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The stars looked like a big draw this weekend for members: Money Monster, which is directed by Jodie Foster and stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, took the top spot in the member charts with 33% of all check-ins this weekend.

Although the mediocre Rotten Tomatoes rating seemed like it could’ve spelled doom for the politicized thriller, members were undeterred. It seems, however, that the nation as a whole was less excited. It performed at expectations at the box office, grabbing $15M to take third place behind Captain America: Civil War and the Jungle Book.

Speaking of Civil War, the Marvel sequel had a solid second for members, nabbing 13.6% of check-ins, which was a 68% drop from its opening weekend. The movie also hit a big milestone in box office receipts, reaching the $10 BILLION mark internationally.

The final three was led by the Darkness in third place, taking 8.4% on its opening weekend. Coming out of the blue to take fourth was indie Sing Street. With an additional 372 theaters, the expansion boosted its check-in percentage to 5.2% for the weekend. Holding on tenaciously to a fifth place spot in the top five is Keanu. In it’s third week, it took 4.2% of check-ins after dropping 47%.

What’s next? It’ll be quite a varied weekend this week, with three wide release movies coming out. We’ll see the Angry Birds Movie debut, which should be fascinating to see play out, as it’ll be the first app-based game adaptation to ever hit the big screen. The families will probably flock to this one, but I don’t see it taking first place with members.

We’ve also got Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising debuting, a comedy that will be more likely to hit the target as far as members go. I’m predicting it’ll be a toss up between that and the Nice Guys. The star duo of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling will likely win the weekend, and as the only original content premiering this weekend, I personally hope it will come out ahead.

What did you think of Money Monster? Will the starpower succeed next week again with Crowe and Gosling in the Nice Guys? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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