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The speculation on who will be the next James Bond has been at an all time high lately. These theories on who the role will go to has broken the internet with everyone having an opinion on who should get the job.

According to Daniel Craig himself, he’s not yet exhausted his desire to play the suave Brit, but the talk was that Tom Hardy and Damian Lewis were shortlisted as the frontrunners for the next installment, and the talk before that was that Idris Elba should get a shot (which he should).

When asked during an interview on what the next author for a Bond book Anthony Horowitz’s thought of Elba he said he saw him as “too street” for the role. Say what you will about that tactless response, which the writer has since apologized for, Idris Elba still may not be your first choice. I’m here to give you 5 reasons that say why you’re wrong.

He’s Commanding

Idris Elba in PACIFIC RIM
Photo via Warner Bros

In Ridley Scott’s 2012 sort of prequel, kind of spinoff series to Alien, Prometheus, Elba starred as Janek, the ship’s tough as nails Captain. He followed that up with another military leadership role in Pacific Rim in 2013, and recently, more towards the dark side of the moral spectrum, as Commandant in Beasts of No Nation. Not only does he steal almost every scene he was in but he was completely believable as a commanding officer or leader: a necessary asset he’ll need if he were to step into the role so many have stepped into before.

He’s Mysterious

Idris Elba

The same way Daniel Craig has brought the character of Bond to the new generation by opening the character for development Elba can do. In 2013’s Pacific Rim, Elba was cast as the commanding officer Stacker Pentecost who had spent a very long time battling the “Kaijus” giant monsters that were destroying the world. Elba showed range that touched on soft and frightened while remaining intimidating but careful. That’s a layered performance not easily hit for an actor, and he pulled it off impressively.

He’s a DJ


The already cooler than me Elba is a music producer and DJ on his downtime. When he’s not fighting monsters and saving Asgard he’s making beats and starring in music videos as his stage name Driis. You might think this doesn’t qualify him for a movie role. I beg to differ. What more do you need than to have the next James Bond save the day and then throw a kickass EDM party?! The suave factor is off the charts, and if nothing else, Bond is that.

He’s an Actor

Photo via the Weinstein Company/20th Century Fox

It’s Elba’s job to act and he’s damn good at it. In 2013 alone he jumped from hanging with the likes of super powerful Thor in a Marvel tentpole one minute to walking and talking as Nelson Mandela and getting snubbed for the Oscars the next. Each role he’s taken, he’s given it his all, not once allowing you to feel like you’re watching that guy from that show you saw that one time (*cough cough* The Office).

Have you seen Luther?

Idris Elba in LUTHER
Photo via BBC

Stop what you are doing and go watch the first season of Luther. If you have seen nothing that Elba has done, as long as you’ve seen Luther, you’ll know why he deserves a shot at Bond. Luther stars Idris Elba as the tired detective John Luther who juggles his own demons with the morality of the position he’s in. Elba is absolutely spectacular as John Luther as he guides you through what it means to be good man as his cases get more and more dangerous. If they ask him for an audition for James Bond, he could put this on the casting director’s desk, drop the mic, walk out, and be offered the job in the next 5 minutes.

Here’s hoping Idris Elba grabs the role of the next Bond. Do you agree? Who do you think should be the next James Bond? Leave a comment down below on who you think should be the next James Bond.

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Idris Elba Should Be the Next James Bond Leave a comment

  1. Would someone please write an awesome new black spy character, and NOT rewrite Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 into a completely new character? Let’s see…Bond is Scottish. Bond is white. No need for more reasons. Why do you all want Ian Fleming spinning in his grave? Why aren’t there any innovative and creative writers out there willing to take on creating something NEW! And while they are at it, they can make what they create BETTER than Bond. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?

    • It reminds me of when they wanted to re-write Murder She Wrote, using Octavia Spencer as Jessica! Oh please…I love Octavia Spencer. But she’s not J.B. Fletcher, any way you stretch it. You are right. WRITE NEW STUFF! Don’t rework what is already classic.

    • Like when they took the Honeymooners and turned them black? Or Little Orphan Annie? Both of which flopped….why? Horrible remakes for one. I have nothing against race, sex or gender. But if an established role is specific gender and race why insist on going all PC and changing it just because you feel guilty. Maybe we should just go with a black, female, muslim as Jamie Abdullah Bond?

      Or maybe make a remake of Malcolm X using a white Jewish actor?

      That’s what pisses me off about Once About A Time…the way they totally rewrite fairy tale and mythological characters. Really? A 30’s something, black Merlin? Seriously?

      I agree with April….write some good spy (or otherwise) roles/movies that establish the lead as black or whatever. I love Idris, espeically in Pacific Rim, but as JB? No…don’t see it..would totally spoil it and overshadow the whole genre of Bond.

      • Exactly Sean…Do we always have to be “proper” by putting Black people in where they a Black person is just not called for? Maybe a white Mammy in Gone With the Wind?

      • Like the bible was re-written with Jesus being white! LMAO! Despite the description given in the bible had him as bronze with hair like sheep!

  2. He’s the logical choice! And it makes great marketing sense. It would become the highest grossing Bond film in history! And this doesn’t even include his remarkable acting talent. And he’s British!

    • Lots of people are British…that doesn’t mean they’re fit to play James Bond! Jason Statham is British…now he would be a really cool James Bond. Let me see…John Cleese is British… Benny Hill was British…would they have made great Bonds??? NO!!!!!

    • Idris Elba is an amazing actor. And he’s British. And he can probably play Scottish. But he probably can’t play white better than a white person. The studio could make a Bond movie with Idris Elba, and it could turn out to be the best Bond movie that has ever been made, and I would still have the same opinion as stated in my first comments post above.

  3. I think that the spirit of the times beg for Elba to play Bond. It’s just the right time for this to happen. It’s a strong hunch many of us have and I think box office receipts would prove very positive.

  4. They said the same thing about non-Scottish Bond actors, then Daniel Craig the blond haired blue eyed Bond was a totally obscene idea so how much harm could a black Brit do? i’m just saying

  5. Wish we could get to a place where there is no discussion on race/color of skin and we could just say “wow what amazing actor! He would be perfect!” But as long as we cannot get past that, I’m sure Bond will continue to be the stereotypical…..

    • James Bond is anything but stereotypical. But if you read the books he is a white man! Not everything has to be made over into black people…good grief!!!

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