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It was a weekend full of thrillers, but I’m happy to say that it looks like M. Night Shyamalan has got his groove back! Grabbing a very solid 26.5% of check ins this weekend, his quirky thriller The Visit did impressively well among MoviePass members.

With a 62% Rotten Tomato score, the movie is a comeback success for Shyamalan: his past movies have struggled to break 50% since 2002’s Signs

Nationwide, it did quite well with box office receipts as well. It nearly tied fellow opener The Perfect Guy, coming in at a close second place with a projected $25.7M just behind the #1 spot at $26.7M.

The Perfect Guy was mostly perfect for receipts, but it dropped off significantly for MoviePass members. It coaxed out 11.7% of check ins for the weekend.

Behind the two new openers were the premieres of last week: Transporter: Refueled took 4.4%, dropping 63% from its opening weekend, while A Walk in the Woods took 3.7% after dropping 56%. Straight Outta Compton, the big success story of August, is still staying in the top 5, scoring 3.0%.

Did you see The Visit or The Perfect Guy this past weekend? Tell us what you thought and why they were the top two movies this weekend in the comments below!

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