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A big shocker in first place for this past weekend, the expanding indie drama Eye in the Sky took over the top charts for members with 14% of check-ins!

This one really came out of left field for us. Picking up a lot of buzz likely due to it being Alan Rickman‘s last on-screen appearance, Eye in the Sky had not been doing well with members until it’s recent expansion this weekend into 906 new theaters. It did fairly at the box office, almost taking down Meet the Blacks with a take of $4.05M, just shy of the comedy’s $4.08M.

Speaking of Meet the Blacks, I expected this to get some attention among the member community, even if it was light, but the Mike Epps movie was abandoned almost completely by MoviePass members. It ended up not even cracking the top 10, taking in less than 2.5% of check-ins.

Holding over into second place was the DC Comics juggernaut Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Dropping 65% from last week left it in second place with 12.4%. Big news in the box office world on this one: it’s drop of 68% is the fifth highest of all-time for movies opening to more than $100M according to Box Office Mojo. Even with that sizeable drop, the movie continued on to hit $680M worldwide, so even though it’s hard to say Zach Snyder‘s effort was unsuccessful from a financial perspective, I can’t imagine this was the note DC and Warner Bros wanted to start for their superhero team counterpunch to Marvel.

The bottom three of the top five were mostly holdovers: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 came in at 6.5% to take third (-54% from it’s opening last week), and Hello, My Name is Doris, another indie sleeper, took fourth with 6.1% (+11% from last week). The only wide release that opened this weekend in the top five was God’s Not Dead 2, which managed to make fifth place with 5.7%.

Coming next week… Some big, early summer movies are rolling into theaters nationwide this weekend. We’ll start with the Boss, Melissa McCarthy‘s new star vehicle. We saw Spy do very well with members last year, so this will likely take a significant share of check-ins next weekend.

On the other hand, we’ve got the uniquely conceptual action movie Hardcore Henry vying for check-ins as well, and I have a feeling this may take the weekend. The first-person POV action movie is getting some good reviews (currently 85% on Rotten Tomatoes), and looks like a refreshing take on a traditional shoot-em-up. I’m interested to see how the movie does, both from a reception and technical/camerawork perspective.

What are you excited to see? Do you think Hardcore Henry will win action fans over, or will the McCarthy’s skills as a comedienne win the weekend with the Boss? Give us your take in the comments below.

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  1. Good. I’ve seen a little over 30 new films this year already, and Eye In The Sky has become my favorite film of 2016 so far.

    And why not? Eye in the Sky is tightly scripted, tightly edited, showcases strong acting from every player (including the late, great Alan Rickman, who has a fantastic final line…well, technically second-to-last line), and thoroughly presents a relevant and timely ethical dilemma within a confined time period.

    At the very least, Eye in the Sky and Zootopia should be guaranteed top 10 spots by year’s end, should the year keep proceeding as it is.

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