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Any film lover can vouch for the excitement surrounding a new trailer. When you’ve been tracking a film since its preproduction stages, having access to the first glimpses of your favorite director/actor’s latest feature can feel like Christmas. Interestingly enough, these trailers have become an art form of their own. So, we’re looking at 10 of our favorite trailers from the last decade and examining what makes each of them so great.


As one of the greatest actors of our time, Daniel Day Lewis in a lead role, screams “Watch me!” And the There Will Be Blood trailer uses this factor to its advantage. The piece is driven by his performance which is nothing short of mesmerizing.


We all have Facebook accounts, right? So, the opening montage of profile pics and statuses is all too familiar. This familiarity is broken when we get to see the dramatic story behind the social media site. Jealousy, greed, and arrogance are fit into a 2.5 minute time span, making a pretty engrossing trailer. 


Get ready: there’s a lot of Leo on this list. When Inception hit theaters, it was unlike anything that we’d ever seen on the big screen. Though this trailer doesn’t quite spell out the film’s premise, it does convey its tone. With an ominous score and somewhat ambiguous visuals, leading up to the dazzling hallway scene, the trailer definitely grabs our attention.


What could be more romantic than a wedding? How about a wedding juxtaposed with the apocalypse? As its title suggest, Melancholia is a moody film, as conveyed heavily by its beautiful aesthetic. With dramatic string music in the background, this trailer hits all of the right chords. 


The Holy Motors trailer is divided into three acts. If we had to name them, they’d be: curiosity, romanticism, and lunacy. How can you resist it? The music is perfect, further emphasizing this dynamism, while taking us on one hell of a thrill ride.


The trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street is debauchery at its finest. Filled with nothing, but excess—money, expensive cars, boats, and mansions—intercut with jokes, this trailer is pure bliss. Add to that a ferocious Kanye West song and it really is a work of art.

GRAVITY (2013)

We have one word for the Gravity trailer: frantic. After the statement, “Life in space is impossible,” the trailer cuts to a distressed Sandra Bullock as she is blasted around in space. Her worried, excited dialogue is overlapped with a man on a walkie-talkie, as he tries to get as much info as possible, in an effort to help her. However, she’s, rightfully, too overwhelmed. This trailer is never short on gut wrenching action and to its credit, it immediately aligns us with our protagonist.


Baz Luhrmann is the king of cinematic opulence. So, it’s no surprise that The Great Gatsby’s trailer is overflowing with glitz. But when you add pop music to the mix—gotta love the use of “No Church in the Wild”—you get an intriguing hybrid that blends 1920s romanticism with modern day glamour.


For those who haven’t seen it, The Babadook is an expertly crafted horror film that seeps into your subconscious and stays with you, long after you’ve seen it. This trailer is a testament to the film’s intelligence, as it hints at a monster creeping around, without relying heavily on jump scares. It’s all about tension and tone. The trailer is smart enough to set the scenario, while making the viewer’s imagination do some of the work.


When this trailer dropped, we were all as giddy as a kid in a candy store. Everything from the use of “Bohemian Rhapsody” to the major action sequences, witty banter, and star-studded cast had us hooked. Unfortunately, the film didn’t quite live up to expectations, but at least we’ve got these epic 2 minutes.

We know we missed A LOT of great trailers. So, feel free to share your favorites below!

5 thoughts on “10 of this Decade’s Greatest Film Trailers Leave a comment

  1. Oh man you got some of my favorite movie trailers of all time. I could watch these all day. A really good one you should check out is from 2012’s On The Road. It’s got fun music plus Kerouac’s words, and Sam Riley has just the right amount gravel in his voice to narrate it. Gives me chill every time I watch it. Loved the trailer more than the actual movie! (

  2. When I think of trailers that gave me chills in recent years, two that come to mind are:

    – Mad Max: Fury Road –> gorgeous, cryptic, exciting, violent trailers

    – Godzilla –> oozes dread and are insanely eerie not to mention you have no idea what it is until the Godzilla scream at the end. Amazing sound effects too.

    Suicide Squad WOULD be one for me if the movie hadn’t been so utterly terrible. At least Fury Road and Godzilla arguably lived up to the hype their trailers created.

  3. Agreed with Mad Max: Fury Road and would like to submit the teaser for Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo featuring Karen O’s cover of “Immigrant Song.” Visceral and exciting.

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