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By Stephen Williams

What do you get when you fuse street magic with an Ocean’s Eleven inspired plot? You get the box office success, Now You See Me, a sleeper hit that surprised and dazzled audiences with how much fun magic could be. After all was said and done, we wanted more! And we’re anxious to see if the highly anticipated Now You See Me: The Second Act, will satiate our hunger. Or, will we be forced to satisfy our cravings with old videos of our favorite YouTube magicians? *Cough cough* Daniel Fernandez. With talks of more sequels, it’s safe to say that this series will not pull a disappearing act anytime soon.


It’s hard to believe that some of you don’t like street magic. Have you not seen Criss Angel walk across a pool of water? Or David Blaine live in a box for 44 days? These are important milestones of our generation! Meanwhile, those of us who find delight in the art of illusion, are happy to watch the Now You See Me cast, back in action!


Jesse Eisenberg returns as everyone’s favorite smartest a**hole in the room—a role that he does quite well.


Cast member Woody Harrelson, a personal favorite of mine, can do no wrong! From Cheers to Zombieland, Harrelson is the man you’d want to spend a night drinking with, as you listen to stories about Hollywood’s best and brightest.


Dave Franco has always been a scene stealer with his quick wit and overall hilarious attitude. There’s no way he’ll disappoint in this one.


Morgan Freeman, our favorite narrator, returns as the sequel’s villain, determined to rain fire and brimstone on the Four Horsemen. How will Mark Ruffalo and company charm their way out of facing the wrath of the best damn voice in the world?


So, how do you make an intensely thrilling movie, about real-world magic, even more exciting? Do you add Penn & Teller to the mix? Or, maybe Homie the Clown from your little cousin’s birthday party? No! And no! You add your favorite wizard, the boy who lived himself: Harry Pott—-we mean, Daniel Radcliffe! With films like, Victor Frankenstein and Swiss Army Man, Radcliffe’s been performing his own impressive trick: the escape from typecasting. Yet, we’re excited to witness his reentry into the world of magic.


So, pull out the old magic kit! And let’s see if any of its tricks measure up to any of those in Now You See Me: The Second Act. Try not to saw anyone in half, though. We’re serious. Paying the hospital bill would be a spectacular feat.

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