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Is there really a better way to see a film than at the theater? Whether it’s the massive screen, the sprawling concession stand, or the engaged crowds, going to the movies hasn’t lost its excitement. Our favorite part, in particular, would have to be the audience commentary. So, here are some of the funniest things we’ve overheard at the theater.

I attended a screening of Jaws at the Museum of Modern Art a few summers ago. MoMA usually has a crowd of older people who are true cinephiles and any talking, throat clearing, or even heavy breathing was stopped with a snappy comment by one of the members or patrons. Almost halfway through the film, when the ‘Great White’ first leaps from the ocean with his huge teeth, looking like he’s about to rip off Roy Scheider’s hand, the security guard at the back of the theater screamed out, “OHHHH SH%#!!!” Everyone in the theater had a big chuckle and it was nice to break the ice in what sometimes felt like a bit of a stuffy environment. — Alyssa, Member Experience Associate

As a general rule, I avoid opening weekend screenings due to loudmouth teenagers and an apathetic staff, at one particular multiplex in my area. However, I assumed that a matinee screening of Herbie: Fully Loaded would be safe, and for the most part it was. Then, as the final race reached it’s climax, a voice cried out “GO HERBIE GO!” which caused the audience to laugh a little and turn around to see the excited fan. It was a teenage girl who seemed legitimately into the film and felt no shame in being caught up in the action. While the movie itself has been lost to time (for good reason), that one excited fan has stuck with me for years. — Cassie, Blog Writer

I guess I’ll go with a more recent example: the theater where I saw It Comes At Night was my childhood multiplex and no one liked the film except for me and my friends. There were audible boos at the end and the lady sitting next to me was talking to no one in particular (maybe her son?) about how the ending sucked. Everybody else made negative comments as they were leaving, and when we got outside to our car another person said “Wasn’t that great? Academy Award winning material” in a facetious way. Probably not the funniest/craziest, but definitely one of the more weirdly aggressive responses in recent memory. — Dan, Blog Writer

The absolute best experience I’ve had with people yelling stuff during a movie was at a Saturday matinee of Paddington. The room was packed full of kids with unbridled enthusiasm (seriously, children’s movies are made so much more fun with the presence of actual children). I knew I was going to be in for a good time when one particularly excited toddler screamed “It’s a bear!” when Paddington first appeared on screen. The best moment might’ve been when all the children gasped in fear when Paddington found himself in danger.—Eli, Blog Writer

For my friend’s birthday, we went to the movies to see Far From the Madding Crowd. It’s a pretty low key period piece that could result in a pretty peaceful nap, if you’re exhausted. To get the best seats possible, we managed to sit next to one of the only people in the actual theater. As I dozed off, I was awakened by the man sitting next to me who screamed, “WOOO! SHOT THE MUTHAF***A,” as he jumped from his seat, clapping. My friend was laughing so uncontrollably, she couldn’t breathe. — Evá, Community Manager

The most entertaining theater experience for me was watching the movie The Takers, which really should have been called “The Thirst Trap.” There were plenty of funny ad libs during the film, but the best part was interesting because there was silence. Idris Elba’s character wakes up and rolls out of bed with just boxer briefs on. You could hear a pin drop in the room. Then a lady yelled “Damn,” and the theater erupted in giggles. It was hilarious. I need to rewatch that film soon. — Faridah, Member Experience Associate

I must confess: my friends and I are usually the ones whispering snarky comments, or if the audience is completely empty, we’ll straight up riff on the film. However, during a nearly empty screening of Dean all my years of snark were completely vindicated. Early into the film, before the titular Dean decides to move to Los Angeles, the only other gentleman in my screening casually said aloud, “It’s like they hired a less charismatic Jason Schwartzman.” This of course sent me into a laughing fit and we spent the rest of Dean bonding over how dull we though the movie was. —Juliet, Member Experience Associate

Hope these made you laugh! Feel free to share some of the funny things that you overheard when at the movies and we’ll post them to our blog! Email us at

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