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We’re super excited to see Chris Pratt in JURASSIC WORLD this weekend!!  And, that got us thinking, we know dinosaurs are big and scary, but exactly how big was the biggest dinosaur ever to walk this earth??

Just last year around this time a farmer stumbled upon gigantic fossils. How big you ask? Well, they belong to what is believed to be the biggest animal that ever walked the earth.  The previous title holder, Argentinosaurus, was named after the area where it was found.  These fossils were found in a similar area, Patagonia, so there’s evidence to suggest that whatever was going on there 95 million years ago , it was BIG.

1. patagonia

So, just how big was this massive animal? Weighing in at 77 metric tons, it was as heavy as 14 African elephants!


Now, when’s the last time you stood next to an African elephant? I’m sure it’s been a while. For a more relatable comparison, here’s something you might be more familiar: A Hummer H2 SUV. If you have ever parked next to one of these beasts, you know how big they are.


Well, the yet-to-be-named largest dinosaur weight was the equivalent of 26 of these babies.  What’s more, if stacked upon each other, it would measure 10 of them!dinosaurSo, when you’re enjoying Jurassic World this weekend, remember that while Hollywood tends to exaggerate everything, very very large animals indeed existed.

Erantzeri is VP Marketing at MoviePass, and no longer wants a unicorn for a pet, instead he wants one of these beasts. 

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