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It was a grab bag of a weekend this past week, with comedy, horror, and action genres represented, but MoviePass members followed their funny bones, with 21% of check ins going to stoner-comedy American Ultra!

Trailing behind was Hitman: Agent 47 with 14%, then Straight Outta Compton (10.1%), which held well from last week, dropping by 54%. 


The other release of the weekend Sinister 2, did pretty poorly as far as new releases go with members, only grabbing 8.4%. That tied with The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which dropped 61.8% to wind up at the same 8.4%. 

In the box office world, people seemed to be catching up on the movies that have been successful over the past few weeks. Straight Outta Compton again dropped only 55.5% to arrive at just under $26.8M, an impressive second weekend after its even more impressive debut weekend.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION PosterIn second place Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is STILL retaining a spot in the top 3, dropping  31.9% to net $11.7M (notably, it was still at #7 with members, too).

This barely beat out Sinister 2, which managed to grab $10.6M, a relatively soft opening relative to other Blumhouse Productions’ movies (Paranormal Activity and The Purge, for example). As another point of comparison, the first Sinister did a more impressive $18.0M opening, but with a budget around $10M, the sequel will still turn a profit.

Agent 47 did bomb-worthy numbers given its budget: with an estimated $30M+ budget, it couldn’t even break $10M this weekend, coming in at $8.2M, with member favorite American Ultra bringing in $5.5M from the broader moviegoing public.

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