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Check out some of these Hollywood fathers that had children who prove the apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to filmmaking talent!

Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola

The only female director on the list, Sofia Coppola has proven her directing chops with movies like the Virgin SuicidesLost in Translation and the Bling Ring. Francis Ford needs no introduction as the director of the Godfather series, and with a long career ahead of her at 44, she still has plenty of time to build out an equally impressive resume.

Kiefer and Donald Sutherland

Kiefer is more well-known for his TV role as Jack Bauer in 24, which he won’t be reprising for the big screen, but he’s had plenty of movie roles that stretch back to the mid-80s. Donald’s career has certainly had a storied career, appearing in more than 150 movies and shows; he can be seen soon enough in the final chapter of the Hunger Games series.

Jaden and Will Smith

The Smith family has quickly established itself as one of the most successful movie families today. Led by Will Smith, we first saw the father/son connection between he and Jaden in the Pursuit of Happyness, and the two have continued to work together with After Earth. Given its poor box office performance, however, it remains to be seen whether the collaborations will continue.

Drew and John Barrymore (and so on)

We couldn’t find any picture with Drew and John, but I’d be remiss if one of the longest Hollywood dynasties was not on this list. The Barrymore legacy goes all the way back to Maurice Barrymore, a stage actor in Britain at the turn of the 20th century, which is pretty damn impressive.

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