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We waited a year for it. As we watched a finely cut trailer, filled with action, raging fires, highly recognizable faces, and Queen, our poor hearts couldn’t handle the excitement that this film promised to deliver. We waited a year for it. As the months rolled by, we ripped page after page off of our calendars, rushing past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July 4th. We waited  a year for it. And it came! It finally came! We saw! We finally saw! And it CONQUERED!

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Earning the #1 spot among MoviePass members, SUICIDE SQUAD claims an impressive 36.49% of this weekend’s check-ins. WOW! In other words, more than one-third of this weekend’s reservations  can be attributed to this film. Why did the film fair so well among members? Well, anticipation is definitely a key factor. After a year of trailers and months of advertising, Suicide Squad was the most anticipated film of the summer. Just look at its domestic box office gross. During its opening weekend, the film debuted at #1 with a gross of $135.11 million. Overseas, it earned more than the box office smash Deadpool. 

The film’s high gross is no surprise. In fact, it’s quite expected. What is unexpected are the overwhelmingly negative reviews that the film has received. With a 25% score on Rotten Tomatoes, Suicide Squad has not lived up to critics’ expectations; however, the film received a 72% audience score, which indicates that despite all of its flaws, Suicide Squad is still entertaining! We’re excited to track the film’s box office progress through the rest of the summer. Who knows? Perhaps, it could bring in $872.66 million, like its predecessor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which also received mostly unfavorable reviews. Time will tell!


Maintaining a spot in the MoviePass Member Top 5 is another highly anticipated action film, Jason Bourne. Claiming 9.73% of this weekend’s member check-ins, the film maintains its popularity among members, while also suffering a blow from the release of Suicide Squad. To provide some perspective, Jason Bourne claimed the #2 spot at the domestic box office, earning $22.71 million. This gross is almost 1/6th of Suicide Squad‘s weekend total. Though, critically, it has received a rather lukewarm reception,  The Hollywood Reporter states that Jason Bourne  is “an engrossing reimmersion in the violent and mysterious world of Matt Damon’s shadowy secret op. ” In any case, it’s likely that the August 12th release of Sausage Party may pose a threat to Bourne‘s box office standing.


Claiming the #3 spot among MoviePass members is the Mila Kunis comedy BAD MOMS. Accounting for 7.84% of member check-ins, the film faired well at this weekend’s highly competitive box office. In its second weekend, Bad Moms earned $14.20 million which gave it the #3 position at the domestic box office. The comedy has received fairly positive reviews with Variety stating that the film is “funny enough to be resonant.” Compared to its performance amongst members last weekend, Bad Moms dropped from 17.98% to 7.84%, which is to be expected. After all, many people couldn’t wait to run to the theater last weekend for a dose of unconventional mom comedy.


At #4 among MoviePass members is Nerve, the new digital age thriller based off of the young adult novel of the same name. Despite its seemingly angst-ridden plotNerve has proven to be somewhat of a success among members. This is its second week in the Member Top 5, where it accounts for 5.41% of this weekend’s member check-ins. The film has garnered positive attention for its depiction of the our society’s obsession with technology and social media. Domestically, the film holds the #7 spot at the box office, earning $6 million this weekend.


For the third week in a row, Star Trek Beyond holds a place in the Member Top 5. As the third installment in the highly popular franchise, the film has proven itself to be a solid summer presence. Earning the #5 spot on our list, the film accounts for 4.89% of member check-ins. Domestically, the film earned $10.20 million, giving it the #5 box office spot.

This past weekend, we enjoyed non-stop action. This weekend, we’re opting for non-stop comedy. The adult animation film, Sausage Party, has already garnered positive reviews from the likes of Variety and The Hollywood ReporterSo, we are all too excited for this all-star cast. Also on our watchlist, this weekend, is a slightly more mature comedy, Florence Foster Jenkins. Directed by the renowned Stephen Frears and starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, this sophisticated comedy has also received positive reviews, pre-theatrical release. On Sunday, we’re looking forward to a day filled with childhood nostalgia. So, we’ll catch Pete’s Dragon. Not sure what you’ll be watching this weekend? Check out our August Film Guide for some recommendations.


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