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Dear MoviePass Community,

For the last several years, we have been testing a number of service offers and price points. We have learned a lot during this process and believe that we now have an offer that can’t be beat.

Effective today, we are introducing a universal subscription plan for $9.95 per month. MoviePass will have one price point nationwide and it will be for standard 2D films only. As a subscriber, you can see any movie, at any theater, at any time. For your convenience, we currently support more than 91 percent of movie theaters nationwide. Unfortunately, premium formats such as 3D and IMAX will not be included in this plan.

We believe that you want to see more movies in theaters. Our $9.95 per month subscription makes it possible for you to see a movie every day, if you would like.

For current members, your price will automatically be reduced to $9.95, beginning on your next billing cycle following August 15th.  

As before, there is no contract, so you are free to cancel at any time. This price point will be guaranteed for at least 12 months for those who sign up during this period.  Space is limited.

To all of those members who have supported us over the years, thank you!  We look forward to continuing to provide award-winning service and giving you the largest selections of movies and theaters in the industry.

See you at the movies!
The MoviePass Team

38 thoughts on “Our New $9.95 Unlimited Subscription Plan Leave a comment

  1. It would be awesome if you considered expanding this offer to big Canadian cities as well. I’m in Montreal but surely there would be tremendous demand in Toronto and Vancouver too at the very least! Great deal.

  2. I paid $39.00 for August and since this started I have not been able to use my membership. To make matters worse…no one answers any of my emails or chats. I am beginning to believe that your company went under and disputing the charges to my card. I am owed for 3 movies already! You guys have a good thing going but when you make changes a lot goes wrong and communication stops.

  3. Are the same restrictions as previous in place? Can we still only see each movie one time, or can we now go see a show again if we want? Also is this on calendar days, or do we still have to wait a full 24 hours before seeing another movie?

  4. I agree with RJ Smith’s comment. I was charged $39.99 on Aug. 16th, the day after I got the email saying it was $9.95and my card was declined at AMC the other day. I do know that AMC is having fits over this change so maybe they are the only theater declining cards, or either its the fault of Movie Pass. I will find out tonight because im going to see a film at another theater and see if the card is declined or not.

    • My card is working again. I went to a movie yesterday and it worked but they owe me for three movies and I have been waiting for someone to respond to my requests for a week now. Not very professional!

  5. Well I was charged a $9.95 fee and didn’t know why. After going to check my account (no response from moviepass whenever there’s a problem since the phone in service stopped working) I couldn’t sign in. I then tried updating the app. Then I saw some FAQ that mentioned this new price. Had to request a new password link and then my account started working again. I am going to the theater tomorrow and will update this post to see if my card still works. The FAQ said I needed to receive a new card and would get one in 5-7 days after reactivating my account( I guess that’s what I did) but my card says on my account that it’s still valid. Hope I don’t have issues tomorrow…. just wish they would have given us some instructions on how to handle the situation since we did join several years ago hoping to support a growing phenomenon and would like the same support in return🤙🏽

  6. I am having the same problems! I was assured that I would be charged $9.95 on 8/15 then I was charged $39.99 on 8/16. My emails and comments through the app are going into a black hole that nothing returns from. No response. No status update. No apology. No info. No nothing. This is a completely unacceptable situation. If they are overwhelmed by the response to the $9.95 offer that is their problem not ours. This is a case of misleading advertising and awful customer service. Hey MoviePass, how about you use some of those millions in cash infusion to hire more Customer Support Reps to help sort out this monumental mess.

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  8. Is anyone else having issues with showtimes not showing up in the app? With no showtimes the movie pass does not work. I have had the pass for a couple years now and never a problem until this past week. Crickets with customer service. Any one have any advice?

    • You just need to update the app and restart the phone. Should work after that. It’s due to the new pricing plan…

  9. New to MoviePass and not sure exactly how it works. I do have my new MoviePass debit card and have been billed $9.95 for my first month. I went to a movie today to try it out. When I got to the theater, I wasn’t sure what to do and the cashier didn’t have a clue eiither I asked ro the ticket to the movie I wanted to see, paid for the ticket with the MoviePass debit card and was given a ticket.

    Is this the correct procedure for paying? My theater receipt showed the cost to be $10.49 with tax. I think I read somewhere that MoviePass pays the theaters $10 for EACH ticket.

    • Ya you almost did it right. First you have to download the app and select the movie and theater you want to go to. Then you check in once you are at the theater. Then you go up to the register and tel them what movie and pay with your card. Seems that if you got your ticket the way you did it that it worked though!!

  10. I’m having TERRIBLE PROBLEMS with MOVIEPASS. I paid my $9.95 for this month, but then My account was charged another $24.99 this month. I have emailed, tried to call (phone is suspended), and am not receiving any response!!! This charge has not been refunded yet! This has been going on All week.

    • I have not received any response from the company for over two weeks now and they owe me for 4 movies now. Terrible service, nonexistent! They are violating the agreement.

    • You are correct. One card = one ticket. You can see each movie one time only. Just got my hubby a membership but it’s been almost 2 weeks and they still haven’t sent the card!!! It’s a great deal but only if you can get the card! I’ve had mine for a few years now and love it but service has dropped off since this switch so I’m afraid of where this is heading:(

  11. I had purchased 2 moviepass on August 17, 2017 and my credit card had been charged the same day and now it’s Sept. 12, 2017 I still have not receive my moviepass, it’s has been 4 weeks now…argh!! I tried reaching out to moviepass through email since there’s no customer service no one to talk too and have not receive any reply back. NOTHING!!!!This is INSANE!!!! Anyone having the same issue???

    • So my Husband finally got his card! Ordered on August 20 somethingth and received on Sept. 13th. I’m hoping that billing doesn’t start until the card was received which was how it worked way back 2 years ago when I joined. Nice to have a movie partner now!

  12. For questions I suggest checking the Facebook page. Almost everything was answered there. There is a link just below this comments section. Your card WILL NOT be activated until you receive it and you WILL NOT be charged a second time until one month after activating your card. Try and be patient because it’s sooo worth it. They just had too many requests to handle and didn’t expect it… I know we all like our stuff right away but sometimes we must be calm and remain patient. Good thing come to those who wait!🤐

    • You have to be within 100 feet of the theater where you are buying the ticket. You then check in using your MoviePass app. This will then buy an e-ticket for you, which you then pick up at the self-service kiosk, or you will be told you have 30 minutes to buy your ticket with the MoviePass debit card from the box office.

  13. I too am having problems with getting a response. So many times I have contacted in past two weeks. My credit card changed so I updated it 3 weeks ago. It shows in my account but says I still need to pay. So irritated by bad service.

  14. I have already submitted an email, chat message, and also sent twitter diect message. Lost movie pass cards. Can somebody send me replacement movie pass cards for me and my fiance, please?

  15. Hi, I have placed order on September-08, but still I didn’t receive my movie pass card. Could you please let me know when I will get my card, already it’s too late.


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