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Trailer: Super Bowl XLIX FURIOUS 7

We got more than just a 30 second taste for Furious 7 yesterday during the Bowl game, and it had us on the edge of our seats! The film premieres this April.


30 seconds of a new look at Jurassic World was debuted last night during the big game. Check it out, and mark your calendars for the release on June 12th!

MoviePass Super Bowl XLIX Giveaway!


Leave any other questions you have in the comments and we’ll update with answers!

EDIT: Twitter hashtag game will be #BadSuperBowlCasting! At the end of each quarter, we’ll tweet a prompt for a player, coach, announcer, or other featured character from this year’s Super Bowl. Your mission: tweet back with a funny, weird, or just plan wrong casting choice for that person. We’ll determine the user that has the best four and declare the winner of the 3 month MoviePass subscription tomorrow. We can only take one entry per quarter, so make it count!

Enjoy the game!

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen!

Instagram and 6 months of MoviePass: Adanne and her superbly recreated Jurassic World trailer!

Twitter and 3 months of MoviePass: Tiffany’s starring four got the final callbacks for #BadSuperBowlCasting!

1st Quarter: Jeremy Lane played by Kevin Hart

2nd Quarter: Tom Brady played by Clint Eastwood

3rd Quarter: Pete Carroll played by Joe Biden

4th Quarter: Malcolm Butler played by Morgan Freeman


Congrats to both of them, and thanks to everyone for playing!!

New Star Wars Movies Get Confirmed Release Dates


CEO of Disney confirms the upcoming Star Wars sequels will release in 2017 and 2019! Read on for more.

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Super Bowl 2015 for the Cinephile


Movie fans and football fans unite this Sunday for the Super Bowl XLIX faceoff between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. What do the movie fans have to do with this, might you ask? Trailers and teasers of the most anticipated movies of the year. Read on to see what to expect!

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Behind the Scenes (for 8 seconds) of FURIOUS 7


It’s seriously that long…but its packed with all the speed and stunts you’d expect from the new sequel!

Did this get you more amped for Furious 7or is it just not enough? Sound off in the comments!

Trailer: TED 2

The infamous talking teddy bear Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, and his counterpart John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) from the original Ted are back for Ted 2, releasing this June 26th! Check out the first trailer, and tell us what you think in the comments!

Paul Feig Updates on ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot


Paul Feig, director of the new Ghostbusters reboot, has been tweeting a barrage of new updates about the flick! Read on to check out the updates.

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Chris Pratt = Next Indiana Jones??


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The first teaser for the new Fantastic Four reboot has been released today! In theaters August 7th.

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