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A VERY interesting weekend at the box office with the release of what should have been Marvel’s next big hit of the summer Fantastic Four. After dismal reviews and an off-the-cuff tweet from director Josh Trank that publicly slammed the final cut, the reboot of the franchise after 8 years of being out of the movie scene just couldn’t get past Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation this past weekend.

Dropping 47% from it’s opening weekend debut of $55M, the Tom Cruise vehicle pulled in at $29.4M this weekend, beating Fantastic Four coming in at $26.2M.

149529_aaLagging further behind that was suspense thriller The Gift at $12M. With a pretty impressive Rotten Tomato rating of 93%, the movie could hold fairly well into next weekend. It’s currently the only scary movie in theaters now until Sinister 2 releases the following weekend.

The preceding reputation of Fantastic Four was likely the cause of the MoviePass member base shift to the Gift, which received 20.7% of check ins this past weekend. This was within less than half a percent of the #1 Fantastic Four at 21.1%. Despite the #1 spot, Marvel usually gets members out en masse (see 30% making it out for Ant-Man), but even that strong comic book loyalty couldn’t get members out to see this one.


Farther down the line were the other smaller releases this weekend: Meryl Streep and Ricki and the Flash took in $7M and 8.4% of member check ins, while Shaun the Sheep grabbed $4M and 3.7% of check ins.



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