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It’s almost the end of August and that only means one thing: summer is almost over. We won’t be able to spend our days at the movie theater; soon we’ll all have to return to our schools, jobs, etc. August doesn’t mean the summer movie season is over just yet. Last year, we had the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy come out to a strong showing, and this year we had Straight Outta Compton surprising us all.

This summer has been filled with some of the best and most successful movies to date. By this point, you might be thinking there can’t be any good movies left, but I’m here to let you know that the summer is not over yet. There are just so many good films that came out this summer and there are still so many worth your time coming out. Mark your calendar for these movies listed below.

August 21st
American Ultra


Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Topher Grace, this stoner comedy addresses that burning question we all have: what if you were trained by the CIA to be a lethal killing machine but you didn’t know it? But then, what if you spent all your time at home smoking pot and all you wanted was to finish that graphic novel you’ve been spending your time on??

Here’s an action movie for the kids in the back of the class who have secretly had to balance the two lives. This summer comedy is definitely going to be one that you won’t want to miss.

Hitman : Agent 47


Starring Rupert Friend as the iconic Agent 47, the movie follows a Hitman wielding his mastery of disguise and working for a top secret organization that bankrolls his high profile hits. Hopefully this will strike gold and we’ll be seeing more video games to movies coming our way.

And since we are on the topic of video games becoming movies, make a Pokémon live action movie. The people demand it. Cue the take my money gif.

Sinister 2


People love horror movies. People love horror movies that take place in haunted houses. Ever since 2012’s Sinister, we are seeing more horror movies come out that are no longer just mindless gore flicks but legitimately frightening experiences.  Here’s hoping that people will come out to see the sequel so we can continue to experience better and better horror movies like these.

August 26th

No Escape


Owen Wilson is back in his action thriller roots. Known for his more comedic roles, he’s putting the comedy on the back burner for a now and getting back into the action realm, recalling his days starring in movies like Anaconda and Behind Enemy Lines.

Wilson stars as Jack Dwyer who has just moved his family overseas to Malaysia and right as they settle into their new lives, an uprising occurs where many are being killed. It’s up to Jack to get his family to safety.

August 28th

We Are Your Friends


Last summer, Max Joseph from MTV’s Catfish went from being in front of the camera to trying out his director chops behind the camera. This is that film, and if the trailers are a true indicator of what’s to come, it’s a passion project. Zac Efron has been shaking off his Disney star roles for a while now and in turn has earned our respect as an actor. In We Are Your Friends, he stars as Cole Carter, a DJ, who is on the verge of becoming the next best DJ, but after a few mistakes, he’ll have to make some hard decisions about his life.

Summer may be almost over, but with movies like these still to come, it doesn’t mean that the summer movie season is!

I’m sure there’s some that were left out, so comment below and tell us which ones you’re still looking forward to.

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  1. I have every single one of these movies on my “watch” list on IMDB!!! Bring it on summer movies, bring it O-N! #moviepass #summermovies

  2. I like suspense not horror too much. But the rest look good. The Martian looks good too. Loved Tom Cruise in MI. It’s been a good summer of movies so far.

  3. Studios are spending more money than you will ever make in your entire life advertising every major studio release coming up from now until the end of August. This is not the usual Summer Movie Preview.

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