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This Monday’s box office breakdown must be covering one of the slowest weekends of the summer so far, as it seems like moviegoers didn’t connect with the new releases this past week.

No Escape (Box Office Breakdown)We Are Your Friends (Box Office Breakdown)

Members followed the usual pattern of seeing the newest movies in theaters, checking in for No Escape and We Are Your Friends most, coming in at 12.1% and 8.8% respectively.

War Room (Box Office Breakdown)Straight Outta Compton (Box Office Breakdown)The rest of moviegoers throughout the country caught up on F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton, which pulled in $13.2M after falling almost 50% in its 3rd week. Right on its tail was Christian-focused War Room, making $11M for its opening weekend.

Surprisingly, War Room didn’t break the top 10 among members, but Straight Outta Compton held strong with 6.9% after dropping only 31.7% to 4th place from last week.

American Ultra (Box Office Breakdown)Outside of the new releases, American Ultra didn’t dropped to 3rd place from its #1 spot with members last week: it took 8.7% of check ins, dropping 58.7%. The unusual comedy didn’t seem to catch on with the broader moviegoing audience the same way it did with MoviePass members and is falling predictably on the box office charts, only pulling in $2.8M.

Hitman: Agent 47 (Box Office Breakdown)The #1 of the weekend Straight Outta Compton dropped down to 4th place with Agent 47, both getting close to 7% of member check ins. That was a 50% drop for the Hitman and only a 30.7% drop for the NWA-centered period piece. The word of mouth for Compton seems to have been spreading and has likely contributed to it holding so well.

Is this the official end of the summer movie season?? Sure seems like it, but now begins the look forward into the fall and the potential Oscar-contenders that are soon to debut. Some have perhaps already come out, but what do you think? Share your thoughts on where things are going below in the comments!

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