goodfather

Superman clearly has some wit to him.

From @TomMcAuliffe: Miffed Max

I was super excited to see Mad Max: Fury Road, which you may have picked up on, so this has to make my list.


From @lancegould: Dial M for Muffins

Lance’s profile picture makes this. President Taft probably ordered plenty of muffins during his time in the White House.

From @_donaldson: Lord of the Ring Dings

Maybe I’m just hungry now, but imagine Frodo going to Mordor for a packaged cake.


From @JohnFugelsang: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Great Personality

Sergio Leone doing his best to keep it G rated.

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